The Gift of a Dad Who Cares for His Daughter’s Heart

There are a million ways a dad can care for his daughter’s heart. All he needs to do is take the time and effort.

Our youngest daughter cannot walk or run.

She’s been sitting in a wheelchair for as long as we can remember.

She’s eighteen years old now but rather childlike in most ways.

A girl’s heart in a woman’s body.

Avonlea does a pretty good job of cheering for other people her age who can do things she cannot—such as run or play games or sports.

Or dance.

Can I have this dance?

Our family enjoys the occasional old-fashioned swing dance, where we all take turns getting out on the dance floor.

But on one particular evening, no one seemed to notice one young girl — our sweet girl — watching everyone out there dancing with a deep longing in her eyes.

But my husband didn’t miss it.

He could see how her heart ached to dance like the rest of the young people.

He came over, swooped her up out of her wheelchair, carried her over to the dance floor, and twirled her around in his arms.

She giggled with joy while they danced together.

And the rest of us wiped away the tears on our faces while we watched those two.

If you’re married to the kind of man who quietly looks after your children’s hearts?

Then thank him for this dearest gift to your family.

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