Bringing Up Children Who Have a Heart to Serve

Bringing Up Children Who Have a Heart to Serve

In the beginning, I did everything myself. Mom was faster. Better. And more efficient. I did things right. The way things should be done. Oh, and, of course, I was serving my family all the while. I was the sacrificial mom who cooked, laundered, and cleaned up after everyone. Most every job was done by me. And, as a "shining model" of service, I counted on my children to eventually follow my example. It was obvious that I worked hard and did my best to please our … Read More

Healthier Poppyseed Muffins {& Stretching Our Wings}

Healthier Poppyseed Muffins

I got the opportunity to join Josh on one of his business trips to California a few weeks ago. He only had to work for one day and then the next two days were ours. That meant as soon as we got to the hotel, I was going to be on my own . . . .  I hadn't really ever been on my own in 12 years. I went from being single to dating to marriage all within basically a year after graduating from high school. But even back then, I didn't like being on my own. Not to say I didn't enjoy being alone. … Read More

What If You’ve Tried and Tried and Tried? {Encouragement for When You’re Ready to Give Up}

What If You've Tried and Tried and Tried {Encouragement for When You're Ready to Give Up}

I like to think that I am pretty easy-going when it comes to my parenting style. In general, I don’t stress out over spilled milk, smashed cheerios or broken mirrors. I don’t mind uncontrollable giggles, nonstop chit-chatter, or even a rumbustious game of tag. The only time I am known to lose my patience with normal child-like behaviors is when I need a nap. When I’ve been sleep-deprived, I am slow, impatient and dare I say . . . mean. I am a firm believer that children behave better and … Read More

If You’ve Never Said, I’m Sorry {An Unapologetic Word to Wives}

If You've Never Said I'm Sorry

 I thought it was just me. One of my particular quirks. Because I happen to be terrible at saying, I'm sorry. Oh, not to you. I'd apologize all day long to you. I'm sorry if I was a little late. I'm sorry if I forgot to call you. I'm very sorry if I hurt your feelings or let you down. I'm actually quick to tell you I'm sorry, my friend. The problem is with saying sorry to my husband. When it comes to him, I'm much better at brushing things over. Willing to work on stuff, mind … Read More

7 Ways To Get More Done Around The Home

7 Ways to Get More Done Around the Home

I am a work at home mom of three beautiful children with ages ranging from 1 through 16. We are also a homeschooling family, so it not's unusual for me to get overwhelmed at times with all the responsibilities I have on my plate. However, there are a few things that I've learned over the years that have helped me manage my home better. After facing a period in my life where I was constantly tired, depressed, and stressed out, I knew that something needed to change. I was constantly … Read More

Bringing Up Boys: An Encouraging and Helpful Resource for Raising Sons

Bringing Up Boys - An Encouraging and Helpful Resource for Raising Sons

Okay, I'll just come right out with it. I LOVE raising boys!  I never would have guessed when I started this motherhood journey that having sons would be so much fun. Sure, they're noisy (super-noisy!) and messy and energetic, but boys are awesome too. And you know something? Now that our oldest "boy" is no longer a boy - but a young man of 21 years - I'm more convinced than ever that it is more than worth it. The last time he was home for Christmas and he put his strong arms … Read More