About Club31Women

Do you ever wonder if a loving, lasting marriage is possible?

If you’ll have a close relationship with your kids when they’re grown up and gone?

If you have what it takes to create an orderly, peaceful home?

Do you wonder?

I believe you can have all these things.

Yes, I believe any Christian woman can enjoy a loving marriage, a strong relationship with her children, and a joy-filled home.

Maybe that doesn’t sound realistic to you. Or sounds like something you long for so deeply and yet feels so far away.

If so, then let me share what others say about their own struggle…and the inspiring and practical help they’ve found here at Club31Women: 

I’m busy with three sweet kiddos, pets, and a hubby who works a lot of hard restaurant hours, so I don’t get out a whole lot where I can be around other mamas or ladies like me. So reading what you share really helps me feel NOT ALONE in some of my struggles.

I tend to be really hard on myself but hearing the same issues coming from someone I admire is like a burden lifted off my soul. I always read your posts and emails and I thank Jesus for you today!  By you, I am encouraged to keep on doing my best for Him and not live under the constant self- condemnation I’m so prone to. ~ Caroline

I can’t say enough how much your blog has blessed our home over the past few months. I’m daring to look forward to a Christmas – a little less of the pain of discord and dissension that our past 10 years of marriage have held – and honestly, throughout the year as well. We have 2 young boys that I homeschool and I want them to grow up with happy memories. ~ Lisa

I absolutely love your posts. They have become part of my daily reading list (on top of the Bible of course :)).I find that I am always sharing your posts with the women in my life…. I believe that Club31Women really stands for things that every woman can relate to. ~ Nerisha

How about you? Just imagine the blessing of a deeper, sweeter relationship with your husband. Think of the kind and caring relationship you desire for your children. And picture an orderly and joy-filled home where everyone wants to gather.

When you join Club31Women you’ll find the encouragement and practical help you need to enjoy a loving marriage, a close relationship with your kids, and a peaceful, happy home.

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