9 Things From November I Want to Share With You {A Personal Note & Pictures}

Lisa Jacobson at Smith Rock2

Can you believe it's already the end of November? Shocking, isn't it. We were enjoying such a fabulous fall and then bingo! Woke up to this. Snow. Winter. The Pacific Northwest. And Christmas right around the corner. But before we get completely swept up in the holidays, I had a few things I wanted to share with you.  You know, more personal. From our home to yours. 1. Missing You Our daughter, Cambria, (of Effortless Events) recently had the chance to go back to … Read More

12 Perfect Gift Ideas: What to Give All Your Sisters and Friends This Year

12 Perfect Gift Ideas - What to Give All Your Sisters and Friends This Year

She met me at our local cafe so we could spend a long overdue afternoon together. But while we were waiting for the barrista to make my cardamom latte (yes, and yum!), my friend poked around looking at the goods displayed around the shop. With some apology, she explained that she was looking for the "perfect gift" for her sister-in-law for Christmas. Not always the easiest of assignments. You know, something unique? Special? And preferably meaningful? And she wondered if that alpaca … Read More

A Mom’s View: What I Learned From Watching Alena Star in War Room

A Mom's View - What I Learned From Watching Alena Star in War Room

Have you ever taken a step back and peeked into the heart of your child? It’s a beautiful view. Maybe it's when you see your timid six-year-old perform her piano solo with a confidence and boldness that you did not know she possessed. Or maybe it's when you watch your 9-year-old selflessly give her last piece of candy to a friend or your 15-year-old courageously lead a group of her peers in worship. Opportunities like these are a gift. They allow us, as parents, to take a step back from … Read More

A Prayer for Oneness In Our Marriage {with free printable}

A Prayer for Oneness in Your Marriage

John and I have been married for 46 years. We have five grown kids-all married and 21 grandchildren. Yes, this still shocks me! The greatest desire of my heart, and probably yours too, is that my kids will love the Lord and each other. I long for this passion to continue throughout generations to come. However, I know this will take a lot of prayer, a lot of forgiveness, and a lot of God’s grace. Every Tuesday I focus on praying for our six marriages (5 married kids, plus me and … Read More

12 Top Picks: Christmas Music for the Whole Family {and Music Giveaway}

12 Top Picks - Christmas Music for the Whole Family

There’s an annual debate among my husband and his siblings. No, it’s not about who gifts to who for Christmas. Or even where we spend the holidays (they got on a rotating schedule long before I joined the family, and it has worked well!). Instead, it’s about how soon is too soon to break out the eggnog and the Christmas music. Personally, I prefer to savor my fresh pressed apple cider until Thanksgiving has come and gone. Then, and only then, do I break out the raw milk, farm-fresh … Read More

Apple and Onion Stuffing – Always the Crowd Favorite

Apple & Onion Stuffing | Club 31 Women | club31women.com | #stuffing #Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week and I'm still feeling a little blindsided by that fact. I find myself reacting like this every year. The days and weeks seem to pile on top of each other so quickly and my head is left spinning a little! I can't be the only mother who feels this way, right? I want this short stretch of the year to just stop and slow down a little bit so that I can fully enjoy it without feeling bogged down by the many to-do lists I make for myself! Speaking of lists...we're … Read More