How to Keep A Calm Spirit When You’re Bursting with Anger {Real Life with Lisa}

Anger isn’t a sin until we allow it to overtake us. Here are some practical steps to walk through in order to handle anger with wisdom and grace.


People always seem surprised when they learn that I struggle with anger.

It’s like they can’t even imagine me getting mad.

Or yelling.

Or slamming doors.

The funny thing is that I can’t imagine it either. And yet . . . it’s true.

That can be me.

What’s more, that HAS been me.

So maybe you’re the calm type. Nothing ever ruffles you or gets under your skin.

Not your husband. 

Not your children.

Not your mother-in-law.

If so, then this week’s chat is probably not for you.

But for the rest who find ourselves wrestling with the occasional outrage (okay, maybe even more than occasional?), this is for us . . .

Join me in our home to talk about how to keep a quiet heart when you feel so angry!

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Download Printable HERE: Verses to Help You Keep Calm

*All Scripture verses are from the ESV Bible


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If you missed last week’s Real Life, you can watch it here. I share those 5 qualities you’ll find in every good marriage.

Thank you for joining me and sharing Real Life together! I’ll look forward to talking with you again next week!!

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