Risky Faith: Where to Turn When You’re Anxious or Discouraged

Risky FaithI was absolutely miserable.

Stuck in a middle seat on a packed international flight, I could barely move my arms or legs. The air was stifling. Next to me a man snored shamelessly, his mouth opening and shutting in concentrated rhythm. Like a yo-yo on a string, drool hanging from his chin.

I was dirty, smelly, and my back ached. My body felt like it was encased in a straight jacket.

And I still had hours and hours to go.

For several weeks, my husband John and I had been speaking in Africa. It had been a tremendous time, but now my body was shutting down.

I felt like my adrenaline was leaking from every pore.

I was exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As I sat in my tight bundle, I began to think about my children. I missed them and couldn’t wait to get my two feet on the same continent as theirs. All five were adults now, out of the nest and making their ways through college and jobs.

Turning my thoughts to them, I focused on one in particular. I had a sense of uneasiness about this specific child. How was this child really doing? Was there a problem that needed attention? What if there were? Suppose this child was in real trouble? What if things were worse than I thought?

As I continued to think and worry about the child, the possible problem began to grow in my imagination.

The more I considered my child, the more anxious I became. Soon my stomach was in knots. I felt claustrophobic.

“This is ridiculous,” I said to myself. “I’ll get out my Bible and read. Surely that will help.”

It did not help.

Okay, I need to pray so that’s what I’ll do.

That did not help either.

More anxious and discouraged than before, I sat in a fearful paralysis. Finally, I uttered a prayer of just three words, a prayer that was to change everything.

“Help me, Lord.”

The answer that came was not audible, but it was abundantly clear and unmistakably from Him.

Two simple words: “Remember Me.” So simple, so profound, and exactly what I needed at that moment.

With the stress of this smothering flight, I had let my concern for this child grow and grow. It had become so big in my head that the problem itself became my focus.

Perspective was lost.

Instead, I was overwhelmed by this current issue.

I finally realized I had forgotten who God was.

I had forgotten how very much He loved my child and me.

I had forgotten He knew my child much better than I did.

I had forgotten He was working in ways I could not see.

He was in this issue, totally involved, and His love was perfect. He was so much bigger than I gave Him credit for.

It wasn’t that these concepts were new to me. It was more that I wasn’t living day in and day out in the assurance and knowledge of how BIG He is.

I was missing out, and the result was anxiety, loss of perspective, and an anemic understanding of God’s personal love.

So why this book?

I need it. I really need it.

Perhaps you do too.

Susan Yates

Risky Faith - Available now

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Risky Faith: Now available

Risky Faith by Susan YatesWe’re so excited to announce the release of Susan Yate’s new book, Risky Faith!

★★★★★ “A Life-Changing Message” By Lisa Jacobson  (Club31Women)  So many of us walk around weighed down by a strong sense of heaviness. We can feel overwhelmed by the challenging situations and difficult relationships that we find ourselves in. We’re left wondering where to turn and how we can live richer and fuller lives.

It’s this very thing that I love about Risky Faith—Susan Yates has an unusual ability to take deep truths from the Word of God and apply them to our real life problems. Her book isn’t merely “fascinating” or “thought-provoking” – although it is both of these – its message has the power to be life-changing.

Risky Faith is now available in both print and digital form (click links below):

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What others are saying about Risky Faith:

Our friend Susan has walked with God for decades, which gives her the kind of seasoned real-world experience so many long for today but don’t know how to find. Her encouragement is intensely practical. Her life stories give hope to anyone of any age who desires to know God more deeply. This book will help you know the God who makes all the difference in who you are, who you will become, and what your purpose in life can be.

Her life stories give hope to anyone of any age who desires to know God more deeply. This book will help you know the God who makes all the difference in who you are, who you will become, and what your purpose in life can be.

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Co-Founders of Family Life

Susan Yates mentored me through the pages of this book. Reading Risky Faith was like drinking a cup of tea with a wise friend; a sage, and from which I walked away changed by the picture she offered me of God. He was near as I read.
Sara Hagerty,
Author, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

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