Life-giving Words to the Man Who Desperately Needs Them

Have you considered how you can speak life into your husband? Your life-giving words can bring him encouragement and build him up as a man and husband.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how valuable our life-giving words can be to our husband.

We should have been sleeping.

Both of us.

Utterly exhausted, we had fallen into bed some time ago. Too tired to say much more than a simple, “Goodnight” and “Love you, babe.”

But I could hear him breathing loudly in the night next to me. Not the sweet, drifting-off-to-sleep kind of breathing—but the labored, heavy-in-heart kind.

I lay there listening to his restless soul.

Then finally whispering, “Hey, what’s going on, hon? What are you thinking about?”

He paused for a moment and I kept still, waiting for what he might say.

Then he started in on The List—rattling off all the ways he didn’t measure up.

How he hadn’t been spending enough time with the kids.
We were overdue for a date night.
Our finances were too tight.
The dishwasher still hadn’t been fixed.
The car needed new brakes.
And so on.

He was laying in the dark rehearsing all his failures.

I thought my heart might break hearing the many voices that so clearly haunted him.

Then I snuggled deeper into his side and put my hand over his mouth. “Shhh . . . stop thinking such things. That’s not the whole story and you’re so much better than that. You, my Love, are a good man.”

And I started in on a list of my own.

How he’s never missed one of the boys’ basketball games.
And that we had gone for that long walk earlier in the week.
Also, we would trust God to provide for us, as He always has.
Besides, people all over the world get by without a dishwasher, and we were fortunate to even have a car.

You’re a good man, and I’m grateful for you. So go to sleep reflecting on those words  and rest well, my love.”

Rest well.

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The power of your voice

That night was definitely a revelation.

Who would’ve guessed that my husband would be vulnerable to the same kind of take-down messages that I wrestle with?

He always seemed so in charge and so certain.

So self-assured.

But now I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night, staring at the strong man finally asleep next to me, wondering how I could have missed it.

Up until then, I honestly thought self-doubt and discouragement were my own particular specialty.

I had no idea how desperate his thoughts ran when no one was watching.

And I never realized just how much he needs to hear my voice — a loving, loyal, encouraging voice — to drown out the defeating voices that swirled around in his head.

But it sure became apparent on that dark, sleepless night.

My husband needs to hear my words of encouragement.

Sometimes desperately so.

Words your husband needs to hear

Now maybe this will surprise you…or maybe deep down you already know.

But my husband is not the only one.

That man of yours needs to hear encouraging, affirming words from you every bit as much as mine did on that memorable night.

So don’t wait until it’s midnight. Stop right now, look your man in his eyes and tell him, “You’re a good man.”

Because those, my friend, are life-giving words to the man who needs to hear it.

*Taken from 100 Words of Affirmation Your Husband Needs to Hear by Lisa Jacobson

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