4 Solutions for Homemakers Who Have Schedule Rebellion

Club31Women_4 Solutions for Homemakers Who Have Schedule Rebellion

It seems to be a common struggle. You create a beautifully, laid out schedule and get motivated about following it and finally bringing some order to your home. You also become excited about the things you will get to do because they are “scheduled in”. It works awesome the first day. You stay busy, you accomplish a lot, and you end the day with great peace.

The next day comes around and it’s not as easy as the first. The third day gets even harder and you become discouraged. Before you know it, the schedule has phased out of the “implementation phase”. You’re defeated almost as soon as you begin. Why does this happen?

What is Schedule Rebellion?

As a planner and major planning junkie, there are times even I rebel against my own schedule. Sometimes it’s simply because I want to do my own thing and not want to succumb to something telling me what to do. But really, that something is me! I was the one who planned it out in the first place in order to put an end to all the chaos and put some structure in our days.

Maybe you struggle with the same thing I do? Throwing away the schedule after the first few weeks because you didn’t give it enough time to work may mean you’re suffering from schedule rebellion.

Schedule rebellion is when you have good intentions creating the schedule, but you fight against it because you want to “do your own thing”.

[Disclaimer: There are different versions of what a schedule will look like for different families. Consider your own family schedule, however that looks for you.]

So what’s a mom to do?

4 Solutions To Avoid Schedule Rebellion

Understand it will not [always] be easy.

It’s normal for things to come up and for children to resist change at first. Challenges come when we set out to do something necessary to bring about change. It will require sacrifice and this costs something. Pray for wisdom and remain mindful of this truth. It will not be easy, especially at first. But it will get easier if you stick to it.

Recognize it’s not about you.

The schedule is for the good of the family. It will require much discipline on your part and denial of wanting to pursue your own desires. This will help cut down on a lot of frustrations. Stick to it as much as you can. (I am talking to myself here, too!)

Prepare for consistency

Try to keep the end in mind as you’re pushing through the obstacles of implementing your schedule. It will require major consistency. If you mess up, don’t sweat it. Pick it up again the next day. Never give up trying. Staying consistent will require effort and focus. It may take some tweaking here and there, but pushing on for that prize will be worth it!

Remember your reasons.

Write down the reasons you created this detailed daily and weekly routine somewhere so you can refer back to them when you’re tempted to toss it when it gets tough. Sometimes it seems easier just to “roll with it” (and some days we have to). But consistently rolling with it will eventually land us back into chaos.


Solutions to Schedule Rebellion

Benefits of a Schedule

Some of the reasons I need to stick with a detailed routine:

  1. I tend to be forgetful. With seven children, I often forget to do important tasks such as early dinner prep or starting a load of laundry. Without a schedule to remind me, sometimes the little things slip through the cracks as I am herding children through breakfast and their morning routines. Those little things pile up and disrupt the flow of a smooth running day and week.
  2. It helps with time management. I like a schedule labeled with times because it keeps me moving forward. It’s not so strict that there’s no room for flexibility. But it helps me move from one thing to the next and not sit longer than necessary in one place.
  3. Consistency builds momentum. Working through my schedule each day ensures the household duties are completed on a consistent basis and my children have time with me regularly because it’s all built in. Keeping to the schedule consistently builds a momentum and foundation in our home for order and growth.

I know the idea of a daily docket can sound grand and lovely or confining and restrictive.  Executing it will probably not happen as easily and beautifully as you imagine. Its purpose is for the good of the entire family. Enforcing a schedule requires work, patience, and perseverance. It will work if you work it and stick with it.

What is your biggest challenge to sticking with a schedule?

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