How to Make Those Tough Decisions When Parenting Against the Current Culture

How to Make Those Tough Decisions When Parenting Against the Culture

My kids were very little when I came across an old friend. We sat together, and she told me that she had just come to know Christ. Then she shared with me what I did not know about her past. As she was growing up, some people in her life worshiped Satan and abused her in this practice. Specifically she told me Halloween was a horrific time for her. Looking me in the eyes she said, How can Christians let their kids celebrate Halloween? From that moment I decided that - if nothing else … Read More

4 Favorite Historical Fiction Series for Christian Readers

4 Favorite Historical Fiction Series for Christian Readers

(This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.) History was never my favorite subject. Important dates evaded my memory. Events blurred together. It all frustrated me (and my teacher—my mom!) to no end. I loved to read, however. I was often found with a book in hand hours before breakfast. To me, having to do my schoolwork before I got to read a book was the cruelest and most unusual punishment a day could hold. But the more books I read like Johnny Tremain and The … Read More

Reviving The Lost Art of Loyalty

Reviving the Lost Art of Loyalty

Matt was tracking his brother and his brother’s friend on an app for the Huckleberry 100. When we could see their bikes were only 15 miles out from the halfway point, we drove downtown to cheer them on at the rest station. “They’re six miles out,” my husband said. “Five miles.” “Should be any minute now,” he said. But they didn’t come and didn’t come. We chatted with some friends who had done the family length of the bike race. Still our guys hadn’t come around the corner. We … Read More

15 Things to Love About Being a Mom of Boys

15 Things to Love About Being a Mom of Boys

Got boys? Yeah, me too. Four of them. Our oldest son and then three young boys. And I can't believe no one told me how wonderful being a mom of boys could be. Not that I don't love my girls---you already know how dear they are to me---but boys? They're some of the best. Like the best. And if you ever spent much time around would certainly understand why. So I began a list of a few things that I love about having boys. At first it was going to be "10 Things … Read More

5 Verses Every Mom Can Turn to for Help and Hope

5 Verses Every Mom Can Turn To For Help and Hope

I love being a mom. I love caring for our children. Guiding them. Teaching them. And simply hugging them. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. But that doesn't mean I always sleep well at night. Or that I never worry.  You see, I start to wonder if I'm a good enough mother . . .  or at least the right one for this child. Because -- between you and me -- I sometimes agonize over these gifts I've been given. These children of mine. And I question whether I really have what it takes … Read More

So What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Your Husband’s “Helper”?

So What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Your Husband's Helper

Lately I’ve been reflecting on a largely unremarkable, yet poignant scene a photographer friend of mine witnessed as she snapped photos of a rather illustrious couple. As she offered directions in a brief moment during the shoot, the husband became momentarily confused as to what to do. At that same instant my friend noticed the slight pressure of the wife’s hand on her husband’s back, guiding him into the next steps fluidly. In that moment of grace, the man lost no dignity in not … Read More