The Most Loving Thing A Mom Can Do

The Most Loving Thing A Mom Can Do

So I’m really into this Mom Thing.

Like, really.

You might say I’m downright crazy about our kids. All eight of them.

And they’ll happily confirm that fact: Mom’s a little nutsy when it comes to her kids.

I think about them. Pray for them. Make time for them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Love on them.

Yep. Definitely a bit nutsy.

Much like you with your kids.

In fact, I love my kids so much that I’m willing to sweep them aside.

When their dad walks through that door.

They all know the drill. When Daddy returns home, everyone moves over to clear a path for what’s about to take place. As there’s surely going to be some huggin’ and kissin’ going on, so it’s best to find something else to do if you don’t want to watch the inevitable.

Oooh! Dad’s here.

And there goes mama . . . .

Because even though I love our children – crazy about them, really – my husband is first in my heart.

It’s funny, but somehow our children don’t mind so much. They’re good with taking second place. They don’t feel rejected or denied (I actually think they kinda like it). Some giggle and others groan, yet overall they’re rather pleased with the way things are between him and me.

It means a lot to them when Dad and Mom love on each other. If they see us kiss, talk kindly, and laugh together? Then it’s as though we’re not only speaking love to each other, we’re speaking love to them too.

When Mama stops everything she’s doing to welcome Dad home? When she wraps her arms around his neck and smiles up at his face? When she makes caring for him her top priority? It’s showing our kids that there’s a lot of love in this home – love that can’t help but overflow down to the rest of them.
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The Most Loving Thing A Mom Can Do

When Dad and Mom Love Each Other it . . .

Provides a warm, caring atmosphere in the home. This sets the tone for the entire family. It lightens up everyone’s heart to see two people loving each other.

Gives the young ones a sense of peace. All is well with dad and mom, so all must be well with the world. They can be confident in our strong and committed relationship.

Encourages the older ones to look forward to marriage someday. Our example is an inspiration to them. And I’d much prefer they look to us, rather than Hollywood movies, for what marriage is really all about.

Turns our home into a lovely place to be. This means our children want to hang out there more, as well as their friends. There’s some magnetic quality about a loving relationship – it draws people together. Young people want to be around love wherever they can.

So you’re crazy about your kids? A little nutsy? Yeah, me too.

But no matter how caught up with your children you might be, don’t leave out being crazy-in-love with their daddy too.

Because loving him is one of the most loving things a mom can do.

In His grace,
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