9 Classy Reasons to Go For A Cheap Date

9 Classy Reasons to go on a Cheap Date
Now I don’t mean to make too big a deal out of this. 

But, yes, my husband did take me out for a hot date last week.

It went something like this. A Thursday night and nearly dinner time. And there I was dutifully scrubbing our sticky, kitchen floor when he walked into the house. That man of mine.

It was just like in the movies. . . .

Except that I was wearing grungy jeans, my hair piled up in a clip, with sweat dripping down my sides. And the pasta water was boiling over on the stovetop.

And the little boys were wildly chasing each other up and down the stairs.

Along with the muddy dog who happily joined in on the mayhem.

Oh, and the cat somehow got involved too.

And I haven’t even explained why the floor was sticky (but that’s another story).

Plus it was so terribly loud that – even if there had been swelling, romantic music to cue his entrance – I wouldn’t have heard it.

Besides that, I was too busy wrestling with my stupid old mop to notice that he’d actually walked through the door.

But that’s when it happened.

He took one look at that broken-down piece of junk and announced, “Hey, Babe, let’s go out on a Mop Date.”

Well, who could refuse an invitation like that? Not me.

I hollered back (above the din), “Give me two minutes!” and ran back to the bedroom to brush out my hair and apply some lipstick. Then turning down the stove,  I shouted out a few instruction to the kids and we were off to the Home Improvement store.

I felt like Cinderella – minus the ball gown.

Now how does this qualify as a hot date? Easy. We held hands all the way there and back. We stopped to kiss in the parking lot. And I got a new mop at the end of the evening.

All that fun for only $12.97. Wow.

Talk about a cheap date! My favorite. 

So here are 9 Classy Reasons Why I Love a Cheap Date:

1.    Cheap dates inspire creativity. Maybe it’s just me, but I like the challenge of coming up with something fun for only a few dollars.

2.    Cheap dates are flexible. No pressure of a dinner reservation or a tight timetable. We can even make it up as we go along!

3.    Cheap dates are convenient.  I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but it’s nice to enjoy something that doesn’t require a lot of trouble or effort from either of us.

4.    Cheap dates are fun.  Let’s face it – what could be more fun than kissing in the Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot?  Hard to beat, isn’t it! 😉

5.    Cheap dates are budget-friendly. Okay, that’s an obvious one. But honestly? When we’re watching our finances, it’s a relief to know we’re not breaking the bank but still having a great time.

6.    Cheap dates are simple. No fussy details or intricate planning required.

7.    Cheap dates are more frequent. Since they’re not expensive or complicated, we can go out more often!

8.    Cheap dates are low-stress. This is good for me, but it’s good for my husband too. We’re both better able to relax, talk more, and simply take it easy.

9.    Cheap dates are romantic.  Strolling through the park? Sneaking away to a local cafe? (A trip to the home improvement store?) Doesn’t get more romantic than that.

So yes, it’s true – I’m a cheap date. And I love it!

How about you? What’s your favorite “cheap date”? Tell us all about it (I’m always looking for new ideas)!

In His grace,
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