An Uncommon Love: Where Is She? {Searching for My Forever Girl}

An Uncommon Love - Where Is She, Searching for My Forever Girl

*Today Matthew is continuing with Chapter 2 of An Uncommon Love: A True-Life Love Story. You can read Chapter 1: If He Was the Last Man on Earth HERE, if you missed it.  Chapter 2 Where Is She? Searching for My Forever Girl Where is She?  I'm not ashamed to admit it. I spent my whole life searching for the genuine article . . . seeking the authenticity, safety, and communion with the woman who would share my world. Most men won't admit it but we're all longing for our Forever Girl. But … [Continue reading]

On Raising Kids Who Enjoy Church

On Raising Kids Who Enjoy Church

It was a two-day retreat for the high school students. A very cold retreat, I might add. (On September 11th it got down to 23 degrees here in Kalispell, Montana.) The guest preacher had been talking about finding joy in the Lord instead of just doing the church routine and the Christian school routine. We broke into small groups, and the conversation eventually came around to motive for going to church. It’s hard when my parents make me go to church, said one of my guys. A valuable … [Continue reading]

Free Printable: 8 Scriptures for When You’re Needing Rest & Refreshment

8 Scripture Cards for When You're Needing Rest & Refreshment

Are you in need of some rest and refreshment?  Yes? Yeah, me too. And I've had the most delightful opportunity to enjoy just that . . . in the beautiful state of Montana. It felt so funny packing my suitcase and heading to the airport while it was still dark early this morning. I can hardly remember the last time I flew on a plane, all by myself. I think I was pregnant with our 7th child. Who is now 10 year old - if that gives you any idea. I wish I could invite every one of … [Continue reading]

An Uncommon Love: If He Was the Last Man on Earth

An Uncommon Love - If He Was the Last Man on Earth

Chapter 1 If He Was the Last Man on Earth He is tall, dark, and, believe me, handsome. And that’s how it began. With this very letter. I read her description of him and knew---just knew. He is tall, dark (little gray) and believe me handsome. He loves the Lord in such a beautiful way. He is full of life and you and he will hit it off immediately . . . I just know you will. So there he was. The man I’d been waiting for, looking for, and hoping for and now the time had finally … [Continue reading]