Not Just Any Burger: The Delicious Herb and Cheese Burger

Herb & Cheese Burgers PIN

I love holidays! The colors, sounds, decorations, and of course, the food. When I was a kid, sometimes we would spend our time at the beach for the 4th. My grandparents had a beach house in Rockaway, Oregon, and when we had the opportunity to drive to the coast, we made sure to never miss that spectacular firework show (If you haven't seen it, you should!). But most of the time, we stayed home. My dad would drive my brother and I down to the general store to pick out some fireworks, … Read More

Why Our Kids Need Us to Make the Most of Summer {& Step Away from the Screen}

Why Our Kids Need Us to Make the Most of Summer {& Step Away from the Screen}

Summer is about wonder. I grew up knowing summer to be the pungent smell of saltwater air that envelops the east coast oceanfront towns. We spent only one week per year at the beach, but my memory of those weeks overshadows swim lessons and day camps and bike rides to the neighborhood pool. Grains of sand embedded themselves in the seat of my bathing suit all summer as a reminder of the week when we rode the waves of the ocean until my mom called us in for dinner. The summer after I asked … Read More

When Your Heart Is Troubled: 3 Scriptures to Settle Your Soul

When Your Heart Is Troubled - 3 Scriptures to Settle Your Soul

My heart is troubled. Aching, really. And I wish it wasn't so. Because I want to walk in faith and not worry so much. To be unshaken by my present circumstances and undaunted by today's challenges. And yet here I am troubled in spirit and unsettled in my soul. Longing for Home You probably know that we care for my mother-in-law and that she and Dad have lived with us for the past 17 years. And how I love her. And how much she means to me. And how she suffers from … Read More

My Top 5 Picks: What to Read This Summer

My Top 5 Picks: What to Read This Summer

I love summer. Love, love, love. And you want to know why? Okay, I'll tell you. First of all, I am a sunshine girl. All the way. Some of my other family members might wilt and complain about the heat of summer. Not me. I bask in it. And I love the slow mornings and taking our coffee out on the patio. And I love eating fresh-picked blueberries and homegrown tomatoes from our garden. But you know what else I love? Reading. For hours and hours on the front porch swing. Or … Read More

Encouragement for Weary Penny-Pinchers

Encouragement for Weary Penny Pinchers

I am frugal by nature and generally enjoy the challenge of saving money and living on a tight budget. But every now and then, I simply get weary of it all. Needing to carefully analyze whether every purchase is a good buy leaves me feeling exhausted, and I get frustrated that our finances (or the lack thereof!) control so much of what we can and cannot do.  Sometimes I even feel like being totally irresponsible and blowing money on something ridiculous "just because." Whenever I am on the … Read More

What Makes Marriage Strong and Beautiful: A Few Things You Might Not Know

What Makes Marriage Strong and Beautiful - A Few Things You Might Not Know

Love is a complicated infrastructure. A thing you are either building up or letting fall into decay. What makes it strong are the deeds done in the everyday walk of life. What makes it beautiful is two unique people coming together and making their own unique kind of love. It doesn't come from textbooks or formulas, or to-do lists. You've probably seen my parents from afar, either online here or maybe speaking at a conference somewhere. But I've lived around them for a long time, so … Read More