4 Creative Ways a Busy Mom Can Find Time to be in the Word

4 Creative Ways a Busy Mom Can Find Time to be in the Word

So I had this brilliant idea.

I was so desperate to spend some alone time with God that I actually set my alarm for o-dark-thirty (I told you I was desperate).

Even though I’m not particularly known for being a “morning person”, I was willing to go to any lengths to have a few special minutes.


With God.

So I tiptoed over to the couch and picked up my Bible and turned on one little light (only a tiny one, mind you!).

Can you tell me just how it is that a child can hear the “click” of a light switch?

Because I wasn’t alone any longer.

We were snuggling and it was sweet.

But I didn’t necessarily set my alarm for the early morning hours so that I could get some extra snuggling in, if you know what I mean?

Rats! Foiled again.

You see, my challenge is that I happen to be a very busy lady. I’ve got tons of stuff going on and people – especially my young people – seem to keep demanding my attention. Taking up my time. Filling up my day.

Really, you too?

Well, since it seems I’m not the only one, I’ve compiled 4 creative ways that busy moms – people like you and me – can do to help us spend that much-needed, wonderful, renewing time in the Word of God.

4 Creative Ways for a Busy Mom to Find Time to be in The Word

4 Creative Ways for Busy Moms to Get Into The Word

1)  Kitchen Sink Study: If you find yourself spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen? You can tack up Bible verses on the window sill, or at a similar convenient location. Meditate on them. Memorize them. Drink it in. Ask God to speak to you while you’re prepping, cooking, or cleaning.

2)  Blanket Bible Study: When my children were younger, after lunchtime I lay out a blanket for each and had them play quietly while I read to myself from a nearby chair. The “older” ones (ages 6 and 8) got to have children’s Bibles of their own, while the younger ones (ages 3 and 5) had small toys to play with. The baby napped (hopefully!). It took a little training, but this became a truly delightful time for us all.

3)  Rise-N-Shine Study: This is probably my most painful one. Since I’m really NOT a morning person, it requires a huge amount of effort for me to get up while it’s still dark outside. But what a great way to start the day – even if I do find myself with unexpected “company” sometimes.  Precious Words read in those early morning hours.

4)  After-Lights-Out Study: This one is for the opposite end of the day. Once I got my nursing infant down for the evening, I tucked myself in with my Bible. Either my husband took the other children, or we put them down at a fairly decent hour. Even though I was tired, that time in the Word often gave me a “second wind” and a renewed perspective.

Over the years, I’ve tried one or more of these and I’ve always been so very glad that I made the effort. 

The busier I am? The more stressed I am? The more tired I am? The more I need the Word of God to sustain me.

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Ps. 119:105)

So dear busy mom, if you’re struggling to find the time to read your Bible and to talk quietly with the Savior? Then I hope this encourages you.

While finding this “kind of time” is one of our biggest challenges, it’s more than worth the effort – don’t you think? 

Do you have any other “creative ways” to suggest? I hope you’ll share them with us!

In His grace,
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