Lisa JacobsonHello, I’m so glad that you would consider having me speak at your event!

I greatly enjoy the opportunity to speak, although as the mother of 8 children, I intentionally limit my speaking engagements. I prayerfully consider each request and see how it fits into our rather full lives and calendar.  If you’re interested in having me consider your event, please fill out the form below.

A Little About Lisa

I’m the happily-ever-after wife of Matthew L Jacobson, literary agent and author, and together we’re raising and home-educating our 8 children, ages ranging from 8 to 20 years. I enjoy encouraging women to embrace the rich life of loving relationships and the high calling of being a wife and mother. You can find me sharing my passion for husband, home, and family here at my blog, Club31Women.com. I’m also a regular contributor at TheBetterMom.

100 Ways to Love Your HusbandIn addition to the blog, I’m the author of 100 Ways to Love Your Husband: The Life-Long Journey of Learning to Love Each Other (also available in Spanish) and co-author with my husband of several children’s books including the winner of the C.S. Lewis Silver Medal for Children’s Literature, Mommy, How Did God Make Me, The Amazing Beginning of You, and The Big Ten for Little Saints. Both Matthew and I have been involved in Christian publishing for 25 years.

My speaking engagements range from Women’s Church ministry events to the annual Oregon Christian Home-Education Conference to women’s retreats, such as the Come-Away Retreat with TheBusyMom (February 2015).

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Speaking Topics

On Marriage & Parenting

Raising Heavenly-Minded, Down-to-Earth Kids

What does it take to bring up children who genuinely love Jesus? Our greatest hope for our children is to have them walk with God and enjoy a free heart, serving Him with their gifts and abilities. Lisa shares what they have learned — from their own experience and from the Word of God — about raising kids who have their hearts set on heaven and their feet planted firmly on solid ground.

How to Grow an Awesome Teenager

Raising a teenager is an intimidating prospect. How do we keep their hearts and prepare them for the future? Whether you’re parenting teenagers now, or will be in the future, this workshop offers encouragement, hope, and solid teaching on how to make these years some of the best. Lisa, who is currently the mother of 5 teenagers, shares her heart and wisdom in loving and directing your children through the challenging teen years.

100 Ways to Love Your Husband: The Life-Long Journey of Learning to Love

What could I tell you about enjoying a great marriage? A happy and a loving one? We’ve been married 22 years. We’ve laughed together, cried together, slept together, raised children together, and have walked together. What has worked and what has helped us through the hard times? And what will keep us loving each other in the years yet to come? Whether you’re newly married, have been together for years, or are still waiting the meet the one God has for you, Lisa Jacobson offers practical steps on how you can enjoy a lasting, loving marriage too.

On Faith

Why God Shines the Brightest Through the Darkest Times

No one wants to go through a dark and difficult time. We all dread the thought of relational strife, disappointment, illness,  job-loss, and worse. Yet so many of us – or people we love – are going through just such a trial. How can we walk in a way that brings true victory? Where is God when everything seems so hard? And how can He possibly shine through our deepest mess and heaviest heartache?

Lisa shares gently from her heart – and from experience – how we can find hope,  light, and even joy, in the midst of the darkest situations.

How Can You Do Big Things When All You Feel Is Small?

Ever feel small? Inconsequential?  Like what you do doesn’t really matter that much at all? Not true! Your life and ministry have a huge impact on the people and world around you. Not only is God using you now, but He desires even more for you. So if you’ve been discouraged or hesitant to step out,  Lisa offers an encouraging and inspiring message on how God can do big things right where you are!

On Blogging & Writing

How to Turn Your Great Idea into an Award-Winning Product

Do you have a wonderful idea? One that you know would spread far and wide . . . if you could only get it out there? Lisa outlines the practical and concrete steps that will help turn your brilliant idea into a solid, successful product.

Building a Successful Blog from the Ground Up

Everyone talks about how “easy” it is to build a blog, but is it really all that simple? Or is it a rather overwhelming and intimidating prospect to consider? Lisa walks you through the steps of what is truly required to create a flourishing and far-reaching blog.

10 Things I’d Do If I Wanted to Write a Best-Selling Book

So you want to write the next best-selling book? The process is not as “magical” as some would make it out to be. Lisa shares those 10 things that can make the difference between a case of books that sits in your garage and a book that can be found in stores everywhere.

How to Be a Successful Writer Without Sacrificing Your Family

Is it really possible to be both a good writer and a good wife & mother? Yes, it is possible. It may not always be easy, but you can remain a devoted wife and mother, as well as a successful writer and author. Here you’ll learn how to navigate both worlds without sacrificing your family in the process.

Kind Words Shared from Listeners

Wonderful presentation! So many helpful ideas. I loved Lisa’s honesty and wisdom. 

I so appreciated Lisa’s honesty and transparency—not only about the good, but the hard too. I’m thankful for the way she is real. I could relate to so many things she said. 

The examples from her own life were very helpful. She had very practical advice how to better teach godly love to motivate and guide our children. Thank you! 

Excellent, practical, humble, REAL. I enjoyed her transparency in speaking about her experience and life-learning . . . not only in her successes, but also in her struggles. Great message and memorable!


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