Blackberry Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping {& How You Can Keep from Crumbling}

Blackberry Coffee Cake Small PIN

I had an interesting conversation with my doctor the other day. I went in to see him for the results of my annual lab work and I started telling him about what was going on in my life. I figured that since there is some stress in my life and that could potentially affect my health that he should know what's going on. Thankfully, I have a doctor who's pretty easy to talk to and allows me to go on and on, because those who know me know that I can be pretty chatty once I get going. After I … Read More

I Haven’t Cleaned the Kitchen in 12 Years {& Here’s Why}

I Haven't Cleaned the Kitchen in 12 Years

I was truly unprepared for this one. I don't remember discussing it beforehand---he simply announced it out-of-the blue: "Your mother will be not doing the dinner dishes tonight." I don't know who was more shocked - them or me? We all stared at their daddy and tried to figure out what he could possibly mean. So he explained, "Your mom spends hours in the kitchen every day, cooking and cleaning, and now she is going to be done with that the moment our dinner is finished." Just what … Read More

9 Things I’d Say My Mom Got Right

Club31Women.com_9 Things I'd Say My Mom Got Right

I hesitated before asking him. He was only home for a week after all. Just a single week over the Christmas holidays. Only one week gathered together as a family. The rest of the year our 20-year-old son lives, works, and goes to school a few thousand miles across the country from us. Not that we don't keep in close touch---because we do. But still . . . it's not the same as sitting on the same couch together and everyone all talking at once. And so it wasn't until the end of the week … Read More

How to Draw Closer Together…When You’ve Drifted Apart {& Date-Night Giveaway}

Club31women.com_How to Draw Closer Together When You've Drifted Apart

She wasn't sure how it even happened. It's not what either of them had ever intended. There was a time when she felt close to him, but now . . . somehow . . . they seemed so far away from each other. I suppose they could blame it on the kids. I mean, it's a lot of time and work to raise children. Maybe it was her health issues and all that she'd gone through as of late. Or maybe it was his job. It seemed to take everything out of him and he was away a lot of the time. Perhaps … Read More

Baked Macaroni and Cheese {& Walking Through Storms}

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Sometimes, we're aware that were about to walk into a storm. We can sense the temperature changing before there is any evidence. We just know. We tense, brace ourselves, and try to prepare our minds with probable outcomes. Other times, the storm hits unexpectedly. Suddenly, we're swept up in a cloud and we feel battered on all sides, and we're left wondering, "what just happened?" Of course, I'm not talking about a physical storm like what these people are going through. I'm talking … Read More

The Distracted Homemaker’s Secret Weapon

The Distracted Homemaker's Secret Weapon

"Honey, when did you put this load in the washer?" my husband calls to me from the laundry room.  (For some strange reason he enjoys helping with laundry.) "Um...I don't quite remember," I answer sheepishly.  ******* On another day, the conversation might go something like: Husband: "What's that smell?" Me: "Smell?  I don't know what you're talking about." Then from the kitchen a child hollers out: "Mom!  Your pot is boiling over!"  ****** I have an ailment that I've dubbed … Read More