Are You Living Out a Distracted Faith?

club31women_Are You Living Out a Distracted Faith?

Living out a distracted faith will leave us spiritually weak and confused. Our hearts will struggle to commit and to grow when we are constantly diverted.

We live in an age where we have an overload in everything. We live in a land of abundance, which is a wonderful blessing; but it can also become an obstacle. Additionally, we live in a technologically advanced age where most of us are toting around a smartphone–the ultimate distraction.

Even as I’m sitting here typing this out, I pause and check my phone. No real reason. It’s just become a habit to allow myself to be distracted by it.

The Problem With Too Much Variety

Having too much variety makes us indecisive. There is more information, knowledge, and stuff out there then we could ever hope to access. As a result, we rush through the things we do come across so we can quickly get to the next thing. Rather than drinking in teachings fully and completely, we merely want to sample and move on.

But sampling doesn’t help to get into the depths of heart change. Sampling merely scratches the surface and offers information, but it doesn’t have time to take root and cause transformation. And transformation is really what our goal should be.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be commitment handicapped. There is so much out there I feel like I need to know that I want to just get through this book so I can get to that book, and it often results in piles and piles of unfinished books and no transformation.

Are We Committed to Consumption or Conversion?

The same is true for Bible reading. We begin a study, but we don’t commit to sticking with it because something more “appealing” comes along. So, we abandon what has become “boring” to us and move on to something new. The problem is, we don’t finish that study either and it becomes a cycle. And again, no transformation is able to take root.

This is when a reevaluation of motives really comes into play. Are we committed to consumption or conversion?

We are living a life of distracted faith. It’s difficult to stay focused on one thing because hundreds of things scream at us. Pressing into God is difficult because the voices of everything else are too loud. We grow impatient when we don’t get immediate answers, so we move on to the next potential solution.

We lack true devotion because we lack commitment.

Have you ever signed up for a book club and dropped out after the first week or two?  I admit right along with you that I’ve lacked commitment in these areas.

Participating in or leading a Bible study should not be reduced to merely a fad.

A Challenge

I want to challenge you to set aside the rush for consumption and instead wait for conversion. Wait on God for that heart of change that will lead to a life of change. Waiting is such a tremendous part of what it means to walk by faith. It’s part discipline part trust.

I also challenge you to set your phone aside when you meet with God in your secret place. Don’t allow it to rob you of your precious time with the Lord or what He is trying to speak to you.

Pick up the Bible and drink it in deep. Let His words and wisdom really settle in so God can work through it. We need to allow enough time for the teachings to take root and really change us.

I do believe that God can speak through other people, and He does. If you are reading the wise words of others through books and studies, are you taking the time to listen to what they have for you? Or are you wrapped up in consumption; in how much you can get through in the least amount of time possible?

For His Glory,

Christin Slade,


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