The Best Way to Parent That Very Unique Child of Yours

The Best Way to Parent That Very Unique Child of Yours

Peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter and honey. Jelly. No peanut butter. Tuna fish. This summarizes the lunch hour in my home. Gym shorts. A dress with a bottom that can spin. Purple sweatpants, orange ruffle tank top and a pair of watermelon colored flip flops. Any variation of leggings and a too small t-shirt. This is the morning wardrobe. Bubbly. Blunt. Observant. Fearless. A brief description of their everyday personalities. Get the picture? … Read More

How to Let Your Man Know What You Truly Need from Him

How to Let Your Man Know What You Really Need From Him

You wouldn't have to know me long. Before you concluded I could use a break now and then. You'd soon be saying, I bet that lady needs a tall latte. Maybe even a dark chocolate truffle. I wouldn't need to explain all this. You would just know. As a woman, it would be obvious to you. You'd take one look at my full-to-overflowing days . . . and you'd understand exactly what was needed. A small retreat. Away from the noisy house and the busy children. Yes. I'm thinking a … Read More

Summer News: From My Home to Yours {and What I’d Love to Hear From You}

Bee Balm

And a very happy summer to you! If you're new here, then you might not have come across one of these newsie posts before. But every change of season or so, I like to jet you - my faithful reader and friend - a more personal note and update. Just to share what's been going on around here and to let you know I'm  thinking of you! And so here it is mid-summer and what better time to connect than a warm, sunny day like this? Exactly. That's what I thought too. I'll go first, but I'll be … Read More

You Can’t Go Wrong with A Simple Berry Cobbler

Marionberry Cobbler

As a family, we look forward to this time of the year. It's not just because the sun finally pushes the Oregon clouds out of the way and we're finally able to go outside and do all the outdoorsy things we want to do (hiking, pick berries, go on warm evening strolls as a family...not to mention barbecue outside almost every evening!) . We get excited because as June becomes July some very special family guests arrive in our neck of the woods - Josh's grandparents, whom we lovingly call Grammy … Read More

Here’s One Thing I Do Not Want to Pass Down to Our Children

Mom, Don't Pass Your Fears Onto Your Child

Recently my oldest daughter and I were staying at my parents' home while they were away on a trip. Just she and I alone enjoying a private retreat at the home I grew up in. Everything was so peaceful . . . That is, until she told me she was going down to the basement to exercise. I gulped. I was very uneasy with her going down there all by herself. Yes, even though she is going on 20 years. The girl read right through me and started laughing. What, Mom? Are you afraid the Monsters … Read More

Why We Need to Stop Journaling All His Faults

Why We Need to Stop Journaling All His Faults

Think back with me, for a moment, to when you first met your spouse. Do you remember those looks you exchanged from across a room? That smile that made the rest of your day awesome? How simply standing near them that made your heart beat a bit faster? It seems that while we were dating we were on our best behavior. We used our manners, we were patient and understanding, we overlooked the other’s little quirks, and laughed at each others jokes. The day of the wedding comes and we think … Read More