OCEAN’s 18th annual Home Education Conference, Portland, Oregon

Your Man’s Lover    (Lisa)

Who isn’t often overwhelmed with the many challenges that crowd the homeschool schedule? There are bright spots along the way, but are we enjoying the rich fulfillment in our marriage that was once the heart of our dreams? Where could that be hiding? It’s found in the passion and purpose of your 1st priority. You can take tangible steps right now toward the stellar, God-inspired love story you were intended to live.

The Message in Your Marriage      (Matthew and Lisa)
It’s easy to convince ourselves that marriage is something we chose. But there’s far more to it than that. Your marriage is something God chose. Your marriage is what God is doing and He had a specific purpose in bringing you and your spouse together. What does God want to reveal about Himself through your marriage relationship? Be encouraged and inspired by the reality that God is actively at work through the message in your marriage – a message He put there and wants to share with the world.

How to Like the Woman You Love  (Matthew)

. . . AND how to love the man you like. It may come as a surprise, but your spouse wants to be loved and understood just as much as you do. Enjoy the blessings and benefits of loving communication. Don’t allow the continuous pressure of homeschooling priorities to distract you from the most important responsibility and relationship you have. Come for specific instruction and practical insights – leave with renewed hope and purpose for your marriage, made in heaven. 


The Heart of a Family     (The Jacobson Family)

Read description carefully: The “Perfect Family” is in the other seminar! :)

Bickering, holiness, selfishness, and sacrifice. Being iron, extending grace and striving after loving relationships in the home. Hear the Jacobson family speak openly about the joy and challenge of walking together in unity.

Mighty Sons, Mighty Daughters      (Matthew)

What parent doesn’t want their children to be effective and successful in life? How ironic! That’s exactly what God wants for your children, too. But God’s idea of effectiveness and being successful – generational faithfulness – is about much more than mere success, American-style. How do we pursue this path? In achieving God’s best, we’ll need to embrace His intentions and priorities. Parents, you have a vital part to play BUT, Young Person, so do you!

If you are interested in having Matt and/or Lisa speak at your event, please make your request on the Connect page and we’ll check if we’re available for those dates. Thank you!