A Surprisingly Simple Way to Bring Peace to Your Marriage


Sometimes those men do little things that drive us nuts, like hanging the towel up with the tag showing.

You know, important stuff on which the world turns.

I recently wrote about this topic, but one reader said maybe us girls do stuff that drive our guys insane as well.

And we thought we were so Mary Poppin-ish –practically perfect in every way.

Let’s say it out loud, though. Shall we?

We do have our own little habits or lack of habits that get under the skin of our husbands.

What if we were to stop that annoying habit or work to create a new habit, all for the sake of peace?

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” (Romans 12:18 ESV)

That begs the question –is it possible for you to stop annoying the daylights out of your man?

Here are some actions I’ve taken (or am in the process of taking), for the love of my blessed husband:

  • Close that bathroom door. How hard is it? he wonders. (Seems awfully time-consuming to me, but I’m working on it.)
  • Close the shed door.
  • Close the garage door. (Hmmm, a recurring theme.)
  • Stack the dishes. The gracious man doesn’t even care if I wash them, but could they at least not be spread out like playing cards on every inch of counter?
  • Don’t make him open his birthday presents in front of everyone at the party. He hates the attention focused on him. (So hard to understand. I love, love, love the attention. Look at me, everyone! Look at me!)
  • Say goodnight before I go to bed, even if we’ve had a tiff. He so hates it when I slink off pouty for the night.
  • Save the question until after the sports highlights. (What was I thinking?)
  • Put Miracle Whip on both pieces of bread.

Let me tell you a story of something that just happened at our house.

I happened to see my man gather up my nasty hair rodent from the shower drain before he stepped into the shower.

I said, Oh, sorry. Gross!

He said, It’s okay. I’ve been pulling your hair out of the drain every day for 22 years.

What? Eeeeeuuuuuw.

And he has never complained or said a word about it all these years.

But come on, that had to have made him crazy those first 10 or 17 years, eh? He could have made a legitimate complaint about it, but he peacefully just took care of the hair and kept his mouth shut.

What a humble kindness.

So I am returning the favor, and since the day I discovered the hair thing, I’ve been making sure to stop and clean that out before I leave the bathroom.

Small, thoughtful acts of service mean a lot when we stack them up high for each other day after day.

I bet anything you could list your habits that rub your man raw, like the feeling when you get hair in your shirt after a haircut. Couldn’t you pick one of those things habits and change it for good?

As I write this, I have just realized I left the shed door open…again. I’ll go take care of my thing if you’ll do something about yours.

Feel the peace, sister.

Christy Fitzwater

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