Now That She’s Turned 18 {& What I Love About The Strong-Willed Child}

Now That She's Turned 18 {& What I Love About the Strong-Willed Child}

So you've turned 18 and you've got big plans. But no big surprise. Because you were always like that. Right from the beginning. You were the baby who was born without any help---didn't wait for the doctor to arrive and even Daddy's strong, capable hands missed you. Oop! There you were. Born, breathing, and ready to start living. You were also the toddler who put me through my paces. You responded to my clear, specific instruction to STAY ON THE BLANKET . . . by sticking one toe over … Read More

What to Do With Tricky, Beautiful Relationships

What to Do With Tricky, Beautiful Relationships

Relationships can be a tricky thing. They can be difficult and messy. They can cause us heartache and pain. If we’ve been hurt in ministry, we can tend to pull back from the church as a whole. When friendships have caused us heartache, we often choose to retreat. Family lets us down and we learn to keep those closest to us at arm’s length. We retreat to our safe corners, we set our fists in a defensive stance, and we harden our hearts because the pain…? Well, the truth is that it … Read More

How to be a Successful Homemaker…When You Feel Like You Fail at Keeping House

How to be a Successful Homemaker When You Feel Like You Fail at Keeping House

Tears of frustration streamed down my cheeks. “Homemaking is the thing that defines my entire life, and I'm not even any good at it!” It was the end of another long day. As I looked around, all I could see were the toys littered over the floor, the dirty dishes that still weren't washed, and the mound of rumpled clothes that wasn't yet folded. The hateful self-judgment screamed at me, “You're a loser! You can't even keep a house clean! Other women with more kids than you keep their … Read More

Where to Go for Soul-Restoring Beauty

Where to Go for Soul-Restoring Beauty

Resolved, to study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same. ~ Jonathan Edwards ~ While I have a lot of things I would like to accomplish this year, I really want to look back and see that I have been in the word of God more than any other year. For a while now I have been studying through the Psalms and Psalm 19 has become one of my favorites. It is a tribute to the word of God. In Psalm 19 … Read More

A Dozen Things You Can Do to Keep Your Marriage Fresh & Fun

A Dozen Things to Keep Your Marriage Fresh & Fun

It's not always a party around here. Not that we don't have a good time or that we don't love each other. Because, of course, we do. But there are some seasons that are tougher than others. We both have so much on our plates that we begin to feel weighed down by the pressures and bills and time-constraints. Health concerns and relational-challenges. It all just keeps coming at us and life doesn't feel as fun as it used to be. And so a general heaviness sets in. But we can't let … Read More

Rhubarb & Strawberry Pie {& How to Be a Light to Those in Need}

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie PIN

For the last year and five months, a lot of prayers have been on my husband's and my hearts and lips as we've voiced a hope and desire to the lord - to purchase a home for our family. For our (almost) twelve years of marriage we've either lived in apartments or homes we've rented. It has always been a blessing when the home we prayed for was approved. God has always provided us with a more than adequate roof over our heads, even in some hard times - a comfort I realize many in this world do … Read More