Those Funny Ways You Can Seriously Help Your Marriage

Those Funny Ways You Can Seriously Help Your MarriageHe says he doesn’t understand why we need to have 100 pillows on our bed.

But, just for the record, there really aren’t 100 – only 10.

I know because I counted them.

I also know this because I often find them flying at me while I’m trying to crawl into bed at night. Seriously. The guy will lie in wait until I’m finally ready to turn in….

Then that’s when the pillows come soaring through the air.

It’s like one of those games at the fair. I dodge the blitz the best I can, but the fact is he’s got a pretty good arm.

An awfully good arm, actually.

And no matter what the day has been like, I can’t seem to help myself and I’ll start shrieking.  Our kids say they can hear me from across the house. That they can always tell when there’s a party going on. And that they’ll forever have memories of mama laughing while everyone else is heading for bed.

I’ve tried to convince them to feel sorry for me and imagine what it’s like to be dodging pillows while you’re desperately searching for those cozy covers at the end of a long, hard day. But they inevitably take his side and find it all rather amusing too.

But you – you feel sorry for me don’t you?

Good! Because now I’ll tell you some of the ways I get my revenge. I’ll crawl in next to him and put my icy little feet up against his warm back (hah!). Or the next morning I’ll sneak in while he’s taking a hot shower and suddenly turn the water to cold (how did he know it was me??). Or drop down a Screaming Monkey from the balcony when he’s reading in his favorite armchair.

Oh yes, I have my ways.

screaming monkey

So what does all this have to do with marriage?


And everything.

Would you believe those pillows have helped us to have a better marriage? I really think they have.

You see, my husband I both lead very busy lives. And we feel the pressures bearing down on us. Work, home, family, finances, ministry and more. And we can get waaaay too bogged down in it all. We can even forget that we like each other. That there’s supposed to be a little fun in all this.

So he starts a pillow-fight. And then I laugh at his goofy jokes (although I’m known to laugh at my own too). Because let’s face it….

Every good marriage could use a good laugh now and then.

So now, in all seriousness, let me encourage you to have some fun together….

Take a break occasionally. Forget your troubles, at least momentarily, and enjoy one another. Don’t wait until all your problems are solved because that might not come for a long time.

Purpose to lighten up. Sometimes he and I go out somewhere and we forbid certain topics to come up. We pledge to put those aside those heavies and simply have a good time together.

Remember to laugh. I guess I could have taken offense the first time that pillow came hurling through the air. Instead of giggling like a girl. But I’m glad I did. It’s more fun this way.

Consider the savings. Honestly? Laughter is way cheaper than therapy. I figure those pillow-fights have saved us hours of counseling. (Not sure about the Screaming Monkey though – that one might have added an hour or two).

I don’t know how many pillows you happen to have decorating your bed right now, but it might be time to invest in a few more. Might need 10 or 100. Then see about getting a really good pillow-fight going.

Hope you enjoy some fun!

In His grace,

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{Photo credit: The picture above is of my charming nephew and his lovely wife taken by Brenda Jacobson Photography}

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