Yummy! Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Nutella Swirled Blondies

Yum! Peanutbutter and Chocolate Chip Nutella Swirled Blondies

*Okay, everyone meet Chels! I've been wanting to introduce her to you for a while now! You're gonna just love her. And her recipes. Even if you never make her recipe (but you really should, if at all possible), you'll enjoy reading her commentary---which is about as delicious as the food she makes! So, here she is - enjoy! ~ Lisa Hi everyone, I'm Chels from catzinthekitchen.com and I'm so excited and honored to be here sharing some of my favorite recipes with you! I first met Lisa this past … [Continue reading]

The Night I Fell in Love {An Uncommon Love: Chapter 6}

An Uncommon Love - The Night I Fell in Love

*If you're new here, this is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of An Uncommon Love – our true-life love story. You can also catch up by reading Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Five. Chapter 6 The Night I Fell In Love by Matthew L Jacobson I drove down I-84, through the Columbia Gorge, snaking my way up the canyon wall to peer into the vastness of the night sky from some nondescript roadside vantage point. I like looking up at the stars in moments like … [Continue reading]

FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Son Really Needs You to Ask Him

FREE Printable - 21 Questions Your Son Needs You to Ask Him

You see this boy here? He's my quiet one. He's usually got way more on his heart and mind than you would first guess. I find that I have to prompt him a bit. To get the conversation going. And I'm always surprised at how much goes on inside that young man---the things he's excited about, the stuff he's worried about, and the adventures he wants to go on. You just wouldn't guess. I have to ask him about it. To prompt him a bit with a few questions. Then there's this … [Continue reading]

How to Restore Your Soul…When You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Mind

How to Restore Your Soul When You Feel Like You're Losing Your Mind

To this day I don’t know just how it happened. She was the most adorable baby girl you’ve ever seen and I was beside myself with gratefulness for her. First there was her big brother who was very busy and all of 18 months old. Then there was this tiny pink thing. My very own sweetheart. She was beautiful alright, but not the greatest sleeper. She wanted to nurse all night long and it took some of the fun out of it, if you know what I mean? So I’d been doing this all-night party … [Continue reading]