Are Your Trials Making You Bitter or Beautiful? Encouragement for When You’re In A Hard Season {Real Life with Lisa}

When you’re going through trials, do you allow it to refine you or does it make you bitter? Here is some encouragement when you’re facing hard times.

club31women_Are Your Trials Making You Bitter or Beautiful?

Strong, smooth, and soaring.

Isn’t that the way our life is supposed to go?

Isn’t that what they tell us in most movies, magazines, and on social media? Maybe we even hear it from close friends and in church.


That’s the goal. That’s the expectation.

But what if your life doesn’t seem to follow this cheery script? And it’s no fault of your own.

Your challenges are not merely a matter of “trying harder’ or “working more.” Your problems are not going to be solved by simply “pulling yourself together.”

But not many – if any – of the people around you actually understand.

Illness. Job loss. Disappointment. Heartbreak.

You’re facing trials that threaten to overwhelm you.

And you can feel the bitterness creeping in.

Yet what if it could be different? What if rather than growing bitter, you could grow beautiful instead?

Here’s some solid encouragement for you – or for someone you might know – that could use a bright word in a dark time…..

Big Sister and Sparrow
Mom and Avonlea at Lake

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*All Scripture verses are from the ESV Bible


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