4 Ways to Escape the Trap of Emotional Divorce

Have You Fallen Into the Trap of Emotional Divorce

Have you ever found yourself feeling: “I’m just so mad, so hurt—again. I’m not going to share my heart with him anymore. He doesn’t understand. It is too painful. We’ll live in the same house but he can do his thing and I’ll do mine.”  Most of us, if we are really honest, have felt this way about our husband from time to time. I call it falling into the trap of emotional divorce. Imagine a solid glass patio door. Emotional divorce is a bit like slamming that patio door shut on our … Read More

A Great Way to Make New Friends {& Chocolate Zucchini Bread}

Chocolate Zucchini Bread | Club 31 Women | club31women.com | #zucchini

There was a point a long time ago when I was outgoing and I made friends easily. And then...I wasn't anymore. I just kind of changed, and that kind of transition from outgoing girl to non-outgoing girl was not without its set of challenges. I think the biggest hindrance I found to the change was my ability to make friends, particularly girl friends. One of the issues I run into A LOT is misinterpretation. When I'm put into a situation where I don't know anyone and I'm feeling … Read More

Two Powerful Forces That Drive Your Teen’s Activities

Two Powerful Forces that Drive Teen's Activities

I have a ridiculous love of apocalyptic movies, so I watched Tommy Lee Jones in Volcano. Because of course a volcano is going to erupt in the middle of a city. In great heroism, though, Tommy Lee creates a new path for the lava, so it goes to the ocean instead of destroying the metropolis. It could happen. I think teen souls are like hot lava that is going to flow. You can’t put a cap on their lives and keep them contained, but you can take powerful, heroic actions to direct where … Read More

How Do you Know If God Is Truly Enough For You?

How Do You Know If God Is Truly Enough

"Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:24-25 All throughout my Christian life I have heard that “God is enough”, and I agree. But the longer I live as a Christian the more I have to admit that it’s very easy to agree with that statement intellectually, but really hard to make it connect to your heart. There are inumerous things clamouring for my … Read More

Sometimes Love in Marriage Comes Down to the Smallest of Things

The Smallest of Things

How can one jar of peanut-butter cause so much trouble? No kidding, that's what I wanted to know too. Because apparently it was A Big Problem and he made that quite clear. My husband was fed up with the sticky, slimy mess dripping down the sides of the peanut-butter jar and insisted we put a stop to the madness. "Why can't we keep this jar clean?! There's no reason we should live like this and it's driving me nuts!" He didn't yell, but I could tell by his tone that he really meant … Read More

One Simple Way to Lighten the Load for Your Small Child

One Simple Way to Lighten the Load for Your Small Child

Maybe you find it strange. That I would even think this way. But I'm going to tell you anyway . . . with the hope that you somehow understand. So are you ready? I don't like ordering for myself at a restaurant. Not if I can help it anyway. You can ask my husband and he'll tell you. He knows because I usually ask him to order for me. And do you want to know why? It's not because I don't have an opinion. It's not because I'm weak or don't know my own mind. Or tastes. Or … Read More