15 Things to Love About Being a Mom of Boys

15 Things to Love About Being a Mom of BoysGot boys?

Yeah, me too.

Four of them.

Our oldest son and then three young boys.

And I can’t believe no one told me how wonderful being a mom of boys could be.

Not that I don’t love my girls—you already know how dear they are to me—but boys? They’re some of the best.

Like the best.

And if you ever spent much time around them….you would certainly understand why.

So I began a list of a few things that I love about having boys.

At first it was going to be “10 Things That I Love,” but then I had such a hard time limiting it to “10” that I upped it to 15.

Maybe 150.

So really, this is only a starter list. Because I’m sure you’ll have a thing or  two to add to what I’ve got here. But this is what I came up with . . . .

15 Things I Love About Being A Mom of Boys
15 Things to Love About Being a Mom of Boys

1.   I love their fiery spirits.

I love how they’re ready to right all wrongs and jump into danger. How they grab their swords and fight to the death. (Okay, not literally, but you know what I mean?)

2.   I love their tender hearts.

Just when you think he’s the toughest, roughest, sort of kid, he surprises you with the softest word or kindest touch. Melts my heart. Every time.

Boys in the Mud

3.   I love how they smell like dirt.

You didn’t think I’d say that did you. Or at least that I’d mean it. But I did. And I do. I love that musty smell they have—a bit like the dog’s toy that got left outside for a couple of days. Like bugs and grass. Earthy. And sometimes just downright muddy. 

15 Things to Love About Boys8

4.   I love their mischievous impulses.

Like when they hide under the blankets of my bed and wait patiently for me to crawl in…and hear me scream! (pretending I didn’t see those wiggly, giggling bumps under the cover?) I love their silly jokes and goofy pranks. Well, at least most of the time. Placing the explosive Snapdragons under the toilet seat was bit much. Grrrr….!

15 Things to Love About Boys3

5.   I love how they wrestle, tussle, and attack.

Keeps me young. And limber and strong. I probably would have given up wrestling years ago…if I didn’t have to fight off a bunch of bandits who can often appear suddenly out of nowhere.

6.   I love their protective instinct.

In spite of all that, these young lads can be quite chivalrous. They can’t bear to see me dragging a heavy load out to the trash. Or to get hurt. Or cry. I try to tell them that “I’m stronger than I look,” but they don’t seem to quite believe me. They want to save me from all harm. And that’s okay with me.

15 Things to Love About Boys10

7.   I love how they can make me laugh.

And, oh, how they can get me going! And once they get started? There’s no stopping them. Sometimes laughing until tears stream down my cheeks. Especially that youngest one (far right). The ham. 

15 Things to Love About Boys7

15 Things to Love About Boys6

8.   I love their constant motion.

Oh my goodness. Never walking. Always running. And do your boys ever sit still?? Because mine certainly don’t. They wriggle and squirm and twitch until I…send them outside. GO PLAY! Whew. 

9.   I love how loud they are.

I never thought I’d say this. But here I am. I’ve actually grown fond of the way they slam the doors, shout to each other in the same room, and sing full volume while washing the dishes. I mean, who needs a quiet house? (Okay, I do. And that’s when I send them back outside!)

15 Things to Love About Boys9

10.   I love how hard they work.

It makes me smile to see them to do their best to keep up with their dad. Whether feeding the animals, tilling the garden, or mowing the lawn—they’ll give it all they’ve got. (Not that they don’t need a little push now and then….)

11.   I love all the funny noises they make.

The grunts. The burps. The motor noises. And, well, those other somewhat indescribable and rather embarrassing noises too…..

15 Things to Love About Boys

12.   I love their sweet snuggles.

Does it get much better than this? Even their older sister (who is away at college) called to say how much she misses snuggling with her brothers. Dusty, sticky, and stained—I’ll take cuddles from the boys any way I can!

13.   I love how they argue over who gets to make my coffee in the morning.

Somehow their dad has convinced them that this is one of the highest honors a man can have. I know. I’m sure I don’t deserve it, but I drink it up all the same. One spoiled mom. 

15 Things to Love About Boys5

 14.   I love how they look up to their dad.

Yes, they know he’s not perfect, but he’s their dad. And he’s a good man. And the boys love and respect him.

They also know that they are deeply loved by him.

15 Things to Love About Boys

15.  I love how they grow into fine young men.

So to be perfectly honest? I don’t know that I was as patient – or as appreciative – when this young man was a squirmy, muddy, running-hard kind of little boy.

But as each year goes by, I can see more and more clearly the calling God has on his life.

I can see how he would need that high level of energy and that kind of drive to do the things that he was made to do.

15 Things to Love About Boys

In some ways so much has changed. He is no longer a boy, but a young man.

He is still my son, but far more of a friend.

And he still has a mischievous grin and doesn’t mind a little dirt.

And he still has a hug for his mom.

So you can probably see why I love being a mom of boys.

It’s the best.

The very best.

Run strong, son. Run strong.

In His grace,
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*Got boys? Share with us something you love about having a son! 

Photo credit: Most of the photos are thanks to the boys’ Auntie Brenda and the last photo is from Captured! Photography.

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5 Verses Every Mom Can Turn to for Help and Hope

5 Verses Every Mom Can Turn To For Help and Hope I love being a mom.

I love caring for our children. Guiding them. Teaching them. And simply hugging them.

Motherhood is such a beautiful thing.

But that doesn’t mean I always sleep well at night. Or that I never worry.  You see, I start to wonder if I’m a good enough mother . . .  or at least the right one for this child.

Because — between you and me — I sometimes agonize over these gifts I’ve been given. These children of mine.

And I question whether I really have what it takes and if they’re gonna turn out okay in the end. I need some reassurance and hope for those times when I’m filled with doubt and worry.  

I need to turn to the Bible to remind myself what is right and what is true. 

5 Verses Every Mom Can Turn to For Help & Hope


God will grant me the wisdom I need, if I ask Him for it. Even when I am at my “wit’s end,” I can go to Him for the answer.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. ~ James 1:5


God will give me the strength to do what I’ve been called to do. I might feel weak and wobbly, but He is always strong.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. ~ Phil. 2:13


God will bless my faithful efforts and I mustn’t grow weary. I should press on and keep doing the right thing, even when the going gets tough.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. ~ Gal. 6:9


God has given me a powerful love and I have nothing to fear. I will not pay attention to those discouraging whispers, but will only listen to the Voice of Truth.

 ….for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. ~ II Tim. 1:7


God can do even more than I ask or imagine.  I serve a great and mighty God who is more than able to restore and redeem.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us…. Eph. 3:20

So if you’re anything like me and have times when you feel like you’re in just a bit over your head, or not exactly the kind of mom you want to be?

Then rest in these Truths – taken straight from the Word of God – that reassure us that He will equip us and give us all we need as a mom to these precious children.

*So these are some of my favorite Bible verses as a parent – what are some of your favorite verses?

In His grace,
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3 Reasons Mom “Loses It” With Her Kids {& How She Can Win}

3 Reasons Mom Loses It and How She Can Win

To be perfectly honest, I never knew I had a temper.

Not until I had children.

And that’s when I discovered I had a real ugly side.

Surprisingly explosive.

My kids could say or do things that simply set me off like nothing else ever had.

In an instant, I lost it.


Not pretty.

Not nice.

And not godly parenting.

Now maybe you’re having a hard time picturing this. You can’t imagine that smiling lady in the picture actually coming unglued.

But it’s happened. More than once.

You can even ask my older children and they’ll tell you. (My full confession is here.)

I suppose this side of me hadn’t come out before because I’d never been quite so frustrated. Not quite so tired and worn down either. Not nearly so overwhelmed.

I understood that motherhood was going to be tough at times . . . I just didn’t realize how tough.

And so I lost it.

But when mom “loses it”? Everyone loses.

And I did NOT want that. I didn’t want it for myself and I really didn’t want it for them.

Not everyone struggles with this, but for those of you who do, I’m going to share a few reasons why this happens . . . and what’s more, what you can do about it.

3 Reasons A Mom Loses It with Her Kids {& How to Win}

1.  She has not taken the time to train her children.

You are frustrated because your kids are constantly making a mess. Or they’re not ready on time. Or they haven’t done their chores. Or their schoolwork. Or _______ (fill in the blank). You’ve told your children over and over again what they are supposed to be doing. You’ve nagged and you’ve threatened. Maybe you’ve yelled.

And yet nothing changes.

Winning Strategy

So here’s the problem: there’s a big difference between instructing and training. Both are important, but we moms have a tendency to leave off with the second half of that equation.

Training involves:

  1. Telling  (communicating what is expected)
  2. Practicing  (giving plenty of opportunities to do the right thing)
  3. Consequences  (what happens when it’s not done)

Personally, I’m a big fan of “natural consequences” and apply them wherever I can. (This is probably an entire post in itself, but let me give you a few examples below).

  • You’re not ready on time? Guess you’re not going to get to go to the party then.
  • Your room isn’t clean? Well, you are free to play (or have dessert, or ….) when it’s tidy.
  • You forgot to do your chores? Okay, then I’ll save your dinner for when you’re done.

One of the reasons you “lose it” in these situations is that you feel helpless. Except that you’re not helpless. You’re the mom remember?

Get creative. Remain cheerful, but firm. And pray for wisdom. :)

2.  She forgets to embrace the season she is in.

I know. It can seem like forever. That your child will always wet the bed. Or forget his backpack. Or break down crying at the simplest request.

But it will pass.

I was just Skyping our oldest son (now 21 years old) this morning and we were remembering a time when I “lost it” with the kids when they were younger. I cringed at the memory, even though he was grinning as he recounted the story.

Because looking back, I can see that it had been merely a matter of immaturity, but I had taken it personally. And so I lost my cool. Ugh. I’d do that one over again if I could.

Winning Strategy

Recognize the season you’re in – or maybe more to the point, what season your child is in – and decide you’re going to love it. All of it. The wet sheets, the mess, and the mud. It is only a short time and before you know it, you’re Skyping your adult kid and you’re both laughing at it.

I promise. 

3.  She is taking on more than what God has asked of her.

Surprised? Quite honestly, this is one of the biggest reasons a mom “loses it.” You are doing too much.

Here, let me say it again: You are doing too much.

Okay, so I can already hear your protests. “What do you mean, I’m doing too much? I’m only doing all the things that I HAVE to do!”

But we moms can get confused on what we “have” to do and what we (erroneously) believe we “should” do. And since we’re talking mom-to-mom, I’m going to confess a number of things that I have NOT done—and that my kids have somehow survived just fine. Ready?

  • throw big birthday parties
  • attend the birthday parties of other kids (yes, I’m serious! #don’tjudge)
  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Awanas, soccer club, or play dates
  • crafts, games, or Disneyland
  • and lots more…..

And yet for some reason, my kids still consider me a good mom. Crazy, huh? 

So look to God for what you really “have” to do—not to your friends, neighbors, church, or current culture. 

Winning Strategy

Step back and evaluate all that you’re doing and determine those things that are truly essential and those that are optional.

And then I suggest that you ditch the optional.

If juggling so many things brings you to the point of “losing it” with your kids? Then you’re doing too much.

Because your child needs a calm, loving hug from his mom far more than he needs to go to some kid’s birthday party.

I know this because I Skyped that kid this morning. That kid who is now a young adult.

And you want to know something? He doesn’t miss attending that birthday party.

But he said he sure does miss his mom’s hugs.

And if you’re the mom who is beating herself up over how she loses it with her kids? I will tell you something else: kids are resilient and they are forgiving.

And it’s never too late to start a winning strategy.

So start now.

Trust me, it’s a win-win.

In His grace,
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25 Falling-in-Love, Fall Date Ideas

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates I’m not sure when it hit me.

But I think it was while we were sitting by the Blue River and simply holding hands.

Not talking and not even really thinking.

Just loving each other.

It was our anniversary and he’d surprised me with a few days in a quiet cabin tucked into the woods.

And you want to know something about that time we had together? It felt right and good.

We both felt it.

Not that we had doubted our love for each other, but it had just been so busy lately and we’d had so much going on.

That we could tell this was what we needed.

This slowing down and focusing on him and me.

Falling in love all over again.

And somewhere along that river,  I got the idea of sharing some more falling-in-love fall date ideas with you.

You don’t even have to wait for your anniversary! You can slip away for a few hours and simply hold hands.

Because if it’s good for us? Then I’m wondering if it might be good for you too.

To slow down a bit.

To stop for a few moments and remember to fall-in-love with each other over . . . and then over again.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

1.  Go out for a pumpkin spice latte.

Might as well start with this one, right? Okay, so I don’t know if I could talk him into a pumpkin spice latte, but I’m fairly certain that I could convince him to grab me one. And that I could count on him to get his usual 16 oz. Americano and that be would be satisfied with watching me enjoy mine.  So that works for me (and him)!

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

2.  Plan a perfect picnic for two.

This one’s easy if you ask me. All you have to do is pack a few yummy sandwiches or maybe pour some hot soup in a thermos and voila! you’ve got a picnic. Grab an old blanket or look for a picnic table and you’re good to go! And if you want to add something really delicious, tuck in a couple of pieces of this Maple Pumpkin Cake. Mmm! He’s gonna love it…Oh, I mean love you! 😉

3.  Head-out for an old-fashioned hayride together.

So I haven’t done this since I was a kid, but I think it would be very fun and rather romantic, don’t you?

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

4.  Go stargazing.

Fall is the perfect time to watch the stars! We live out in the country so we only have to step out into our yard, but you might have to drive out a ways or look for the nearest observatory. There’s something about staring up at the sky to make you  in awe of our Creator . . . and starry-eyed for one another!

5. Get a big bonfire going.

Build a hot fire on a chilly autumn night and you’ve instantly got a romantic evening! Pull up a couple of old camp chairs, throw a warm, wooly blanket around you both and grow dreamy in the dancing flames.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

6.  Hop on (or rent) a couple of bikes and go exploring.

We did this on our last anniversary and I couldn’t believe how much fun we had! (Or how sore I was the next day….but hey! it was worth it.)

7.   Go see a football game together.

I don’t even like football all that much, but there’s something about fall and football that seem to go together—especially if you or your husband is a sports fan!

Date Crates

8.  Try out a DateCrate.

Okay, so I just LOVE this idea! Matthew and I recently discovered DateCrates and we’re completely sold on these fabulous “dates-in-a-box”! We tried out their Latte Love crate (no big surprise, huh?), but I’ve got my eye on the Glamping  one to try next month… Seriously, these are totally worth checking out!

9.  Roast s’mores together.

Now we happen to have a fire pit just outside our bedroom door (yes, I’m serious! rather convenient), but you can try your fireplace or even the stovetop, if it comes down to it. You can even get creative and try something other than the traditional Hershey bar chocolates. My favorite is probably S’mores with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, but he likes caramel chocolates in his.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

10.   Fall is a great time to try a new hike.

So lace up your hiking boots and head out on an adventure together! Pack a few snacks, some water, and a layering jacket and you’re set to go.

11.  Pop new flavors of popcorn.

I don’t know about you guys, but we are big fans of popcorn over here. All kinds of popcorn! In addition to the traditional, butter-and-salt variety, we’ve tried coconut (substituting coconut oil for butter), cinnamon & sugar, Jello popcorn, Rice-Crispie popcorn (melted marshmallow), and caramel popcorn. Caution: once you get going, you might find this surprisingly addictive!

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

12.  Curl up in your very own romantic refuge.

I’ve already shared with you my idea for creating a little romantic place in your very own home and this is still one of my favorite fall-back date places. I’ll send him a text to “meet me in the refuge” and he knows where he can find me (and yes, he does have a home office, but texting makes it more flirty somehow :) ! *My favorite We Still Do pillow is available from EverThineHome.

13.  Try a caramel fondue.

My good friend recently suggested this idea and now I’m keen to try it! My husband loves caramel anything, so I think he’d really enjoy this one. Here are some goodies that would be fun to dip: tart apple slices, chocolate squares, popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, etc. Wowza! Decadent.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

14.  Take off on a fall foliage drive.

Because we live in the desert, we have to drive out a while before we see much color but it is one of my all-time favorite things. Fill up the gas tank (ouch!) and then grab that pumpkin spice latte and get ready to see God’s glorious creation on display!

100 Ways to Love Your Spouse by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

15.  A quiet evening by the fire reading and loving one another.

Sometimes we read a book together, but more often he reads his book while I read mine. Or you could both read our books (pictured above) and pick out one of the ways you want to focus on loving the other person.  *Available HERE

Pumpkin Muffins by Catz in the Kitchen

16.   Cook up a batch of pumpkin treats to try.

Like these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins or some Amish Pumpkin Pancakes. Yum!!

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

17.  Go see War Room.

We recently went to the theater to see War Room, the newest movie from the Kendrick brothers, and found it to be very inspiring! This makes for a terrific date night with plenty to talk about after the movie is over.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

18.  Visit a nearby pumpkin patch.

It’s not just for kids, you know! Pumpkins are for everyone.

19.   Plan a game-night for two.

Once the weather starts turning cooler, bring out the boardgames and challenge him to a game of Settlers of Catan or Monopoly or try a new game you’ve not played before.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

20.  Go apple-picking.

They taste better when you’ve picked them yourself. I promise!

21.   Bring those apples home and bake up an old-fashioned apple pie.

Nothing says “romance” quite like a piece of hot homemade apple pie. This alone speaks volumes of love. 😉

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

22. Create your own photoshoot.

There’s something about fall that turns even the most amateur of us into gifted photographers. Don’t have a fancy camera? Neither do we.  But you might be pleasantly surprised at what a smart phone can do!

23.  Curl up and watch an old movie together after the kids are in bed.

Okay, confession time: Occasionally he and I turn in early, snuggle up in our bed, and watch a movie together on his computer. Probably not overly mature or creative, but sometimes it’s nice just to veg out and enjoy an old-fashioned romance or comedy.

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

24.  Watch the sunset together.

Brought to you by the Author of Romance.

25.   Sit beside each other and simply hold hands.

Not talking and not even really thinking.

Just loving each other.

And now we’re right back to where we began. 

In love.

Have a happy fall, falling in love all over again!

In His grace,

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P.S. For more encouraging articles on marriage and parenting, check out my husband’s site: MatthewLJacobson.com!

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6 Things I’m Excited About for September {Pictures and a Personal Note}

Lisa Jacobson at Smith Rock

So you already know how I feel about September.

How it’s my favorite month of the year and all that. How I love the warm days and cooler nights. Our anniversary and the start of school. Fresh air and a new season.

And so I thought I’d share with you some of the exciting things that are going on around here right now!

Savoury 2015 1

1.   One Daughter Stepping Out

Our oldest daughter has nearly completed writing her first full-length novel. She’s been working on it for several years and now that it’s almost ready, I can hardly wait to share her story with you!  I wish I could tell you more, but let me just say that there’s romance, adventure, and military involved.  And that it made me cry in parts.

Savoury is also preparing to move out of our home and in closer to town. Of course, I’m going to miss having her around here, but I’m looking forward to frequent coffee dates whenever we get the chance! As in, often.

Vienna Jacobson 2015

2.   Another Daughter Stepping Out

Our second oldest daughter, Vienna, is off and running at college, making wonderful friends, and studying hard (I hope! just kidding). I cried my eyes out upon leaving her back in Virginia, but I’m starting to recover and determined to be simply happy that she has this terrific opportunity back there. We do miss her though…..

Ciera Rose Carter

3.   A Sweet Answer to Prayer

This sweet girl above? She is an answer to prayer, as we’ve been searching for some extra help in caring for Matthew’s folks. For those of you who don’t know, his parents have lived with us for the past 17 years and Mom is now in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and Dad is currently on hospice after suffering several heart attacks. So Ciera has been an absolute gift—with her service to them and her lovely spirit that cheers us all up!

Ciera Rose Carter art

Ciera also happens to be an amazingly gifted artist and I’m super excited about sharing some of her talents with you in the near future! Just to give you a hint: “M” is for monkey! :) You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her beautiful work: Ciera Rose Carter.

Boys in the Mud

4.   Back to Homeschool

Speaking of monkeys….these boys are back to school now too. I thought I’d show you this recent picture so you could get a real sense of what I’m working with over here. Basically, I’m looking for sympathy points. (I accept chocolate and small gifts as well.) This will be my 16th year homeschooling and it is ALWAYS an adventure – just sayin’. It’s a good thing I love my kids!

Cabin by Blue River

5.   Surprise Anniversary Getaway

I didn’t think we were going to pull off a getaway for our anniversary this year being that we recently sent off a daughter to college. So imagine my surprise when he casually announced that we were taking off for 3 days!

To a charming cabin along the river.

Just me and him.

Alone. Quiet.


Lisa at the Cabin

Matthew did all the cooking (did you know he was a fabulous chef??) and I did the clean-up. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, it was truly lovely and exactly what we both needed. Oh, and did I mention that this was a generous gift from friends on top of it all? God is so good.

Lisa Jacobson at Club31Women

6.   A New Season for Club31Women

Before going any further, I want to thank so many of you who responded to my questions earlier in the summer. Your replies were so kind and encouraging! I read every word that you shared and am very grateful for how you took the time and care to communicate with me. Thank you!

In the end, the consensus seemed to be that most of you liked things just the way they are! So that was easy. :) You told me to “just keep it coming” and so that’s what we’re going to do. Of course, I can’t help myself and have to throw in a few surprises here and there…to keep it interesting.

Now we do have a couple of new contributors, a number of new books being released, and a few special guests as well, but otherwise you can count on the same kind of encouraging articles on marriage, parenting, homemaking, and spiritual growth.

What can I say? I am very excited about what is coming this fall and I hope you are too!

*What kinds of things are you excited about – or thankful for – this fall? Love hearing from you!  

With thanks for you,

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*Photo credit:  Did you notice that I have a new “about me” photo? Well, that one and the photos of our daughters and Ciera are all due to the very talented Allison Harp!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The newly-released memoir, In a Sun-Scorched Land: A memoir of adoption, faith, and the moving of Haiti’s mountains by Jennifer Ebenhack, Foreword by Lisa Jacobson

In a Sun-Scorched Land by Jennifer Ebenhack

(This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.)

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Finding Faith…When You Find Yourself in the Middle of Impossible

Club31Women.com_Finding Faith When You Find Yourself in the Middle of Impossible

Some stories are just too good to be true.

Others are too tragic to even fathom.

But some stories . . . some stories are such an incredible mix of hard and raw and beautiful that they can only come from God.

And that would be the kind of story behind Jennifer Ebenhack’s newly-released memoir. A gripping, heart-breaking, hope-filled story of love and sacrifice that somehow miraculously swirls together on the sun-scorched sands of Haiti.

Hers is a story which shows the journey of an ordinary woman on the road from the impossible to the possible.

And for this reason, it is a story we all should read and know.

Most of us will never wake up and find ourselves on a dirt road in the middle of Haiti and not everyone will embark on that difficult and loving path toward adopting children. But who doesn’t know what it’s like to hit rock bottom? To stumble, struggle, and question how you ever got there in the first place?

In so many ways—in our different lives and different homes—we are all like Jennifer, a woman at the end of her rope. Choking, slipping, grasping, drowning. And when we’re in the middle of our impossible, we need to hear of those who have gone before.

And that’s what I loved and appreciated about Jennifer’s story: how it put my impossible into perspective.

You can picture her husband bravely facing invading criminals with nothing but pepper-spray and a baseball bat. You can hear the dogs barking their warning and grieve over her children’s scared and lonely cries. You can also feel the pain of a mother’s heart breaking over and over again with one disappointment after another.

But as Jennifer’s story unfolds, you will never doubt that God is with her every step of the way. You will see Him working, even when she can’t. You might well find yourself cheering for her and whispering, Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Keep your faith, no matter what happens.

Although it may seem like too many hardships.

Too many defeats. Too many things gone wrong.


And yet, we hang on to this strange hope because we serve a God who works wonders far beyond anything we can imagine.

He is a God of miracles who specializes in the impossible.

My friend, are you looking for renewed hope and beautiful inspiration? If so, get ready to be deeply touched by Jennifer’s amazing story; not because she is such a heroic figure and wonderful person (although I’d say she is both) but because our God is an impossible God.

Yes, He really can move mountains.

~ Lisa Jacobson, from the Foreword to In a Sun-Scorched Land: A memoir of adoption, faith, and the moving of Haiti’s mountains by Jennifer Ebenhack

In A Sun-Scorched Land by Jennifer Ebenhack

Many of you will recognize Jennifer Ebenhack as a regular contributor here at Club31Women. She is also a dear sister and friend and I’ve been looking forward to sharing her story with you every since she first shared her many mouth-dropping challenges and adventures with me. So it gives me great pleasure to be able to announce the brand new release of her book, In A Sun-Scorched Land: A memoir of adoption, faith, and the moving of Haiti’s mountains!   ~ Lisa Jacobson

How Will This End?

March 6, 2006

Cape Haitian, Haiti

Jesus, help. It was the most eloquent prayer I could manage.

“Jen!” Jarod whispered. “I’m going to wake Sarah!”

Fear had been no stranger the past four years in Haiti, but this . . . this was terror. A gang of criminals had scaled the wall and dropped into our backyard. A thousand desperate thoughts flooded into my head. I’d professed faith for over two decades, but this night moved trust past theory, past churchy conversations.

I changed out of my pajamas while Jarod raced down the tiled stairs to our intern’s apartment. Moments later, Sarah scrambled up the stairs, followed by Jarod, who toted a five-gallon jug of gasoline he’d snatched from the porch.

Jarod padlocked and dead-bolted the metal door between the stairs and our entryway.

What about the kids? Should I bring them to our room?” I was trembling, longing to gather and protect my brood—the five munchkins I’d been exasperated with only a few hours before.

“I don’t think we should.” Jarod kept his voice low. His steadiness surprised me. “Better for them to sleep and know nothing.”

Know what? I wondered. How will this end?

~ Excerpt from In A Sun-Scorched Land by Jennifer Ebenhack

You can read the rest by clicking the download below:

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In A Sun-Scorched Land

  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • Publisher: Loyal Arts Media (September 12, 2015)
  • Author: Jennifer Ebenhack

Jennifer Ebenhack knows what it is to be broken down by circumstances. She and her husband Jarod had no idea their decision to adopt twins from Haiti would turn into eight years of life in that literal sun-scorched land. While those years of ministry involved joys and sorrows, life-threatening dangers and divine interventions, none of those years included any progress on their children’s adoptions.

But God saw it all. The exhaustion, anxiety, and especially the disintegration of all human hope in the wake of the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake.

In a Sun-Scorched Land is a story of dead-ends turned to miracles; of desperation turned to peace. Though your story may differ, this is the story of all our lives: reaching the end of ourselves to find that God alone is our hope and the mover of mountains.

In a Sun-Scorched Land by Jennifer Ebenhack

Now available for purchase in both paperback and in digital form:


nook_button I hope you will be as blessed and encouraged as I am by Jennifer’s exciting and hope-filled testimony! 

In His grace,

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