How Your Daughter Can Grow into Your Good Friend {Real Life with Lisa}


Most of you know I’m blessed to be the mom of four daughters.

And that I love these girls all to pieces.

They are my dear friends and the ones I go to when I need prayer or encouragement. Or help. Or even advice, now that they’re getting older.

And coffee. I definitely go to them for coffee.

And they come to me for chocolate.

So you can see that we’re very close, these girls and me.

Even though each one is so different with her own unique personality. With her own individual strengths and weaknesses. And me with mine.

And we talk together and laugh and sometimes cry. Then talk some more and hopefully laugh again.

Because . . . well, because we’re girls, I guess.

And we’re growing up together.  These girls and me.

Maybe you’ve got a girl too?

If so, then I’m sharing today on how to become friends – close friends – with your daughter as she (and you) grow up together. Things I hope will encourage and help you with your girl too…..

Blessings on you and your girl too!

In His grace,

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