3 Reasons Mom “Loses It” With Her Kids {& How She Can Win}

3 Reasons Mom Loses It and How She Can Win

To be perfectly honest, I never knew I had a temper. Not until I had children. And that's when I discovered I had a real ugly side. Surprisingly explosive. My kids could say or do things that simply set me off like nothing else ever had. In an instant, I lost it. Again. Not pretty. Not nice. And not godly parenting. Now maybe you're having a hard time picturing this. You can't imagine that smiling lady in the picture actually coming unglued. But it's happened. … Read More

Scrumptious Autumn-Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread PIN

Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall baking? Oh, how I do. I prefer to bake with pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate, and autumn spices over the ingredients of any other holiday - though I do have a soft spot for Christmas baking, too. To me, baking is a lot like reconnecting with an old friend. No matter how long it's been (it's usually not very long for me!), the reunion is always sweet, always worth doing, and always a blessing. Every fall for the last six years, I've retreated into … Read More

Strong Encouragement for the Single Mom

Strong Encouragement for the Single Mom

When I was a little girl I never dreamed that I’d get married, get divorced and end up raising my boys alone. It wasn’t my dream and it most certainly was not in my plans. Truthfully, I was caught off guard. I was not prepared for the journey that I faced. For a long time I felt like I was drowning in my sorrows. My heart ached constantly for myself and my sweet boys. If you have ever been through the pain of separation or divorce, can you relate? On the nights where the pain hurts … Read More

What Should You Do When Your Kid Faces Hardship?

What If Your Kid Is Facing Hardship

Our senior in high school just got a job working at an historical soda fountain and candy store in downtown Kalispell. They make the best shakes there –the kind where part of the shake comes in a classic fluted glass, with real whipped cream and a cherry on top, and the rest comes in a metal cylinder. So he had this week where everything happened at once. School all day and then work from 3:30 to 8:00. A fundraiser for his choir trip. A dance. A huge assignment for AP English. And praise … Read More

25 Falling-in-Love, Fall Date Ideas

25 Falling-in-Love Fall Dates

I'm not sure when it hit me. But I think it was while we were sitting by the Blue River and simply holding hands. Not talking and not even really thinking. Just loving each other. It was our anniversary and he'd surprised me with a few days in a quiet cabin tucked into the woods. And you want to know something about that time we had together? It felt right and good. We both felt it. Not that we had doubted our love for each other, but it had just been so busy lately and we'd … Read More

6 Things I’m Excited About for September {Pictures and a Personal Note}

Lisa Jacobson at Smith Rock

So you already know how I feel about September. How it's my favorite month of the year and all that. How I love the warm days and cooler nights. Our anniversary and the start of school. Fresh air and a new season. And so I thought I'd share with you some of the exciting things that are going on around here right now! 1.   One Daughter Stepping Out Our oldest daughter has nearly completed writing her first full-length novel. She's been working on it for several years and now that it's … Read More