My Story

Matthew and Lisa Jacobson1

Hello, I’m Lisa.

Married to Matthew. I knew that first night we met that I’d marry him. It took him three more days – too long, if you ask me – to come to the same conclusion. A few days later and it was all decided.

Him and me. For the rest of our lives.


Together we enjoy raising our eight children. Yes, that would be eight. All ours and no sets of twins. A boy. Four girls. Then three little boys. You can see more of them here (our eldest son is away at college).

My Story Children

We’ve settled in the rugged Pacific Northwest – surrounded by scraggly juniper and scruffy sage brush and tucked at the foot of snow-peaked mountains. Each offering its own kind of beauty. We have a small acreage with a cow or two, a whole bunch of chickens, a dog, a cat, and more than our fair share of lizards and frogs.


My Life Before Matthew

Before Matthew (was there ever such a time?) there were different kinds of days and adventures for me. A season of studying in Paris. Traveling through the Middle East. Living in mud huts in the remote villages of West Africa. Completing a graduate degree. Working with Vietnamese youth in Little Saigon.

Lisa in Cameroon

Lisa with Vietnamese Children

I loved it all.

But I really, really loved him.

Matthew and Lisa at Cascades Classical

And nowI really love this crew too!

Family Bloopers

But you’ll find I like lots of other things, as well. Things like Häagen-Dazs mint-chip ice-cream, French press coffee, dark chocolate, and getting lost in a well-written book. I enjoy deep conversations and lifelong friendships. Plus there’s nothing like picking fresh blueberries in the summer and there’s something about baking bread that’s good for my soul.


And I’m also glad to be here, blogging with you. It’s one of my other favorite places to be.

Most of all, I love God and am gratefully and grace-fully saved by His Son.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God (Eph.2:8).

Welcome to Club31Women

As you can see, I’m rather passionate about my husband and children. Crazy about them, actually. And I’m thankful for this life we live together. I’m not saying it’s easy. Not necessarily simple. But truly wonderful and rewarding.

Nor am I the only one who looks at it this way. There are others – many others. People like you, for instance.

And that’s how Club31Women came about. It grew out of a love for the high calling of wife and mother that so many of us share. Yes, like the woman found in Proverbs 31. Not in the impossible, unattainable sense, but in the real-life, grace-filled, I-love-my-family sort of way.

So I hope you’ll find this a place where you can come to find encouragement, inspiration, and, sometimes just plain cheering on.

I’m thrilled to have you join Club31Women! You’re always very welcome here.

In His grace,

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