Aging Grace: The Day My Smile Lines Made Me Cry

The Day My Smile Lines Made Me Cry

It started with the mirror. That strange place that can bring so many tears to so many women. I had been getting ready for the day - drying my hair and applying mascara (but not necessarily at the same time) - when our oldest daughter popped in for a visit. Her nearly daily ritual. Savoury often sits on the edge of the tub and watches me while I get myself ready and we chat.  She's had this same routine since she was a bitty girl. Although now she's 19 and all grown up and, yet, … Read More

The Inside Scoop: How A Mother of 8 Keeps Her House Clean {or at least tidy}

The Inside Scoop - How a Mother of 8 Keeps Her House Clean

I'm always surprised at how often this subject comes up. You'd think that as an older (*Ahem....Did I just say that?) and experienced mom that I'd be asked deeper questions. Things like, "How do you reach your children's hearts?" or "What is the most important lesson you've passed on to your kids?" That kind of thing. But no. It's "How in the world you do manage to keep your house clean with all those kids?" Who would have guessed that "a clean house" would be such a basic and … Read More

Your S.W.E.E.T. Guide to Marriage Communication

Your S.W.E.E.T Guide to Marriage Communication

I have the wonderful privilege of working alongside my husband, each and every day. We both sit here with our desks set just right so we can look at each other, share our Paraguayan tea (terere), throw out tidbits of news or input, ask a question, and get into deep discussions. Marriage is . . . an amazing adventure and a significant challenge. (Lisa Jacobson) There was one particular day, as we sat at our desks that he laid back in his chair with his feet propped up, and I knew he wanted … Read More

Un Guía Dulce para Comunicarme con mi Esposo {A S.W.E.E.T. Guide to Communication with My Husband}

Une Guia Dulce para Comunicarma con mi Esposo

Tengo el maravilloso privilegio de trabajar junto a mi esposo cada día. Ambos nos sentamos en nuestros escritorios, colocados de forma que podamos vernos, compartimos nuestro tereré, lanzamos ideas y aportes, hacemos preguntas y nos sumergimos en discusiones profundas. Es “…una aventura increíble y un desafío significativo.” (L. Jacobson) Hubo un día en particular en el que, al sentarnos en nuestros escritorios, él se recostó en su silla con los pies levantados y yo supe que quería discutir … Read More

The Answer to that One Question He Really Wants to Know

The Answer to That One Question He Really Wants to Know

At 7:30 p.m. my son was leaving the house for a dodgeball intramural tournament at school. (Can you imagine doing that for fun?) Mom, if I brought laundry down…he said. Oh no. Please don’t tell me you need your choir outfit for tomorrow’s concert, and you’re just now thinking about it, I said. Well . . . he said. This does happen at your house? But he’s my baby, and he’s about to graduate, so I was gracious. Soon he was off to play, and I was bent over his hamper of dirty … Read More

Bringing Up Children Who Have a Heart to Serve

Bringing Up Children Who Have a Heart to Serve

In the beginning, I did everything myself. Mom was faster. Better. And more efficient. I did things right. The way things should be done. Oh, and, of course, I was serving my family all the while. I was the sacrificial mom who cooked, laundered, and cleaned up after everyone. Most every job was done by me. And, as a "shining model" of service, I counted on my children to eventually follow my example. It was obvious that I worked hard and did my best to please our … Read More