How to Change the Laundry into the Chore You Love

How to Change Laundry Into the Chore You LoveShe’s not really going to write an entire post on laundry, is she?

It’s alright. I know what you’re thinking and I can hardly blame you.

But, yes, I am.

Slightly disturbing, isn’t it?

But I’ll tell you why.

Laundry is a big part of my life. I mean, if I could figure out a way to include it on my resume? It would be truly impressive.

Something like this:

Laundress Extraordinaire:  Lisa is known to average 25 loads of laundry every week and earned her Stain Master degree in only a few short years.

Wow. I know.

Okay, but seriously, with 8 children – including 3 little boys and a special-needs girl – my washing machine is hardly ever lonely or bored. It chugs away both day and (often) night.

In the beginning, I fought this job. I hated chores that were never complete. Never knowing the satisfaction of “finished” because it seemed there was always another load waiting to be washed. But over the years – believe it or not! – this one has become one of my favorites. The chore I love most.

And I’m hoping that you’ll come to love it too. Or, at the very least, like it more.

Here are some ways that can help change laundry into the chore you love:

Change your mindset.

Like our daughter once announced to us, “I used to have a bad attitude, but then I changed it.” She made it sound so simple. But there really is some simplicity to it. I had to decide that if laundry was going to be a part of our “family”, then I might as well embrace it. And get good at it.

Set up an effective system.

And it has to be a system that works for you. For instance, I’m the one who washes all our clothes – mostly because I’m so persnickety about our clothes. Unusually so. I practically faint when someone throws a color in with my whites. Freaks me out. So I assign the folding and putting away to our children, while I wash away.

I have other friends who assign each child a “day” for when they have access to the washing machine and he/she washes all his/her own clothes. She reserves the week-ends for her and her husband’s laundry, along with other household loads. Good idea, huh?

Don’t hesitate to delegate.

Share the job with kids, or a husband if he’s game. When our children were little, my mother-in-law came over and helped with the folding. For a time, we had a sweet older woman from our church offer to help me out and I’ve never forgotten her ministry to me. I’ve even “hired” a mother’s helper to give a hand and it was a terrific arrangement!

Invest in a cheerful environment.

This is critical. I mean it! Do all you can to turn your laundry area into a pleasant place. And this is spoken by a woman who has a fairly tiny laundry room for such a big family. Let’s put it this way: it just barely fits two adults sneaking chocolate  ice-cream bars together. (Don’t ask how I know this. I just do.)

Yet I managed to turn my little space into a mini-Paris with a bit of inexpensive decor and fun touches. I get some strange delight in announcing, I’m off to Paris! each time I go in to start another load of laundry. And voila! it makes me smile . . . and my kids roll their eyes.

Laundry Room in Paris

Why not create a space that is inviting and lovely to be around?

Consider it a spiritual opportunity.

And, no, I’m not merely trying to tack on a spiritual message to an everyday chore. I’m perfectly serious. I really do try to remember to be thankful that I have a family to wash for and that we have clothes to wear.

A friend of mine once shared that she prays for each person as she folded their article of clothing. I sure liked that idea and try to remember to do that too.

So there you go – an entire blog post about laundry!

I hope you’re lovin’ it! 😉

*If you have any extra tips for getting laundry done 0r making it more enjoyable,  please share!

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

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