50 Fun Things For Kids to Do

It’s easy to allow our kids in front of the screen when they aren’t sure what else to do. Allow this list of fun activities to help!

Now it’s not that I’m a mean mommy.

Because I’m really not.

But I’ll tell you something: I’m not too crazy about seeing my kids’ sweet faces glued to a screen—–the computer, the television, the whatever. Especially when there’s fresh air outside and new adventures to be had.

So that’s why you’ll hear me announce: No electronics today.

None. Nada. Not happening.

Well, what are we supposed to do then? They’ll whine say.

So glad you asked . . . because here’s a nice long list of fantastic activities to choose from!

50 Fun Things For Kids To Do

  1. Catch bugs
  2. Play hopscotch
  3. Plan for a fun family night
  4. Start a game of hide-n-go-seek
  5. Ride bicycles
  6. Cook up something yummy
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  8. Make sparkly playdough  and then play with it
  9. Start a baseball game
    50 Fun Things for Kids
  10. Lay on your back in the grass (or even cement) and stare at the sky
  11. Help out around the house  (See this free summer responsibilities chart)
  12. Pack up and head to the pool
  13. Go on a Bible Verse scavenger hunt
  14. Read a good book
  15. Shoot some hoops
  16. Swing in the hammock
  17. Get out the jump-rope and see how much skipping you can do
  18. Plant a suprise garden
  19. Jump on the trampoline
  20. Play at the park
    50 Fun Things for Kids
  21. Visit a national park
  22. Run through the sprinklers
  23. Make and then play with puppets
  24. Take a long nature walk and see what you can discover
  25. Start a waterballoon fight
  26. Go fishing!
  27. Make a summer reading chart
  28. Go on a staycation
  29. Feed the baby animals50 Fun Things to Do for Kids
  30. Set up a lemonade stand
  31. Play outdoor lawn Twister
  32. Wash the car
  33. Chase lizards
  34. Go berry picking
  35. Plan a camping trip
  36. Play catch with the dog
  37. Climb a tree
  38. Make a kite and then go fly it!
  39. Start a water fight
  40. Go bird-watching and see if you can capture them on camera
    Fun Things for Kids to Do
  41. Host a backyard Bible club
  42. Dress up your dollies
  43. Collect and then paint rocks
  44. Play a game of horseshoe
  45. Make a Boredom Buster Jar
  46. Build a fort
  47. Play hide-n-go-seek
  48. Put together (or print off) a bucket list of summer fun (Like this one here!)
  49. Splash down by the river
  50. Hide in the garden and sneak some fresh tomatoes (Wait! What…??)
50 Fun Things 1

So how’s that for a start! That should keep them busy for  awhile, don’t ya think? 😉

You can also download a FREE  printable  of this list.  Then all we’ll have to do is point our kids to this list hanging on the wall or fridge. Nice-n-easy!

So if you’re looking for some suggestions on what your kids can do? Simply click the link below for your free printable:

50 Fun Things for Kids to Do Printable

Here’s to fresh air and new adventures and wonderful kids!

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

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