When God’s Girls Ask Questions

When God's Girls Ask Questions

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What does God want me to say when I pray?

Why can’t I do whatever I want?

Why won’t my friends do what I say?

I remember being 12 years old and asking myself these very questions.

Ok let me be honest, I can remember asking myself a version of these questions last week!

Please tell me I am not alone.

I have had the privilege of knowing about God my entire life. When I was one year old my mother and my grandmother dedicated their lives to Christ. As a result, I was guided towards the love of Christ for many years before I made my relationship personal.

I am grateful.

I have learned a lot about God but the more I get to know him, the more I am aware that I still know very little.

As a young girl I felt bad for asking and just did my best to get it right.

That was a mistake.

I wish I would have known that God not only has the answers but He understands the questions.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Psalm 34:8

It’s the questions about God that often set us on the path to relationship with God.

 God wanted people to look for him, and perhaps in searching all around for him, they would find him. But he is not far from any of us.

Acts 17:27

Regardless of your age, understanding what God wants from you, how he expects you to behave and what he wants you to do can be a little overwhelming and confusing!

Wynter Pitts and Family

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Wynter Pitts,
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