Happy Anniversary to Us {23 Years Told in Pictures}

Wedding Rings

I began sobbing the moment he asked me to marry him.

And I don’t mean sweet tears cascading down my cheeks either.

I mean the big ugly cry. Choking, hiccuping, fluid-running-out-my-nose-and-eyes kind of cry.

Not that I should have been shocked. We knew six days after we met that we were going to get married.

But when he actually proposed to me…to say that he wanted to spend the rest of our days together? Complete with a sparkly ring in a black, velvety box?

I sobbed.

We didn’t even know back then what “the rest of our days” would look like.

Didn’t know there would be 7 moves or that we’d have 8 children.

We had no idea that there would be so many unexpected tears .. . or how much helpless laughter.

All I knew was that I loved him and believed he was the man God had for me.

And me for him.

So here we are 23 years later . . . .

Matt and Lisa Engagement

Captured! The night we got engaged.

Wedding Kiss

The sweeping kiss. Always the romantic…..

Matt and Lisa in Salzburg

In Austria during our first year of marriage. Terribly in love.

Matt Jacobson with Baby

And when our first baby is born, we fall in love all over again.

Matt and Lisa Family Photo

The ol’ traditional “family portrait” with three children under the age of 3. Busy times.

PHC 2015

And suddenly 2 of the above children are away at college – one senior and one freshman – this year.

Matt on Milk Date

On our regular Sunday night milk-date. My favorite guy and my favorite night of the week!

Matt and Lisa in the Garden

Looking out at our garden and dreaming of what we can plant together.

Matt and Lisa Jacobson 2015

Date night.

Matt and Lisa Date Night

Out on the town last Friday night with my boyfriend. 😉

So that about sums it up. Twenty-three years of marriage.

And looking forward to many more loving years to come….

Thank you for helping us celebrate our anniversary!

*Just for fun if you’re married, when is your anniversary and how long have you been married? 

Still in love,

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P.S. Most of these photos are from Instagram. You can follow me over there for more, if you’d like!

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