When Inexperience is a Gift, Trust the One Who Knows All

Our own inexperience can actually lead us down a road toward our own growth. We just need to be willing to learn and trust.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”  Psalm 32:8 NKJV

What if sometimes, it is better to not “know any better?”

We were in the middle of a sun-scorched Summer, when an executive leader within the direct sales company, that I had just signed on with 3 months prior, called me.  

She was calling to ask me if I would be willing to share my “secret to success” with our national sales team on an upcoming teleconference.  (This was circa 2010 before zoom meetings took over the workforce.)

Say what now?

I was barely out of the jumpstart phase of this new-to-me business, still a baby being spoon-fed via online tutorials and how-to videos, loaded on their learning platform.  

Needless to say, I was confused.

I was the sponge attempting to soak in the wisdom of people like her, trying to make awkward sense of the logistics and transform my learnings into earnings.

And she wanted me to share my secrets to success?  


I had no secrets. 

I was just a new Mom with her head down, focused on what I had signed on and hoped to do:

Make a flexible income that worked around our growing family, while staying at home with our new daughter. 

The sales coach went on to explain that while leaders and reps across the country were struggling with their sales, I on the other hand was showing signs of a booming business that was snowballing towards super success…during the SUMMER.

You see, it just so happened…

I did have a secret.  

I just didn’t know it.

Knowing VS Trusting

It turns out, the more tenured reps knew and even expected, Summer season to be slow.  

Therefore, their previous knowledge and experiences were dictating and writing the script for their current right now Summer situations.

But, was a rookie.  A rookie, blissfully unaware of this expected seasonal sales dip.

The twist was this.

While the widely accepted head knowledge of the historical slump of Summer was a weakness for most…turning into a seasonal sales statistic stumbling block that they couldn’t get past?

It was in the not knowing of this Summer sales dip, that was my strength.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not singing the song that ignorance is bliss and it’s best to be uninformed and ignorant.  Not at all.

What I found is that my secret to success was not in the knowing something.

My secret to success was in the knowing someone.

And then?

Placing my trust in the hands of my trustworthy Guide.

Yes indeed, this was one of those times when it was better to not know any better.

And instead?

Know and trust the One who knows Best.

In His Word

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”  Isaiah 30:21 ESV

Oh friend, what a gift it is, when we accept the exchange of our inexperience in a situation for an experience with God’s Holy Spirit, dwelling inside us, instructing and guiding us in our way.

Looking back now, it is easier for me to identify why I didn’t succumb to the summer death sentence of sales.

While there was plenty I was uncertain about, like the logistics of the how to steps of closing out a sale?  

I was very much clear on the path I had been called to step into.

And it was in that forward-paced trust walk, that I sowed the seeds of what grew to become a multi-million dollar global sales team over a decade of time.  God breathed life and built something amazing with every footstep of faith, focused on Him.

Yes, seeds were planted in the sun-scorched days of Summer when everyone else knew something I didn’t know.  And I was better off for it.  The secret was in the not knowing of all the things…and in the trusting of the One who knows all.

In Your Life

Perhaps you are finding yourself in a similar place.  

At the beginning of a new chapter in your life, starting a new season where there is a steep learning curve ahead of you.  Or, maybe you are farther along but are now being plagued with jagged doubt daggers attempting to take you off the path in which you have been called.

Oh, friend, how I understand.  I can truly relate.  Come sit by me sister.  

Here are two key things that I have found to help carry me forward through the seasons of following a new path and navigating the terrain of a fierce learning curve, all while battling the minefield of doubt.

1. Quit functioning off of distraction.

Read that first one again friend. 

If we want to be available for the assignment, we must decide to be unavailable to the noise.

It’s time to stop functioning off of distraction.

It’s time to catch and quit the habits to know and see all the things on social media (AKA sit at a stoplight without grabbing for your phone) and hear and share all the things in social settings. (AKA gossip) 

I love how Bob Goff encourages us in this way.

Bob advises us to “keep your eyes on your own paper.”  

Just as our grade school teachers encouraged us during test-taking time, there is an invitation here and now.  No need to look left or right or squirm in our seat when someone else finishes the test before we do.  This is not a race sweet friend.

It’s time to make room for stillness, seek the riches of wisdom in the things we cannot see, and drench our souls in the behaviors that help synch our hearts to the heart of God. 

Turn up the volume to your favorite praise and worship songs, meditate on God’s Word, listen to a Christian podcast while taking a walk outside, help a neighbor with her groceries, soak in a sunrise, stare up at the night sky, snuggle your young one a little longer.  Close your eyes and take five long deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and know that you are seen and personally cared for by a good God who loves you.

Say yes to the invitation on repeat, to be present to your own paper.

Do a dozen of these small acts of obedience all throughout your day and they will work together to reject the stiffness of stress that threatens to swallow you and instead?

Invite the softness of mind to trust the still small voice inside that is guiding you..and making a way for you.

2. Do not doubt the power of an arrow prayer.

Send an arrow prayer aimed straight to the heart of God.

Because dear friend…a prayer of: “Jesus Help” always, always reaches the throne room of grace.

Our souls are thirsty for what Jesus offers us.

Let us drink up friend.

Drink up.

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