Those 7 Things I Do Each Morning That Make My Day Go A Whole Lot Better {Real Life with Lisa}

Mornings can have a significant impact on our entire day. Being intentional makes a big difference! Here are 7 basic things I try to do every morning.


Funny, how such small things can have an impact on your entire day.

I wouldn’t have thought that such little steps would make as big of a difference as they do.

But after years of trying…and failing…and trying again, I realized that it really did matter. That my morning routine had a significant impact – not only on my day, but on my entire family. It was then that I determined to be more purposeful on how I began each day….

So today I’m answering these questions about my morning start from a Club31Women reader: 

I know in a recent blog post you shared about scheduling, and especially what that looked like when your kids were smaller. If I remember correctly you had mentioned a 7am wake time. I’m only assuming this was referring to the kiddos.

What time do you rise in the mornings?  I only have 2 children, but if I don’t rise before the chickens, there’s no way I can properly spend time with The Lord, catch up on emails/pay bills etc, and review our lesson plans (we home educate). Plus, I  am trying to get back into the swing of an early morning workout . ~ Allison

So What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like and What Does It Include? 

Alright, there it is! These are the 7 basic things I try to do every morning. I hope that helps and encourages as you get a good start to your morning too!


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