15 Surprisingly Romantic Gift Ideas for The Man You Love

15 Romantic Gift Ideas for the Man You Love - Featured

We are hopeless romantics. He and I.  And, yes, we realize that this doesn't really fit with the times we live in. Everything comes at you so fast and so much is quick and disposable. No time for slow. Thoughtful. Hopeful. 'Til death do you part. But for some reason we still hang onto our old-fashioned romance. We still hold hands. We still kiss on the lips. We still give little love-gifts and whisper words of kindness. And while we recognize that this is only small stuff, … Read More

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day As A Family

Confession: I have not always been a fan of Valentine's Day. As a mom, I objected to the commercialism, the sugar-high, and the obvious cheese-factor. Seemed something of a waste of time and energy, as far as I was concerned (guess that disqualifies me from the "Fun Mom of the Year Award"?). But now our family - including this formerly dubious mom - looks forward to our Valentine's celebration each year. So what changed? You wonder. Mostly my attitude. And I have my husband, … Read More

Lent: The Reason We Can Celebrate the Mysteries of the Messiah


Do you ever wonder what God is doing? Are you praying and waiting, praying and wondering—all the while knowing that He is the God who could change it all…but still hasn’t yet? Sometimes it’s hard to understand. We play checkers while God is playing chess. Have you heard this phrase? We keep our red and black chips close, carefully strategizing their moves, one by one. A jump here. One square there. Checker by checker making progress, one stealthy move at a time. Only one move at a … Read More

Where Do You Turn When You’re Ready To Give Up?

Where to Turn

If you knew how many times I almost gave up, I'm not sure I could look you in the eye. There have been so many dark moments where I almost fell for the lie... This isn't worth it. This pain. This much sacrifice... It's too much. I've wanted out. So. Many. Times. Like you, I've tortured myself with the questions, "How did I get here? What if I'd chosen differently? Could I have avoided this?" How desperately we want to skip the pain. If only we'd known . . . we'd have done anything to … Read More

Handle-With-Care: Instructions For the Parent of A Challenging Child

instructions For the Challenging Child

I get the shudders just thinking about it. Even still after all these years. How at only 8 years old, she would sit on our neighbors' fence. Wait for their horses to come galloping by so she could make the jump. How she would ride bareback through their pasture and how the neighbors never even knew about it. And neither did I. Not until later when she confessed. Oh, child of mine.  What am I supposed to do with you?  Except she's no longer a child anymore. She's all of 20 … Read More

5 Tips for Making it Easier to Minister through Meals

Minister Through Meals

I'm a person who likes to be prepared. I like to make lists. I like to be able to plan my day (Okay, at least parts of my day, because we all know that God is ultimately in control...). But, between my planners, calendars, recipe binders, phone, and carefully alphabetized Pinterest boards, my days and meals are at least plotted out the way I hope they will go! 'Twas not always the case! I had to find a system over the years that worked for me. I know that I am the kind of person that … Read More