10 Marriage Books that I Love {Hope for a Joyful, Loving Relationship}

married couple

I was the hopelessly romantic teenager who read every book that I could get my hands on about relationships and marriage. The fact that I was already falling in love with the man who would be my husband made me an observant student of the marriages around me. I read voraciously in an attempt to equip myself with even more knowledge about the mystery of marriage. Even as I laughed at the appropriate word pictures of Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, I nodded at the wisdom of … Read More

3 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Love

Three Things I Want My Kids to Know About Love

February is the month for l'amour, as the French would say. We send cards both serious and sappy, we eat chocolates and strawberries, and decorate hearts to give to those we love. For many, Valentine’s Day is just another day for Hallmark to make its millions, for others it is an opportunity to show love and affection to those who matter most to us. Our family loves Valentine’s Day.Our motto is, “The gaudier the better,” and I certainly don’t mind another excuse to go on a date with my … Read More

Ten Lovely Things I Tell My Girls About Beauty

True Beauty

I'm surprised that I couldn't find anything on beauty. That was her comment to me when we drove into town the other day. My daughter, Vienna, kept her eyes on the road while she was driving, as I sat in the passenger seat looking out at the fresh snowfall that covered the countryside. I wasn't sure exactly where it was that she couldn't find "beauty", so I asked her to explain. Well, I couldn't find an article addressing beauty on your blog and it just surprised me, that's all. You've … Read More

Super-Easy, Super-Delicious Lasagna Casserole

Easy Lasagna Casserole | Club 31 Women | club31women.com | #lasagna #casserole #easy #recipe

When my husband and I were in premarital counseling, one of the "homework assignments" we had was to make a list of five things we expected from ourselves. I remember that one of the expectations I placed on myself was to have a pot of freshly brewed coffee waiting for my husband when he walked in the door from work. Ha. Ha. Ha. Blame it on my immature unrealistic idea of what reality really looks like, but the fact that I didn't know how to brew coffee (I just learned how a couple of … Read More

Homemaking 101: Twelve Daily Disciplines For The Beginning Homemaker

12 Daily Disciplines for the Beginning Homemaker

This is for all the young women out there who are just starting out. Maybe you’re soon to be married or newly married, or maybe you’re single, and you’ve just paid your first mortgage payment. Will you take some advice from someone who has taken a quarter of a century to figure out a solid daily routine? I say “figure out” loosely, but I’m feeling just confident enough to turn around and say, “Hey guys, these habits are sticking and working well for me!” The following habits are … Read More

Does Your Husband Understand You? {Two Small Things That Would Make A World of Difference}

Does Your Husband Understand You?

My husband and I talk a lot about how hard it is for men to understand women. We wives are so hard to figure out. John once asked an older man if he understood his wife, After all these years, do you understand your wife? “Understand her—no way,” this sage man responded- “enjoy her, yes!” His comment made my husband roar in laughter, but it also encouraged him. In thinking about this I have found an image, which I hope, might help your husband or other men as they seek to understand … Read More