The Best Advice From A Longtime Homeschooling Mom {Plus, Recommended Resources}

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So many good questions!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the thoughtful questions you’ve posed. Most recently our conversations have centered on homeschooling – how and what works, and why.

For those of you who’ve asked, our family of ten have homeschooled from “day one” with four high school graduates and one college graduate so far. But with our youngest being only ten-years-old, we still have a way to go!

Last week we talked about what a typical homeschooling day looked like in our home, and today we’re covering questions like:

How do you avoid gaping holes in your child’s education?

What do you do about teaching so many different ages?

And how do you keep up with it all??

What if you have an illness or new babies or other major setbacks?

What are some recommended resources?

Here’s some of the best advice I can think to offer when it comes to homeschooling…..

Recommended Homeschooling Resources:

State Homeschool Conferences and Events

Homeschool Legal Defence Association

Character-Building Resources:

One Exciting Series for Building Strong Character in our Tweens

For Instructions in Righteousness: A Topical Reference for Biblical Child-Training 

What We Use for Reading:

Pathway Readers

What We Use for Math:

Teaching Textbooks

Saxon Math

What We Use for Science:

Exploring Creation (The Young Explorer Series) (younger grades)

Exploring Creation by Apologia (older grades)

What We Use for Writing:

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Shurley English

*Just keep in mind that these are only some of the resources we’ve used over the years and every family is DIFFERENT!

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What You Need to Know If You HomeschoolYou can also learn more about our typical homeschooling day HERE: A Simple Homeschool Plan to Set You and Your Student Up for Success

If you have another topic you’d like me to address, you can ask it here: Connect with Lisa

Thank you for joining me and sharing Real Life together! I’ll look forward to talking with you again next week!!

*I’d love to hear from you too, so please share and/or ask a question in the comments below!  I think you’ll find there’s a beautiful and supportive community here at Club31Women.

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