My 10-Step, Zero Meltdown Plan for Grocery Shopping With Children

My 10 Step Zero Meltdown Plan for Grocery Shopping With Children

My heart went out to the poor thing. The little dear was crying. Screaming, really. A total meltdown. And I didn't know who I felt more sorry for - the young child? Or his struggling mom? It was a toss-up. They were both so miserable. My husband and I were at the Costco check-out and I could hear him wailing all the way down the aisle. I think we all could hear him. I knew what the mother felt like. You see, I’ve been there. Except that I didn’t just have one child.  I had … [Continue reading]

The 5 Things You Need to Know If You’re Homeschooling

The 5 Things You Need to Know If You're Homeschooling

*An encouraging word for those of my friends who are homeschooling this year - whether for the 1st time or the 15th.  If only I knew how this story was going to end . . . . Then I think I could do this, I agonized while snuggling into my husband one night. And it’s not even that I minded the hard work, the sacrifice, and the challenge of homeschooling so much. It’s more the thought of doing all this . . . for nothing that got to me. What if it didn’t amount to anything? Or, worse, … [Continue reading]

Teaching Our Children The 10 Habits of Happiness

Teaching Our Children the 10 Habits of Happiness

The goal of parenting is not a happy child, but to turn out a successful adult. That ‘s what our friend informed us as we all sat around the dinner table together. Two couples enjoying a fine meal and fine china. Two couples without children. And you know something? At first, it seemed to make sense. Our friend expounded on his theory. I mean, what makes a child happy? If you give a kid a piece of candy, then he’s happy. If you don’t, then he’s not. You can’t build a life around … [Continue reading]

How to Help Your Fall-Apart Child…Pull It Together

How to Help Your Fall Apart Child Pull It Together

Any advice for this weary mom? She was tired, discouraged, and a little disappointed. Wondered if she was doing it right. My friend went on to explain. Her 12-year-old daughter had been helping with the dishes since she was about three. But as their family size grew, she now had to handwash a few extra dishes, mainly pots and pans. Not too difficult of a chore. Except that she kept forgetting. And had to be called back to the sink to do them. And 100% of the time she threw a crying … [Continue reading]