Why We Need to Pray Without Ceasing

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Pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17) has been a verse that has come to life to me over the last couple of weeks. Moving will do that to you.

Lately, my days has been filled with packing, cleaning, unpacking, too much fast food, unexpected visits from electricians, plumbers, and tree removal guys.

We have children who are too excited to sleep, a child who misses her old home, in-laws who need help packing and unpacking (because they live with us), a great grandmother who keeps forgetting where she is  (because she lives with us too).

To say that life has been exhausting is an understatement and it is especially during these times that I should be praying about everything… and I have failed.

I have let my stress, my feelings of being overwhelmed, my exhausted self, try and muscle through the last couple weeks on my own and the result has been less than impressive.

I told myself that once we are unpacked, once we are a bit more settled, once I find my Bible again then I will get back to having regular times with the Lord. Somehow I forgot that it takes very little effort to pray and yet the reward is great.

"Prayer reminds us of who we are compared to God. He is in control when all feels out of control." ~ Jen Thorn

The Blessings of Prayer

Prayer reminds us of who we are compared to God. I am weak and he owns all strength. He is in control when all feels out of control.

Prayer reminds us we need help and we have someone to talk to who can actually provide all that we need. We get to speak directly to Jehovah Jira, my provider.

It is so easy in busy and stressful seasons of life to let unkindness and impatience spew it’s ugliness all over those closest to you and prayer gives us an opportunity to confess our sins.

Best of all, prayer should always remind us of the mercy we have received from God. It reminds us of the abundant grace readily available to us in our great savior.

It is a grace that gives peace, a calm spirit, joy, kindness toward others, and confidence that we have all the strength we need for our day because this strength comes from the one who created our day.

Will life be less difficult, less crazy, or less chaotic?  Not necessarily, but prayer in the midst of this season will give us clarity as to who is on our side, fighting for and with us.

There is an Advocate and Intercessor always waiting to present the prayers of those who come to God through Him. That advocate is Jesus Christ. He mingles our prayers with the incense of His own almighty intercession. So mingled, they go up as a sweet savor before the throne of God. Poor as they are in themselves, they are mighty and powerful in the hand of our High Priest and Elder Brother.
J.C. Ryle

Our prayers do not have to be flowery or long. They simply need to be frequent and honest.

The hope I have is that even though I have failed in this area lately, my Jesus died for that failure, has washed me white as snow and showers me with new mercies every day.





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