My Mom Never Taught Me to Love My Body…and Other Beautiful Lessons I’ve Learned

My Mom Never Taught Me to Love My Body

Love your body. As a graduate of the social work program, I have a tendency to have a Facebook newsfeed filled with 'woman-empowerment' related articles. Over the past couple of months, I began to notice more and more articles written by moms trying to teach their girls to 'love their bodies'. The wording varied, but it seemed to be a movement around showing pride over the natural body, appreciating different sizes and shapes, and building confidence. I got sucked in. I began to watch … [Continue reading]

You Married a Sinner Not an Angel {& 3 Ways to Keep the Joy and Unity}

You Married A Sinner Not An Angel

A wedding is one of the most joyful and beautiful celebrations on earth. The flowers and decorations, beautiful dresses and sparkling jewelry, radiant brides and grinning grooms all paint a wonderful picture. The traditions and symbols passed down from generation to generation speak words of wisdom and declare covenants. Flowers signify joy within marriage and the rings testify to the unending love and devotion God has for his bride, as well as the love and devotion a couple should have … [Continue reading]

Late Summer News and Upcoming Fall Fun

Mom and Avonlea at Lake

So I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now. And for those who have newly subscribed this might be a first for you. But just so you know, I usually send out a newsletter at least once a season - sometime more often. It’s my opportunity to share with you in a more personal way and keep you posted on events and news that might be coming up. With that in mind, here’s this Summer’s News.... I love summer. I really do. I love the sunshine, the flowers, the outdoors, the looser … [Continue reading]

How to Serve Your Family Good Food On a Small Budget

How to Serve Your Family Good Food on a Small Budget

So I’ve noticed this strange phenomenon. My family expects something to eat at an unusually high rate. No less than than 3 times a day.  I'm serious. I feel like we just finished eating the last meal...and there they are asking about the next one. It’s the oddest thing. But maybe you’ve encountered a similar situation. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Day after day. Not only does this take a lot of time (but that’s another post), but it takes a lot of, well, money. To put it bluntly. … [Continue reading]