7 Ways to Lovingly Prepare Your Marriage for the Holidays

7 Ways to Prepare Your Marriage for the Holidays

Drifting snow. Twinkly lights. Lovely gifts, woodsy garland, and a simple nativity scene. Mystery and joy. It was Christmas Eve and our very first together. We were newlyweds living in those dreadful pink apartments and I was eager to have his family out to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. Everyone was invited over for "light snacks and a festive evening". (Did you catch that? "Light snacks and a festive evening." Just wanted to be sure.) I put together a platter of cheese and … [Continue reading]

Fudgy Cappuccino Crinkles

Fudgy Cappuccino Cookies

Hi everyone, it's me Chels again with yet another dessert. I swear I actually cook, too. I thought with the holidays coming up and Christmas cookie exchanges being so popular, I would bring you this perfect little crinkle to share with all of your family and friends. On a side note, this recipe is from my archives and I start the post out saying I don't understand Wordpress. We've since made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress - just in case there was any confusion, haha! I'm not sure how … [Continue reading]

When Love Is Silent {An Uncommon Love: Chapt. 9}

An Uncommon Love - When Love Is Silent

“This is so good. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Like a good romance novel, only this tale is true.” ~ Darlene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife. Here’s Chapter 9 of An Uncommon Love: Our True-Life Love Story. If you’re new here, you can catch up with Chapt. 1, Chapt. 2, Chapt. 3, Chapt. 4, Chapt. 5, Chapt. 6, Chapt. 7, and Chapt. 8.  Chapter 9 When Love Is Silent Maybe you think it should be enough. Enough that he took me to lunch. Presented me with a bottle of perfume. A rather … [Continue reading]

What His Word Says About How He Sees Me {& 2 Book Giveaway}

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

*I am so thrilled for you to meet Sara Hagerty! She is a new friend and fellow contributor at TheBetterMom. After meeting her, I began reading her newly released book, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, and I literally couldn't put it down. Her beautiful words and powerful ministry reached deep inside my soul. I pray you will be as blessed and encouraged by her today! ~ Lisa As I sighed under my breath towards her, I caught her eye. She’d heard the exasperation that was intended only for me. … [Continue reading]

How to Build a Sweet Home Together

How to Build a Sweet Home Together as a Family

“That's one memory I'll never forget.” That's how the conversation began. "I'll always remember that sugar-cube castle," our teenage daughter told me. My mind did a quick shuffle, sorting through thousands of files, until the right image came up. Oh, yes. I remember now. But why? Why did that particular memory stand out so? The children were young – six of them under the age of nine years. The youngest babies weren’t too much trouble, but the “older” girls were giving me … [Continue reading]

A Gift for the Woman I Love {An Uncommon Love: Chapt. 8}

An Uncommon Love - A Gift for the Woman I Love

*If you're new here, this is an excerpt from Chapter 8 of An Uncommon Love – our true-life love story - that we share every Wednesday. You can catch up by reading Chapt. 1, Chapt.2 , Chapt. 3, Chapt.4, Chapt. 5, Chapt. 6, and Chapt. 7. Chapter 8 A Gift for the Woman I Love by Matthew L Jacobson How can you fall asleep when the future looms before you like a burning summer sun? Was this really happening? Was Lisa Michelle really the woman I had waited my whole life to meet? Was she truly … [Continue reading]