Surprisingly Romantic Gift Ideas for The Man You Love

Looking for a romantic gift for that special guy? Here are over a dozen wonderful gift ideas!

We are hopeless romantics. He and I. And I still enjoy finding that perfect romantic gift for him.

We still hold hands, kiss on the lips, and give little love-gifts and whisper words of kindness.

And while we recognize that this is only small stuff, we consider such things as a kind of glue that connects our two hearts.

So we keep it going. Even after all these years. Even though it goes against the flow of the world we live in.

It’s also why – after having eight children and over two decades of marriage – we still celebrate like a couple of young lovers. 

As far as I’m concerned, I think he has it somewhat easy. Chocolate. Flowers. Books. Jewelry. And that’s just off the top of my head!

But finding something “hopelessly romantic” for him? That’s another matter.

He used to tell me, “Oh, don’t bother. I don’t want anything anyway.” But that’s no fun! How can you “exchange” gifts if only one of you is giving? Exactly.

So over the years, I’ve found some neat gift ideas that he actually liked – far more than he probably thought he would. Things that he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself, but enjoyed all the same.

Surprisingly romantic gifts.

And I’m sharing with you some of those ideas today…

Romantic Gift Ideas

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1. BlissLights Sky Lite

Ready to sleep out under the stars…from your very own room? Here’s something (albeit a modern version) for your starry-eyed romance. Check out this beautiful star-maker—>HERE

2. Large Scratch Off World Map

Whether your husband has traveled – or could imagine where he’d like to travel someday – this map would be fun to have on his wall. Maybe even the two of you could dream together about the places you’ve been and the places you’d like to go. A very romantic gift! Available—>HERE.

3. 100 Ways to Love Your Wife  & 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

★★★★★A fantastic and practical read
This book was just great. It was a quick read but very practical. He gave you numerous examples of how to love your wife and examples of how not to. Some of the chapters were super short, but since each chapter was one of the ways to love your wife, it worked out. Great read! ~ Amazon review

We’ve heard so many enthusiastic “thank yous”  recently from guys who found this book very helpful in their desire for a better marriage. It is full of short, practical, and inspiring ways for a man to love his wife. Available—>HERE

And if you’re looking for “his and her” gifts, there’s the companion book for wives, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson (me!).

Or better yet, get both books together—a beautiful and lasting gift for him and for your entire marriage! These new gorgeous gift editions of 100 Ways to Love Your Husband/Wife are available–>HERE

4. Our First Kiss

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is an incredibly romantic gift. I don’t know about you, but we BOTH recall our first kiss like it was yesterday (and it’s been more than few years ago!). What a beautiful way to remember that special moment! Available–>HERE

More Romantic Gift Ideas

5. The Best for Men by Bend Soap Co.

The Best for Men Bundle includes the two bars of soap (Mt. Bachelor Pine and Eucalyptus Spearmint) that have been most popular amongst Bend Soap Co. male customers. They’ve added our Unscented Goat Milk Lotion and Unscented Lip Butter because even men need a little extra hydration! P.S. We’ve been using Bend Soap Co. products for years and LOVE them! Available–>HERE

6. Bound for Truth, Leather Bible Covers

I can hardly express the BEAUTY of these Bible covers! They’re made by Bound for Truth, a wonderful small family business, who create made to fit, leather covers. And, let me tell you, these works of art are made to last a lifetime!

 If you check them out, you’ll see that they offer a full variety of styles and sizes (for women as well as men if you want one for yourself too ahem!), digitally cut and measured for a perfect fit. They also offer personalization through embossing for names, initials, monograms, logos, verses and more.

Plus, Nate & Kelly have kindly offered a 15% discount for our Club31Women readers! *Just use the code LISA15 when you check out.   Available—>HERE

7. Luxury Shaving Gift Set

My husband has a beard and mustache, but if he didn’t? I’d definitely want to get this kit for him. This is a waaaayy more romantic gift idea than disposable razors (and cheaper to replace than expensive cartridges)! He might not get it for himself, but if you gave it to him….? It might be just the thing! Available here.

Matthew L Jacobson in Office

The Man I Love

8. Ultimate Beard Kit

As my own man has a beard and has for many years now, I’d be inclined to go this direction. The kit contains: Organic Beard Balm, Organic Beard Oil, Organic Beard Shampoo, Wood Beard Comb, and a Free Organic Body Soap. This has a certain cool factor, plus it smells sooo wonderful! Available here.

9. Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set

As one reviewer put it, “One of my favorite gifts from the Wife!” This Set includes 20 essential tools for grilling: Chef’s spatula, grill tongs, digital temperature fork, silicone basting brush, four pairs of corn holders, five skewers, cleaning brush with extra brush head are all contained in a durable aluminum carrying case – perfect for the on-the-go or at home. Available—>HERE

10.The Flirtation Experiment

Putting Magic, Mystery, and Spark Into Your Everyday Marriage


Are you ready to add extra spark and infuse joy into your marriage? Perfect for the wife who wants romance, passion, and the closeness that only comes from a deep heart connection but isn’t sure where to start, The Flirtation Experiment is a candid, real-life record of two Christian women from different seasons of life who discovered they could make a significant impact on their marriage relationships, one small flirtatious experiment at a time.  Available—>HERE 

Romantic Gift Ideas for Adventure

11. PremiumHandmade Leather Journal

I wondered if this journal might have lost favor in the age of digital technology, but when I asked a group of guys about it? They all gave this one a big thumbs-up! So apparently, this is a timeless gift that he’s not likely to purchase for himself but would be secretly thrilled to own one. Available–>HERE  

12. BBQ Branding Iron Set

This had so many 5-star reviews that I had to check it out for myself.  I quickly saw why everyone was raving over this one. Talk about the gift for the “guy who has everything”…this is a winner. How cool to be able to brand your own steaks!  Available—>HERE

13. Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

At first, I thought it was just my husband, but when I mentioned the idea to my friends? Many of them said their husbands would love this too. Kit includes everything you need for making seven lip-smacking gourmet bottles, and you can do it at home! I’m going to resist the obvious remarks about it being *hot*….although it’s very tempting! With over a thousand 5-star reviews. Wow. Available—>HERE. 

14. Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet

This wallet is slim, looks great, and super durable. It can hold up to everything thrown its way! Being dropped out of a car, opening bottles, dropped in the ocean, put through the washer and dryer, left outside in the rain… Everything.  As one person put it, “I’ve gifted this wallet (in different colors) to a few people and they say it’s one of the best and most used gifts they’ve ever received.” In other words, a terrific gift! Available—>HERE 

15. Wood & Stainless Steel  Chronograph Military Quartz Wristwatch

I’ll take the pearl necklace any day, but for him….? An expedition watch is more like it. And this one communicates “adventure” and “challenge” and “conquer” all in one and at a reasonable price. Available here. 

So there it is….15 surprisingly romantic gift ideas for the man you love.


Lisa Jacobson

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