3 Things Your Child Needs From You During A Difficult Season

3 Things Your Child Needs from You During A Difficult Season

I had left my Bible and journal on the table that morning.

I woke up a little late, and I didn’t have time to clean up before I needed to get breakfast ready for the boys.

One of my boys noticed my things on the table and started asking me questions. He asked me what I had been doing, what I had been studying, and what did I need that journal for.

That’s when it dawned on me that even though I was working on being disciplined with my morning devotion time, my children had a rarely seen me studying my Bible.

In that moment, as I explained to my son why I used a pen and paper as I studied the Scriptures, I decided that I needed to be more transparent and authentic with my faith walk in front of my children.

Over the years, my boys and I have been through many hard times and trials. I have learned they often look to me to take their cues on how they should handle what’s going on.

I have also learned the importance of drawing closer to Christ during hard times and I realized that if I wanted my boys to learn that same lesson that I needed to set the example.

3 Things Your Child Needs from You During A Difficult Season

3 Ways I’m Showing My Children How to Grow Closer to Christ During Difficult Times

I often tell my children, anytime they have a problem or question, they need to turn to the Word of God for answers.

Making Bible reading and study a priority is something that is very important. It’s a discipline that we all need to have. During trials, it’s important to turn to scripture for guidance, comfort, and encouragement. During these hard seasons, I often would share with my boys what I was studying in my Bible time. I would share verses that encourage me because I knew that they would also encourage my children.

Having a good prayer life is also important during hard times.

I often tell my boys they should always pray about everything and I have to set that example before making big choices and decisions during hard seasons of life. I make sure that I take the time to pray over them in front of my children. I also include my children in the prayers. There have been many times where we have prayed together for God to provide for us and He has always been faithful to answer.

Maintaining an attitude of praise and gratefulness is also important when you’re going through hard trials.

When life is hard sometimes worshipping is the last thing that we want to do, but that is the moment that we need to worship with all of our hearts. That’s how we find peace and joy and that’s how we are able to let God know that we fully trust in Him and His promises to us .

My children have watched me have a bad day or a bad week but they’ve also watched me in church on Sunday with my hands lifted up in surrender, singing praises to God. They’ve also seen me at home on a day when things are going bad playing praise and worship music.  Over the years my children have followed my example, I often hear them singing songs that they learned at church or at VBS during the day when they are having a hard time

Bible study, prayer, and worship are three things that will help you find joy in any circumstance  and they are also three important things that we should teach our children so that when they face a tough situation they are able to walk through it with joy and draw closer to God.



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