Those 5 Things You’ll Find In Every Good Marriage and Close Friendship {Real Life with Lisa}

Club31Women_The 5 Things You'll Find In Every Good Marriage and Close Friendship Part 1

Our young teenage son came up to me with this troubled look on his face.

Clearly, he was facing some terrible dilemma and so I asked if I could help out.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “It’s just this dumb school assignment we were given.”

That was a bit discouraging to hear, considering this was only the first day of the school year.

His class was studying Shakespeare and they were starting with, “The Taming of the Shrew.”

While not exactly a Shakespeare expert, I hoped to offer something that would relieve the poor boy’s mind.

“So what’s this impossibly tough assignment?” I asked.

List 5 things that go into a good marriage.

Then being the sensitive mother that I am . . . I burst out laughing. (Not a recommended parenting technique, by the way. Especially with teenagers.)

“Are you serious, Son? That’s the question that’s stumped you so badly? A good marriage??”

He got a little defensive. “Well, what do I know about marriage? I’m just a teenage boy. I’ve never been married before!”

Good point.

But I just couldn’t leave it there.

“True. But you’ve been watching marriage your entire life. You see your dad and me. Up close. Every day. So I’m guessing you know far about marriage than you even realize.”

Slight scowl. This still wasn’t working for him.

Apparently, we were going to have to come at this from a different angle.

So I tried to think of what was important to him and what would speak to his heart. And that’s when it came to me….


This young man truly values friendship and has a fairly strong idea of how a real friend looks and acts.

So I tried again. This time with the rest of the family at our morning coffee time together.

“You see, marriage is a lot like friendship. A lifelong friendship. So what are those qualities that you appreciate in a friend? Because you’ll find that there are more similarities there than most people know.”

And that’s the point where the conversation really got rolling . . . .

Join me over at our home for the rest? 

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*All Scripture verses are from the ESV Bible



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