When Homemaking Becomes An Idol

When Homemaking Becomes an Idol

When my husband and I got married, I was a terrible homemaker. I couldn't cook, my cleaning skills were limited, and ruining clothes while doing laundry became the norm. To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement. But as time passed, it became easier and I started to enjoy keeping the home. In fact, I took my homemaker role so seriously that I wanted everything to be perfect. When Homemaking Became My Idol I quickly became consumed with my homemaking tasks, to the point … Read More

The Benefit of Being a Tell-Me-More Mom {& Book Giveaway}

The Benefit of Being a Tell-Me-More Mom

  My spunky 8-year-old daughter Noelle gets a lot of unsolicited advice from her older brother.  Whether Ethan is giving math advice or the definition of a word, Noelle will glare at her brother and answer smugly, “I already know that.” It always cracks me up because before Noelle even opens her mouth, I know exactly what she will say. “I already know that.” You know, we can go through motherhood with an “I already know that” attitude or a “Tell me more” attitude. In life, … Read More

6 Things to Encourage You in Times of Disappointment

6 Things to Encourage You In Times of Disappointment

I was an exhausted young mother with five small children. For several months we had been praying for a small house to purchase. We’d never owned anything and felt it was time to begin to build a little equity. We made a list of things we wanted-a fireplace, view, creek, and we wanted God to provide it by a certain date! We didn’t really want to be “picky” but instead simply honest with God who knows our desires anyway. The “perfect” house came up--we thought! We made a bid but it was … Read More

35 Healthy Habits I Hope My Daughter Takes Along When She Leaves Home

35 Healthy Habits I Hope My Daughter Takes Along When She Leaves Home

I don't know why the article caught my eye. But it sure did. I don't think it would normally have intrigued me so, except that I have a daughter who is getting ready to leave home. She'll soon be boarding a plane to fly across the country to attend a new college. Nearly 3,000 miles away. 2,682.7 miles to be precise. And about 2,682 miles too far, if you ask me. So in this article was a list of a bunch of habits every girl should have, or something to that effect. And I had … Read More

Helping Your Young Kids Dig Deeper into the Word {A Resource for Parents}

Helping Your Young Kids Dig Deeper Into the Word

So you know me. Whenever I come across an excellent resource for you and your family, I can't help but tell you all about it. And I've lately come across just such a resource. Are you ready? It's the latest from The Dig for Kids series! And it's all about taking your children through the book of Proverbs. And it's about gaining wisdom. Sound wonderful? That's what I thought too. I want our kids to know the Word and grow in wisdom! So I love all the books that The Dig for Kids … Read More

When You Can’t Make Things All Better for Your Kids

When You Can't Make Things All Better For Your Kids

When you’re a mom, you’re used to fixing things. You bandage the wounds, stop the fights, and find the missing shoes. But sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes, despite your great love for your child, you can’t make it all better. How do you heal heart wounds? How do you respond when you don’t know the answer to your child’s “why?” And what do you do with sadness that can’t be swept away by ice cream? You seek God. And you teach your kids to do the same. It’s the … Read More