How To Teach a Tween Who Already Knows It All

How to Teach A Tween Who Already Knows It All

I don't know everything. That’s a fact. However I do like to think that I know more than an 11 year old. Apparently that’s become questionable. I have an 11 year old... and she doesn't always believe me! She is indeed a very gifted, intelligent and knowledgeable girl. With a little time and very little guidance she can figure most things out on her own. She has always been able to do that and lately, “I know, mom,” has become one of her favorite phrases. I am convinced that she … Read More

What More Can You Ask For In A Husband and Father? {& Peanut Butter Butterfinger Pie}

What More Could You Ask for In A Husband and Father?

As soon as I saw him interact with his younger brothers and sisters, I knew, I just knew, that one day he was going to be a great dad. Wait, I take that back. I knew that one day he was going to be an amazing dad to any future kids he had. I was just hoping they would also be mine. But back up. I wasn't even married to him, or engaged for that matter. I had only known my now husband for about a month then, and already I was dreaming about marrying him and starting a … Read More

Creating a Romantic Refuge in Your Very Own Home {& Giveaway}

Creating a Romantic Refuge in Your Very Own Home

I am a hopeless romantic. You might not guess that when you first meet me because I'm so terribly practical. You can ask my kids. They'll tell you. Practical to a fault. I make lists, organize the spice cupboard, and draw up chore charts. Practical things.  So you might not see that underneath all this sensible exterior, I have this rather romantic heart. But it's true. I love beauty and elegance and adventure. Flowers and art. Quiet conversation and holding … Read More

Those Little Things That Speak Big Volumes of Love

Those Little Things That Speak Volumes of Love

I’ve determined that my husband Ted has a foot fetish. Okay, maybe “fetish” isn’t the right word. Perhaps “preoccupation” or “fixation” better applies here. When I mentioned this to him the other day, he looked confused. Foot? Fetish? Huh? Yep, his expression said it all. That is, until I explained. Suddenly this confused look of his was replaced with one of understanding. You see, I reminded him how often matters of feet make him feel loved. Take, for example, the matching of his … Read More

How to Keep Stress From Stealing Your Joy This Summer

How to Keep Stress from Stealing Your Joy This Summer

The word “summer” did nothing magical to my stress level . . . how about yours? Okay, granted, we don’t have school schedules or lunches to pack or papers to sign, so for a few days we’ve appreciated a lightened load. But life as “mom” continues, right? There are still hungry people around — is it just me, or are they now hungrier? — and there’s still laundry, and errands, and of course the um, “boredom” to deal with. On top of that, a lot of moms have part-time or full-time jobs, … Read More

What You Need to Know – and Bring – If You’re Camping with Kids {& Free Printable Checklist}

Club31Women.com_What You Need to Know- and Bring - If You're Camping with Kids {& Free Printable Checklist}

I know. You're a little surprised. Because you're having trouble imagining why I - of all people! - would be writing about camping. As I don't exactly have the reputation of being a happy camper. And it's true. I'm not very enthusiastic about camping. Of course, I have good reasons for this. Here, I'll list a few of them for you. I don't like dirt. I like to sleep in a soft, cozy bed at night. I don't care for bugs. I love my hot shower. Every morning. I can never seem … Read More