8 Must-Reads for Inspiring Home Decorating and Warm Welcomes

How can you make your home a place of hospitality for those living in it and those who come through it? We got ya covered!

Decorating your home and keeping it clutter-free and ready for guests is a challenge for anyone, but especially moms with large families, moms with young children, and grandparents who often have their families over (though, honestly, a clean house is just a challenge by itself!).

We’ve collected 8 books below that we love about the home and offering hospitality to others—from decorating to welcoming, cleaning and decluttering, and serving up tasty meals and treats! Read on to find the home and hospitality solutions that will work for you and your family!

Books for Decorating Your House:

The books below tackle all the ins and outs of decorating. There are family-friendly decorating tips, some cozy home inspiration photos, practical home décor you can make or affordably buy, and other ideas for home decorating for your unique family and house.

The Story of Your Home by Courtney Warren

The Story of Your Home

Home Made Lovely by Shannon Acheson

Home Made Lovely

Books on Hospitality:

The books below dive into faithful hospitality and how to bring together your family, neighbors, community, and more. The sacredness of home is emphasized when we open our doors up to others, to connection, and to relationships. We all want to have a hospitable home, and these books will give you practical tips on how to get there.

A Life That Says Welcome by Karen Ehman

A Life That Says Welcome

Reach Out, Gather In by Karen Ehman

Reach Out, Gather In

Books on Keeping a Clean Home:

Is the biggest thing holding you back from hosting guests for dinners, parties, and gatherings the mess? Every home can get cluttered, disorganized, and downright messy. These books help you make a plan to tackle the clutter and provide clean and organized living tips to give you back the space you need so you can start creating cherished memories in your home.

The Clutter Fix by Shannon Acheson

The Clutter Fix

Make Room by Jennifer Ford Berry

Make Room

Books on Cooking and Recipes to Bring Your Family Together at Home:

Bring your family together by preparing and cooking a meal together. You can also invite others to join you to help you cook the meal. There are so many opportunities for making family memories with food! These books provide the tools, tips, tricks, recipes, and inspiration for you to start cooking together more often. 

Everyday Snack Tray by Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN

Everyday Snack Tray

The Gathering Table by the Gingham Apron (Annie Boyd, Denise Herrick, Jenny Herrick, Molly Herrick, and Shelby Herrick)

That Gathering Table

We hope you enjoy these books and find some time to start up a decorating project, spend time with family, or invite someone new to your home. Let us know on Facebook which of these books looks most interesting to you and what you find holds you back from faithful hospitality the most.

Happy reading,

Team Club31Women

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