Meet Lisa’s Family

Jacobson Family

Our Family: That’s us. Or at least most of us. Our oldest son is missing from the picture as he’s back at college, but our dog, Jesse, very kindly offered to take his place (Isn’t he sweet? The dog, I mean 😉). We have always home-educated our children and, just so you know, they really do own shoes. I simply have troubles getting the kids to wear them. *Small sigh. We’re still working on that one!

That Wonderful Man I Married: My husband of 21 years, Matthew, is an author, speaker, literary agent, teaching elder and, most importantly, loving husband and devoted father to our eight children. He is also a blogger and you can find him here: Matthew L Jacobson. A man with a vast array of interests, he enjoys growing things, current politics, the life of Winston Churchill, and so much more (he certainly keeps my life interesting and exciting!). Above all, he is a man of God with a strong love for the Savior and His church.

Matthew with Children1

Our eldest son is a sophomore at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. When he is not studying, he can probably be found playing ultimate Frisbee, soccer or some other outdoor activity. He also works in the tech department and plays the classical guitar. He is both serious about his faith and a big tease when you get to know him. We sure miss having him around here!

Britain at PHC 2013

Our three older daughters each have their own personality, gifts, and strengths. The oldest (on left) has nearly completed writing her first full-length novel and is an accomplished flutist. She loves the beach, adventure, and dreaming. She’s also a serious runner. Her blog for young people is found here: Savorythots.  The next oldest (on right) works as a virtual assistant and enjoys playing Debussy on the piano. She likes all things vintage, Charles Dickens’ novels, and singing. The younger sister (in the middle) is a talented event planner and plays the violin. She enjoys sparkle, high-heels, and Tolkien everything. All three girls have been involved with TeenPact and Generation Joshua the last several years.

And if you’re wondering if they stay up late every night talking and laughing together? Well, maybe not every night…but often.

The Three Sisters1

Our fourth daughter, now 13 years old, was never expected to see her second birthday. She suffered a massive stroke before birth and the resulting brain damage was both severe and extensive. The doctors were brutally honest with us that our Sparrow would likely never walk, talk, or eat on her own – if she lived at all. Though she depended on a feeding tube the first few years of her life, she now feeds herself completely. She is also rather adept at getting around in her wheelchair, will talk your ear off, and can even read a little. She is a delight to us all!

Our Special Girl

The three boys are ages 11, 9, and 7. They wake up early each morning to take care of their barn chores and start a fire in our fireplace.  The young lads enjoy playing with Lego’s, card games and board games, and reading. Except in the summer. Then they like riding bikes, rollerblading, and digging in the dirt all day long. They give the best hugs and not a day goes by that they don’t manage to make me laugh. These little guys are way too much fun!

The Three Boys

So that about covers them all. Unless you want to meet the animals. But that might be taking it a little too far….? Alright, here’s Bon-Bon and baby Milton. I just won’t bother describing their unique personalities….(and, once again, he’s not wearing his shoes – our son, that is :)).

Dauntless with cows

Whew. The next thing you know I’ll be telling you about the cat, the lizards, and the hedgehog I’ve always dreamed of having.  So with that – I’d better sign off.

But not before wishing you many blessings from our family to yours!

Family on patio

 In His grace,

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