FREE Printable! One Hundred Things To Share

So many things to share with her before she becomes a bride.

One Hundred ThingsThat’s how it began. One, two…ten…twenty…and before I knew it there were at at least one hundred things I could think of to tell her. So many good and wonderful things I wanted her to know before she was married.

And so many that I wanted to remember too – even twenty years into marriage. Yes, even then.

I shared those ONE HUNDRED THINGS recently. And then a number of women – mothers, wives, daughters – asked for something that they could print out. Some wanted them for gifts, others as a reminder for themselves.

And, so, here it is!

Two options:

The first is long, rose-colored and poster-sized to frame or to roll-up as a scroll. It’s the one like you see below (although it will be in one continuous document, not split in two as it is here).You’d likely want to take it to Kinko’s or some print-shop to get it “properly” printed.

One Hundred Things Free Printable

The second is simpler and suitable for a home-printer. It’s on a white background and will be a multiple-page document (it takes some room to write out 100 things!).

One Hundred Things for Home Printer

You are welcome to print out for yourself or share either of these as you like.

One Hundred Things Part One One Hundred Things Part 2   {Special thanks to Kelsey Turner for design.}

With many blessings on you and much hope for a rich and loving marriage!

In His grace,
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I’d love to have you join Club31Women!