Get Organized 101: An Easy Solution to Start Right Now

Grab a seat to my free Masterclass to learn how you can take your home from Chaos to Order immediately.As we talked, she continued to tell me how much of her home needed to be organized. She shared that as she would start on a project, she’d move things around to work on one area, then get interrupted or tired, and within a few days it was all a mess again.

This happened over and over.

Even though she took several bags to donate last week, she couldn’t see that she’d made any progress. She always felt overwhelmed and buried by all the things she needed to do.

When I asked her how long she’s been struggling with this, she said, “Well…probably my whole life.”

What do you want?

I asked her, “If I could wave a magic wand, how would your home change?”

I could hear the relief in her voice. “Clutter-free. A home for everything. Everything put away. Counters clear. No piles of paper. Spare room ready for guests. Order. Peace.”

Ahhh…Imagine how good it would feel.

The freedom. The time you’d have to focus on family, your community, your dreams.

Want to get started?

STEP ONE: Decide.

Decide you’re going to get your home organized. Period.

Before you do anything else, you need to make a decision and commit to it.

“I will organize my kitchen (office, main level, basement) by December 31, 2019.”

Decide what you will do and include the date you’ll have it done by.

Give this decision to God and ask and trust that He can help you carry out this goal.

Don’t stop until you complete your goal.

STEP TWO: Take Action.

Once you’ve committed, ask yourself, “What is the next action I can take?”

An easy action, and my special invitation for you, is to grab your seat to my new {FREE} masterclass where you’ll learn the three pivotal secrets to take your home from chaos to order.

I’ll explain WHY you haven’t been able to and WHAT you can do immediately to change that.

Grab a seat to my free Masterclass to learn how you can take your home from Chaos to Order immediately.

Don’t focus on 20 things to do; just pick the next action you can take.

In the masterclass, I give you exactly what you can do first.

Which leads me to the next step…

STEP THREE: Get Uncomfortable.

Setting a date to complete something creates discomfort.

For me, I get scared I won’t be able to accomplish the goal I set. It’s easier not to set a date.

Accomplishing your goal will require focus and making decisions and learning and trying and failing and trying some more.

Your current patterns created the clutter. Patterns like…

  • Ignoring the clutter and feeling overwhelmed…instead of creating a plan.
  • Watching a show or scrolling on your phone…instead of organizing.
  • Thinking, “I’m tired. I deserve a break,” and siting down…instead of taking action even when you don’t feel like it.

These patterns have become comfortable so we keep doing them even though we have the discomfort of a disorganized home, overflowing laundry, or cluttered countertops.

We need to intentionally break the patterns and be uncomfortable. 

Grab a seat to my free Masterclass to learn how you can take your home from Chaos to Order immediately.

STEP FOUR: Look to Your Future.

We tend to look to our past for evidence to see if we can do something.

If we’ve failed in the past to organize our papers, then we use that evidence to believe it won’t work if we try again.

If we’ve failed to create a routine to keep up on laundry in the past, we use that as evidence that it won’t work this time either.

Instead, we need to look to our future.

Look to the woman who HAS completed this goal you’ve set. Look to the woman who made the decision, focused and worked hard, kept doing the next step, kept feeling uncomfortable, kept looking to her future. This is you in the future.

Draw your motivation from her, NOT from your past self.

How to Get Organized…Starting Today

What does God think about clutter?

God created the world in an orderly way. He set up detailed rules for the thousands of Israelites to live by. A Divine God created a universe with immense capacity that runs with detailed precision. If he created the material world with such precision, he also has order and precision in the spiritual world.

Because he knows the benefits of creating and managing in an orderly wayHe probably wants that for us.

He’s not grading our “clutter.” He’s not ranking organized people better than the disorganized.

Organization is a skill. Anyone can learn the skill through practice.

That’s what I do – teach people how to practice this skill.

I look at getting organized and running a home like pruning. God cuts off the dead parts of our life and so we should cut out the dead parts of our possessions (the things we no longer use or need) so we can bloom and grow and make room for what He has in our present and future.

What consumes your thoughts?

Are your thoughts consumed by the need to clean, declutter, organize, etc?

Are you filled with…

…heightened cortisol from the stress of your clutter?

…shame from the fact that you “can’t seem to get it together?”

…embarrassment that someone might stop by?

If so, I think God’s desire would be for you to add order…for YOUR sake.

Take action today.

Please join me for my FREE masterclass. It’s my special invitation to help you get started and get organized. Register here.

Think of the freedom you’ll have in your mind as you prune your excess and fully trust Him to provide everything you need…exactly when you need it.


Tracy Hoth, Simply Squared Away

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