6 Things Every Brother Needs to Hear from His Sister

What does a brother need to hear from his sister? Your daughter might not realize what a powerful voice she can have in her brother’s life.

What does my brother need to hear from me? As his sister?

That’s the question the young lady posed to me.

While I’ve been asked many things since I started this blog, this one was a first.

And it was a great question.

You see, we have four sons and four daughters. Four brothers and four sisters.

And we’ve seen the power that a sibling’s voice has in your life. We’ve watched it play out over the years – for building up, or for tearing down.

We also know adults who still struggle with the voices of their childhood and have been impressed with the staying power of a sibling’s influence.

In other words, a sibling’s voice is strong . Very strong.

When you and I were growing up? Families focused on simply trying to stay together. Not a lot of thought was put into sibling relationships and how they would affect the rest of our lives.

Sure, kids bicker and fight. Some get along and some don’t.

But what a brother needs from his sister? What a sister needs from her brother? Probably not much purposeful guidance there.

So let’s do it differently. Let’s teach our daughters what their brothers need to hear from them.

Let’s help them understand the powerful role they have in their brothers’ lives and how much they can build up and influence them to be their best.


6 Things Every Brother Needs to Hear from His Sister

I respect you. Every young man – no matter how young – needs to feel respect from the women in his life. I can’t even explain why this is so very powerful, but I can testify that it’s a strong need in every guy’s life.

I appreciate you. Your brother wants to know he is valued for the contribution he makes to the family – and more specifically to your life. Don’t neglect to express your thankfulness for who he is and all that he adds to your lives.

I depend on you. Even our very youngest guy like to feel he is somehow indispensable. He needs to know we count on him and that he plays an important role in our family.

I like you. Just the way you are. I enjoy your unique qualities and, yes, even your very own personality quirks. Basically, I think you’re a neat person.

I am loyal to you. You’ll never need to worry about what I’ll say to others about you. You can be assured that I will always have your back. I’ll keep our disagreements between ourselves and not put you down in front of others.

I am there for you. You can count on me, if you need something or just someone to listen to you. I’m not going anywhere and plan on being your sister for a very long time. My hope is that we’ll always be close, wherever God takes us down the road.

Sisters, you might not fully realize what a difference you can make in a young man’s life, but you have the chance to be the voice in your brother’s life that he will carry with him for many years to come.

Use your voice well. Say it with words and say it with actions.

Let him know that you love him and you want to be the sister he needs.

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

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