FILLED: 3 Reasons to Embrace Failure

Filled: 3 Reasons to Embrace Failure

I knew it was a privilege to mother these kids, but there I was, snapping, lecturing, even belittling. I was called to write, but my words felt wooden, ordinary, so much less than “that other writer’s.” I offered truth spoken in love, but feared I'd destroyed a friendship. To top it all off, I lost my child's most important legal document. Self-demeaning words flooded my mind. Failure. Wannabe. Inept. Idiot. So goes the battle. Will I let the enemy debilitate me through my … Read More

How Changing This One Bad Habit Changed Our Home for Good

How Changing This One Bad Habit Changed Our Home For Good

It all came to light at the kitchen sink. Starting with a sigh---so natural to me that I never noticed it escaping my lips. A long, heavy sigh. I was washing vegetables for the dinner salad. Celery, peppers, and carrots. The typical evening prep. Feeling behind and burdened by my day. That's when my husband walked in the room and asked, "Hey Babe, how was today?" And then, "Why the big sigh?" He asked and I answered. And it went something like this . . . . The bickering … Read More

What’s Wrong With Admitting You Need Help? {& Slow-Cooker Irish Stew}

What's Wrong With Admitting You Need Help {& Irish Stew}

I have a hard time asking for help and admitting my weaknesses. It wasn't something I realized I had a problem with until I had my first child. You see, I grew up watching my parents do everything themselves. They are very capable people. I would brag that my dad was one of those people that could walk into a forest with a toothpick and hammer and build a whole shopping mall, while my mom was the perfect homemaker, always making sure everyone's needs were met. I grew up watching my dad build … Read More

We All Have A Sweet Spot: Will You Dare to Take the Plunge? {& Giveaway}

We All Have a Sweet Spot - Will You Dare to Take the Plunge?

My friend Alysha owns and operates a successful salon and boutique in downtown Bellingham, Washington. It is a darling little shop, sleek and stylish and full of sparkle. It is appropriately named Bliss, and simply walking through the door makes you feel a little more glamorous, a little prettier, just a little more special. Her chic display racks are filled with carefully clothing, each piece individually selected by her expert eye, and she has a way of making everyone who walks through her … Read More

Growing Up Girls: An Encouraging and Helpful Resource for Raising Daughters

Growing Up Girls: An Encouraging and Helpful Resource for Raising Up Daughters

You probably know that I have four daughters. And that I love these girls all to pieces. Each and every one of them. They are my dearest friends and the ones I go to when I need prayer or encouragement. Or help. Or even advice, now that they're getting older. And coffee. I definitely go to them for coffee. And they come to me for chocolate. So you can see that we're very close, these girls and me. Even though each one is so different with her own unique personality. With her … Read More

The Grandest Wedding You’re Ever Going to See

The Grandest Wedding You're Ever Going to See

Have you heard of the show “Once Upon A Time”? It’s all about fairy tales with a modern twist and I love it! Growing up my favorite kind of stories were fairy tale stories. What’s not to love about villains, magic, sword wielding princes, brave, but in distress, princesses, and of course, true love’s kiss? There are a plethora of stories about the power of true love. It can wake a sleeping princess from an enchanted sleep, or turn a beast into a prince. True love saves and makes whole. It … Read More