Free Printable: 17 Wonderful Ways A Woman Can Find Rest & Refreshment

17 Wonderful Ways A Woman Can Find Rest & Refreshement  - Printable

Sometimes my husband comes in and says to me, Will you just sit down?

Stop what you’re doing and rest a while.

And I start to protest. Explain to him all that I have to do and take care of and finish up and . . . .

And I forget that one of the things I need to do? The thing that you need to do too?

Is rest.


Maybe you’re too tired, too busy to even remember what it means to renew your body and soul.

So here’s a new “To Do” list for you.

Yesterday I wrote down all these creative ways to rest. For you and for me. Bunches of different ways we can find a little quiet and renewal.

You can post it on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror – anywhere that you can see it and be reminded that God designed for you to rest too.

Rest, my friend, and be refreshed.

(Click the link below to download as a free printable)

17 Wonderful Ways to Find Rest & Refreshment – Printable


17 Ways to Find Rest and Refreshment - Lisa by the River

Resting in Him,

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