How You Can Encourage Your Husband in Family Devotions

How to Encourage Your Husband in Family Devotions

So I’m not exactly a morning person.

But for some reason I ended up marrying this Morning Guy.

Of course, I had no idea what that would mean for our marriage. It seemed like a small enough detail at the time, but it became increasingly significant as the years went on.

I mean, what happens when a Take-It-Slow, Sip-Some-More-Coffee Girl meets up with Get-Up-And-Get-Going Guy like him?

Yeah, you can probably picture it.

And you can also imagine what was going through my head when he told me he’d like to start having family devotions together . . . in the MORNING.

Yikes. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

On the one hand, I’d been hoping we’d do something like this for a long time. I’d been quietly praying and waiting and now here he was announcing a new plan for devotions together.

But my first response?

Oh, why does it have to be in the mooorrrning? (insert whiny-wife voice)

Then I saw his face fall. I could see he was feeling defeated before we ever even got started. And I was bugged at myself.

So I quickly stopped and asked if I could try again.

This time in my nice-wifey voice, “That’s terrific, Honey! Um…what time were you thinking?”

7 am.


And he grinned at me.

We hadn’t even started devotions and I was already learning something.

My husband needs me to get behind him on this deal.

He needs my encouragement.

How to Encourage Your Husband in Family Devotions

So how can a wife encourage her husband in family devotions?

1. Communicate support and enthusiasm.

Show him – with your words and your eyes – that you are in full support of what he’s doing here. Listen attentively when he’s teaching and be all there. Then express appreciation for his efforts in this – it will mean a lot to him.

2. Help the children to come with good attitudes.

This might take a little prep work on your part—like working on sitting still, listening, and making sure everyone is there on time. Remember your children will likely pick up on your cues whether this is something to enjoy, or simply endure. Set a joyful tone.

3. Look after the details that help make it a better experience.

For instance, I try to have the living room picked up, the Bibles conveniently stored in a nearby basket, and, in our case, with COFFEE available. 🙂 As far as possible, try to have the children fed, rested, and ready to go.

4. Recognize that devotions aren’t magical.

Your family doesn’t suddenly become “spiritual” because you’re now reading the Bible together. I wish it worked like that, but it doesn’t. So don’t depend on this time as the “cure” to sin and strife. It’s only one of the many options on growing together.

And if your husband doesn’t decide to lead in family devotions? That’s okay too. I know plenty of wonderful, godly families who have not done it this way.

Just love him, stand by him, and pass on a passion for the Word of God to your children.

This is what God wants from us most of all, don’t you think?

*If you have any questions, please ask. I’d love to answer what I can . . . AFTER I’ve had a cup of coffee. Or two.
In His grace,
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