Delivering Words of Truth to Our Daughters

Teaching our daughters the Truth and grace of God’s word will help them filter out what is good and what is bad.

My 13-year-old sings all of the time. Literally as I am typing these words she is bellowing out the lyrics to a song that she’s had on repeat for over a week.

Thankfully she has a beautiful voice.

However, I wouldn’t mind if she changed up the song every few days. Hearing the same 12 words or so over and over and over again can be well…annoying! When I ask her to stop singing, with good intentions she obeys, but only for a few minutes before the words seems to began their escape once again.

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The Power of Repetition

I can’t fault her. If you have ever had a song stuck in your head then you know exactly what I mean. The words just won’t go away. You don’t mean to have them become a part of life, but somehow they work their way into your daily routine and forcefully occupy a small part of your brain that feels impossible to turn off.

Funny how words work that way. And whether or not they are attached to a good beat doesn’t always matter. When I listen to my daughter repeat something she’s heard over and over again, I realize what she hears can quickly become mora than just background noise. Words take up space in her world and I’m sure in her heart.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no longer referring to the songs she listens to but rather the words she hears—from me, from a teacher, from a youth director, from her Creator—she learns them and begins to own to them.

We Cannot Control It All

As I journey along this road of parenting, I am fully aware that I cannot control every message my girls hear and I realize that is not my sole responsibility. Instead my focus is on filling their worlds with Words of Truth and messages of His grace, goodness and love. I pray fervently that God’s words are the loudest and that they play on repeat not only in their minds and but fill up space in their hearts.

Here are a few words to share and pray with the listening hearts in your home.

Dear God, I am Yours.

I depend on You, and I need You.

Teach me how to follow You.

Show me Your plans.

Fill my heart with Your love and help me to show that love to everyone around me.

Give me confidence to walk boldly in who You have created me to be.

I am Yours.

I pray that You will keep me safe, keep me close, and lead me.

Protect my eyes, my ears, and my heart.

Bless me so that I can bless others.

Give me the patience I need as You grow me up in Your kingdom. May my life be a light to my friends and my family, and may I shine brightly to the world around me.

Bring others to You through me.

I am excited for my future and live in expectation of Your goodness!

I am Yours, and I trust You forever.


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