Intentional Tips for Godly Worship from David, the Shepherd King

David teaches us so much about worship and repentance. He actually offers some very practical, intentional steps we can take to become women after God’s own heart.

 ‘I have found David, son of Jesse, a man after my own heart.
He will do everything I want him to do.’
Acts 13:22b

Do you love a good DIY tutorial as I do? I love searching the web for the best-ever buttercream frosting, the cutest fall decor, or a surefire way to clean a stubborn stain from my antique linens.

While how-to-videos are great in a pinch, I’d much rather learn from an older woman who can teach me from her storehouse of experience. Over the years, I’ve learned to look for women who inspire me because they are living out the practical and Biblical ideals I aspire to, and ask them for guidance for everything from managing my home, creating meaningful traditions, decorating, and even spiritual matters like speaking with wisdom, improving my prayer life, and finding the right types of friends.

It’s a gift when someone agrees to walk beside and help you, but did it ever occur to you that you could find help for your spiritual walk by learning from the Psalmist David’s own devotional life?

David, we’re told, was a man after God’s own heart. This means he loved what God loved, hated what God hated, and was deeply sensitive to the will of God. Yes, we all know that David had huge failings. (Remember the whole Bathsheba debacle?)  But we also know that when he was confronted with his sin, he accepted the rebuke, thoroughly repented of his monumental failure, and accepted his punishment, agreeing with God that his punishment was justified.

And after a devastating downfall, he was God-focused in his grief. Instead of wallowing in despair or hiding his sin, he invited God to search him to expose any remaining filth that lurked in the corners of his heart that would hinder his relationship with God. An energetic pursuit of revival is one of the marks of a healthy spiritual life.

So I’d say that David can teach us quite a bit about having a vibrant relationship with God. Let’s look at a few verses from the Psalms that give us a peek into David’s devotional life and daily habits so we can learn from him to be women after God’s own heart. 

David’s worship was evident because he…

  • prayed in the morning and shared his burdens with God. Ps. 5:3
  • asked for God’s guidance and teaching, and hoped in God all day long. Ps. 25:5
  • acknowledged and confessed his sin to God. Ps. 32:5
  • sought the Lord when he was fearful. Ps. 34:4
  • asked God to purify his heart and give him spiritual stability. Ps 51:10
  • turned to God in his distress. Ps. 55:17
  • waited for God’s leading. Ps 62:1
  • sought and desired a personal relationship with God. Ps. 63:1
  • blessed God with everything he had in him and remembered all His benefits. Ps. 103:1,2
  • magnified and elevated the name of God. Ps. 145:1

Those are some pretty practical and concrete steps that we can implement in our lives as well to worship God.

In His Word

Proverbs 9:9 says, “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.” A wise woman, we are reminded in Scripture, is someone who hears God’s Word and does what it says (Matt 7:24, James 1:25). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to commit to learning one little thing about the Lord in scripture today, and then apply it? Imagine how these little changes would change us over time! 

In Your Life

Sometimes failing to plan is part of the problem, isn’t it? We need to make some concrete plans! This week, commit to setting aside a place and time to pray and read your Bible. Make it a non-negotiable appointment with God. Give God your worship.

We Recommend

The God Who Satisfies by Chris Anderson: How Jesus Seeks, Saves, and Satisfies Samaritan Women—Like Us. If you are struggling with discontentment, or your relationship with God is dull, this book evaluates and exposes the wells we commonly drink from for refreshment and life and ultimately points us again to Christ, the only One who will ever fully satisfy. 

The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer: If you are thirsty for an authentic relationship with God, this classic will lead you through Scripture to the end of God alone as the satisfier of our soul.

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Sarah Beals is a wife, mother of six, and grandmother of 4. She lives in beautiful New England and writes about Christian living, home education, hospitality, and creative pursuits at and on Instagram.