Raising Our Sons to Seek After God

How can a mom encourage her sons to seek after God? There are a few important and practical things a parent can do to help lead your sons to seek God.

I couldn’t stand it a minute longer.

I just had to check on him. Make sure he was okay after receiving such a blow. Such a devastating blow for a young man. How would he recover? I was aching to know.

But our son had closed himself off in his room to work it through. Alone. And there was nothing I could do for him. Nothing for this mama to do but wait outside the door and pray.

It seemed so quiet in there—awfully quiet.

And then I heard him.

I could hear his voice. He was singing his heart out to the Lord. Calling on His Name. Pouring out his pain before Him.

Our son was seeking after God.

So when did that happen? When did that subtle change from boyhood to manhood begin? And when did he start looking less to us and more to Christ?

These are the questions that have been much on my mind lately. Not only as I watch this same son continue to draw near to God, but as I consider his three younger brothers. What about those boys? Will they grow up to follow Him?

How can a mother encourage her sons to seek after God?

Don’t make mama the answer.

When our sons are little, it’s only natural for mom to be their source of wisdom and comfort. But as they get older, we need to encourage them to increasingly go to Christ with their questions and problems. When he’s facing an issue – rather than handing out the answer – challenge him to pray about it and search the Word for himself.

Model what you want for your sons.

Quietly. Be a godly example to him and then invite him to follow.

For instance, when our oldest son was about 12 he was invited by his dad to join him for his morning devotions before everyone else got up. It wasn’t something they did together, but they sat side-by-side. Somehow this felt more like a privilege than a burden to our growing man. Not a have-to, but a get-to occasion. Two men coming together before The Lord in the early hours.

Don’t blink when he stumbles.

My inclination is to panic when our son struggles, or even when he falls. But he needs to see that I’ve not lost my confidence in him or the God who holds him. If your son makes a mistake? Don’t condemn and don’t give up. Give him the chance to make it right. Give him the chance to grow.

Talk less and listen more.

I think one of my biggest challenges as his mom is to bite my tongue and simply listen. To hold back my fountain of wisdom and hear him out instead. Our oldest son has told me straight out that my quiet listening spoke louder to him than just about anything else I said or did. (You can read more here: By Listening)

Fight for your sons through prayer.

I don’t think I really understood “wrestling prayer” until I had a teenaged son. Not that he was so much trouble, but that he faced such intense disappointment, challenges, and temptation. The Enemy seems rather determined to take these young men out – before they ever have a chance to grow strong.

So his dad and I have often laid awake at night, agonizing in prayer for him.  We prayed for protection, strength, and courage for him. Still do.

I’m grateful that these sons are in God’s loving hands. I pray that they come to know Him, walk with Him, and seek Him with all their hearts. And I pray the same for yours.

Because The Lord has good things in store for our young men.

The young lions suffer want and hunger;

but those who seek The Lord lack no good thing.

~ Psalm 34:10 ~

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

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