Planning a Spa Day for Your Soul

Planning a Spa Day For Your Soul

Have you felt this lately?

I feel like my days are filled with responding to kids, demands, obligations and I don’t have any creative space just for me.”

It is mid summer, and I imagine we’ve all felt like this at some point.

In fact, you may have wanted to run away for a day or be sent to “time out” for several hours!

It’s normal.

We too need space in our life without an agenda.

Time simply to dream, to be alone, and to listen to the Lord.

I often think of Jesus slipping away at dusk to spend a quiet overnight with the Lord. If He, the Son of God, needed some quite time how much more do you and I?

Time alone refreshes us and makes us better moms and wives.

We may have to be creative to get time alone so here’s a suggestion:

Plan a half-day away by yourself during the next few weeks or an overnight if you can swing it. Exchange days with another Mom, hire a babysitter, trade days off with your husband.

This is not a day to run errands or scratch things off your “list.”

Instead it is a spa day for your soul.

Go somewhere beautiful and simply be quiet.

Take something that is life-giving–your Bible, a journal, sketch pad, etc.

Eat delicious food.

Especially chocolate.

Put this day on your calendar now and make arrangements.

Simply knowing that you have this oasis of time scheduled for the second half of the summer will be an encouragement.

Planning for a Spa Day for Your Soul

Packing List for Your Soul Spa-Day

  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Sketch-book
  • Song book or hymnal
  • Devotional
  • Special snacks
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, tea, or favorite beverage
  • Sweet-smelling candle or fresh flowers
  • Comfy pillow and/or blanket

And, above all, bring your listening ears and open heart.

Your heavenly Father loves you and He desires time with you simply to love on you.

“Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10


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