17 Wonderful Ways A Woman Can Find Rest & Refreshment

club31women_17 Wonderful Ways A Woman Can Find Rest & Refreshment

Poured out.

That’s how I’d describe it.

Not simply tired or busy, but completely poured out.

It wasn’t a complaint or even a whine. Just a stated fact.

I was run-down.

Now please understand, I LOVE what I do. I love being a wife and I’m happy being a mom. I enjoy running our home and I’m grateful for church and ministry.

But sometimes . . . sometimes, I get worn out. Plain and simple. With nothing left to give.

And that’s not a good place for a woman to find herself in, is it?

Done in and wiped out.

So I’ve learned that if I’m going to do this thing—this wifely-motherly-homemakey-workey-ministry thing—for the long-term? Then I needed to figure out how to find rest and refreshment so I can have what it takes to pour out to others.

A lot like you.

I need to stop. Rest. Restore. Refresh.

Now I can almost hear you protesting from here . You’ve got young children. You work two jobs. You’re taking care of your parents, or maybe his. You’ve been ill, or someone in your family has been sick. Possibly for a long time. You’re homeschooling, or carpooling, or running a ministry.

You can’t stop . . . and yet you’re poured out.

So today I’m going to share – not just one way, but 17 wonderful ways you can find rest and refreshment. And maybe you can’t do all of them, but I’m certain you can pull off at least one of them. Probably more, if you set your mind to it.

So pause a moment, won’t you? And rest along the way. 

Rest and Refreshment - Walk in the Fall

17 Wonderful Ways a Woman Can Find Rest & Refreshment

  1. Go for a walk.  Not only does a walk refresh your heart and mind, but it can also refresh your body. If I can’t get my walk in earlier in the day, I’ll pop something in the oven and when my husband gets home I’ll give him that look – the one that says I think I just might go insane if I don’t get out for some fresh air.
  2. Run a hot bath. Soaking in a warm tub, with a drop or two of essential oils, eases my stress and tired body. Makes you sleep better that night too!
  3. Read a good book. I don’t even know if I can explain it, but when I got lost in a good book, it soothes my mind and renews my perspective. (Here’s a great recommendation if you want one: Evidence Not Seen.)
  4. Change your attitude. It’s amazing how much more energy you have when you’re not fighting against what God has called you to do. So if you sense you have resistance?  Then repent, rejoice, and see how renewed you feel!
  5. Sing a song. We used to take our children on these long hikes and toward the end, when their little bodies were starting to droop, we’d sing a song the last way down the mountain. Well, it works for grown-ups too!
  6. Create a place of rest. See this swing on our front porch? This small spot of sunshine? This is one of my best places of rest. Slipping out there for a few moments does my weary spirit good (even if a small person sometimes finds me there – see #9).Swinging
  7. Pray quietly. When it’s crazy-busy and everyone is bustling about, maybe whining and crying (and that would include me too), I’ll slip back to my bedroom, kneel down, and say a small prayer. Asking God to give the strength and grace needed to carry out this day. *Highly recommended
  8. Give thanks. This one is closely related to #4 above. Rather than focus on the trials and the challenges, begin giving thanks – preferably aloud – for all the blessings that you enjoy. You just might have more than you remembered.
  9. Snuggle up. With someone you love. My personal favorite.  Taking a few minutes to cuddle with a little person . . . or maybe that Man of Yours, if he’s around. Or sometimes I just give hugs all around – from the youngest to our teens!
  10. Cancel an activity. Ha! You didn’t even know you could do this, did you! Well, you can. The world will still keep going ’round, even if you do cancel a class, a meeting, or event (I know, because I’ve tried it).
  11. Take a power nap. This is one of my secret weapons: the 20-minute power nap. Fan, ear plugs, covers over my head . . . and recharge! Try it, you’ll find it works wonders.
  12. Do something you love. Maybe this seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes doing something is even more refreshing than doing nothing. For me, that might mean baking homemade bread, but for you, it might mean painting, scrapbooking, writing, or building. Take an hour and just do it! You’ll feel better when you do. Rest and Refreshment - Making Bread
  13. Call a friend. Talk on the phone or see if she can meet you for coffee. Being able to laugh, cry, or share my struggles with a friend can be very healing.
  14. Turn in early. Another ha! Go to bed at an insanely early hour. Don’t watch TV, close your computer (well, after you’ve read this post, of course), forget the nagging piles, and just. Go. To. Sleep. I’m telling ya, 8 hours of sleep can make you into a new woman!
  15. Slip away for a short break. Schedule a break, dear lady. No one (no one!) was made to keep going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–and that even includes you. Get creative if you have to, but make it happen.
  16. Soak in the truth of Scripture. Place Bible verses strategically around your house or work area that remind you of Who you can rest in. (You can get free printable Scripture cards right here.)
  17. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Just stepping outside and enjoying what the Creator has designed can reach your soul and renew your spirit. Wherever you live, look up at the vast sky or find a small flower that fills you with joy and wonder.  (I love to share the beauties of the Pacific Northwest here.)

Rest and Refreshment - The Three Sisters Mountains

Don’t you feel better already? Knowing  you have all these wonderful options? I thought you might.

Pick one to try . . . and then another.  Maybe even one a day!

Rest, my friend, and be refreshed. 

For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish. ~ Jer. 31:25

*What are some of the ways you find rest and refreshment? I’d love to hear!

Resting in Him,

Signature small
P.S. Yes! Here’s a printable of these 17 Wonderful Ways. Something for you to hang up where you can see it when you’re too tired to think of ways to rest.


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