It’s Time to Remember God Is Always with You (and Your Kids)

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?

Psalm 118:6 NIV

We need to remember that God is with your child even if you cannot be. He is faithful and trustworthy.

I sat in the middle school cafeteria, awkwardly balancing my adult body on the hard, skinny bench made for kids. Even more awkward? The tears threatening to spill down my cheeks and the hitch in my breath.

I was at the school for an informational meeting about an upcoming student trip, and I was surprised by the fear that suddenly gripped me. I expected to feel excited and nostalgic as I learned about the possibility of my daughter taking the same cross-country trip I’d taken in the eighth grade. Instead, I was panicking at the thought of letting her board an airplane and travel to our nation’s capital without me.

Later, when I got home and skimmed the travel brochure, I realized that part of my unexpected reaction was understandable in light of a simple timeline. I had traveled without my parents on a school trip to Washington, DC, several years before the events of 9/11.

While I’m sure my parents had worried, I recognized that sending my daughter on this same trip brought up different concerns for me than it did for them. And yet, I still wanted my daughter to have this experience, so I knew I had to lay all my (quite reasonable) fears at God’s feet.

Lay Down Your Fears

Am I saying my hand didn’t shake when I clicked “submit” on the sign-up form? Nope. Or that my breath hasn’t caught and my voice hasn’t faltered when my daughter and I discuss payment plans or possible roommates? No way.

And when it comes time to drop her at the airport, I don’t expect to drive home without a single tear (more likely it will be a whole bucketful). But I’m choosing to trust God with my kid—no matter how near or far she is from me, she’s never out of His reach.

Thank You, God, for being with me and with my kids. Thank You for promising to never leave us and to always protect us. I trust You with my children and place them confidently in Your hands because I know You love them even more than I do. I trust You to protect them, to guide them, to show them the way to go as they take steps into the world (and away from me). Help me trust You even more so I can be an example for my kids to do the same. Remind them that You are always with them and they don’t have to be afraid. Give us courage as we trust You every day. Amen.

In His Word

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.
 Let Israel say:
    “His love endures forever.”
 Let the house of Aaron say:
    “His love endures forever.”
Let those who fear the Lord say:
    “His love endures forever.”
 When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
    he brought me into a spacious place.

Psalm 118: 1-5 NIV

In Your Life

Consider these questions:

  • What helps you to trust God with your kids and loved ones?
  • How does the constant presence of God comfort you today?

Reflect on these inquiries as you navigate your faith journey, finding solace and strength in the knowledge that God is always with you, guiding and comforting through every moment of uncertainty and challenge.

We Recommend

We love the book Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go by Mary Carver for how it gives us a chance to read scripture and pray even in the short moments of time we have on busy days. Prayers from the Parking Lot is relatable, encouraging, and arranged by topic so you can read the prayer that speaks most to your heart that day.

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