How to Create A Happy Place Right In Your Very Own Home {Real Life with Lisa}

Creating a happy place to go to every day is a great way to refresh and restore your soul. Find out some essentials to make that space special for you!

club31women_How to Create A Happy Place Right In Your Very Own Home {Real Life with Lisa}

Like many good ideas, this one was born out of a feeling of desperation.

I’m not saying that I was truly desperate.

But it sure did feel that way.

A small sense of sinking. More than slightly overwhelmed. Like it was too much for me and I hardly knew where to turn.

I just needed something – or a somewhere – that I could clear my head and restore my sanity.

Maybe you know the feeling.

And that’s where the inspiration of creating a happy place right in my very own home began….

It turned out to be so easy and yet somehow so effective that I’m surprised that I didn’t come up with it long before.

But never mind. I know it now.

And, in case you might be looking for such a solution yourself, I’m sharing how it came about and, even better yet, how you create one too! 


My Happy Spot in the “Parlor” 

How to Create a Happy Place Right In Your Very Own Home

My “Summer” Happy Spot on the Back Porch

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