Here’s One Thing I Do Not Want to Pass Down to Our Children

Mom, Don't Pass Your Fears Onto Your Child

Recently my oldest daughter and I were staying at my parents' home while they were away on a trip. Just she and I alone enjoying a private retreat at the home I grew up in. Everything was so peaceful . . . That is, until she told me she was going down to the basement to exercise. I gulped. I was very uneasy with her going down there all by herself. Yes, even though she is going on 20 years. The girl read right through me and started laughing. What, Mom? Are you afraid the Monsters … Read More

Why We Need to Stop Journaling All His Faults

Why We Need to Stop Journaling All His Faults

Think back with me, for a moment, to when you first met your spouse. Do you remember those looks you exchanged from across a room? That smile that made the rest of your day awesome? How simply standing near them that made your heart beat a bit faster? It seems that while we were dating we were on our best behavior. We used our manners, we were patient and understanding, we overlooked the other’s little quirks, and laughed at each others jokes. The day of the wedding comes and we think … Read More

Planning a Spa Day for Your Soul

Planning a Spa Day For Your Soul

Have you felt this lately? “ I feel like my days are filled with responding to kids, demands, obligations and I don’t have any creative space just for me.” It is mid summer, and I imagine we’ve all felt like this at some point. In fact, you may have wanted to run away for a day or be sent to “time out” for several hours! It’s normal. We too need space in our life without an agenda. Time simply to dream, to be alone, and to listen to the Lord. I often think of Jesus slipping … Read More

How To Love Your Imperfect Home

How to Love Your Imperfect Home

I remember the day we moved to our current home. The carpets needed a good cleaning, the fixtures were dated, and my master bedroom was half the size of my previous one. I knew all of this when we decided to make this our new home. However, I still found myself looking for imperfections and making mental lists of all of our future weekend projects. The funny thing is that this home was an upgrade from our last place. Our previous home had foundation issues, the basement would flood when … Read More

The Prayer of A Mom Whose Nest Will Soon Be Empty

The Prayer of a Mom Whose Nest Will Soon Be Empty

An adaption from Psalm 139 O Lord, you have searched me and You know me. You know when I sit in the crawlspace looking through my son’s Rubbermaid full of childhood. You know when I rise and start the washer, so that he has clean clothes to wear to graduation. You perceive my thoughts about the day we’ll load his car and drive him from the top of Montana to the center of Texas for college. You hem me in –standing behind me when I saw the positive pregnancy test 18 years ago and … Read More

15 Ways to Say You Love Him…Without Ever Saying A Word

15 Ways to Say You Love Him (Without Ever Saying a Word)

I'm not sure that I understood the man's mind when we first got married. Or maybe I should say understood his masculine heart. I mean, I thought I did . . . but it turned out I had a lot to learn. Lots and lots. Basically, clueless. I figured mostly what I needed to do was to look up at him with adoring eyes and occasionally say, "I love you" and that about covered it. It had worked so well when we were dating . . . . But less so as time went on. Not that he still didn't … Read More