An Uncommon Love: If He Was the Last Man on Earth

An Uncommon Love - If He Was the Last Man on Earth

Chapter 1

If He Was the Last Man on Earth

He is tall, dark, and, believe me, handsome.

And that’s how it began.

With this very letter.

I read her description of him and knew—just knew.

He is tall, dark (little gray) and believe me handsome. He loves the Lord in such a beautiful way. He is full of life and you and he will hit it off immediately . . . I just know you will.

So there he was. The man I’d been waiting for, looking for, and hoping for and now the time had finally come.

I had found him.

Or, to be more accurate, she had found him.  And now he only needed to find me.

My kind friend from seminary days had written to tell me about her new boss.  He was perfect for me she said and I couldn’t help wanting it to be true.

Because I was 25.

Very single.

And very lonely.

Not that I was exactly miserable.  I was enjoying a pretty good life—worked at a great job, was involved in ministry down in Little Saigon, and lived with dear friends close to the sunny beaches of Southern California.

Hardly qualifies as suffering.

But my true heart’s desire? Was to find my soul-mate – wherever he might be – and marry. To raise a family and enjoy the rest of our days together.

A little happily-ever-after.

And here was a letter describing just the kind of guy I’d always imagined I’d marry. The kind of man I had asked God to bring me. The man I’d been praying for.

Just waiting for me up in Portland, Oregon.

An Uncommon Love - The letter that began it all

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Now all we had to do is meet one another. 

My friend wondered if I was going to be coming up there any time soon? So I could meet her boss?

As a matter of fact, I was flying up in a few weeks’ time to be in a friend’s wedding.  A bridesmaid. For the 12th time.

Seriously.  Twelve times.

You know, Always the bridesmaid . . . never the bride?

That was me.

Practically a professional.  I’d considered including it on my resume: Expert, Experienced Bridesmaid (there’s such a demand for those).

An even dozen taffeta gowns hung all in a row in my closet.  In a beautiful  array of rainbow colors. With carefully dyed heels to match.  It was a little overwhelming.

But no white gowns.  No, not one.

So you see how it was.


Very lonely.

An Uncommon Love - Always the Bridesmaid but Never the Bride

The Blue-Eyed Man in the Suit

It was to be a lunch.

The plan was for me to show up at his office and go out from there. He worked for (what was then) Multnomah Publishing in Portland—a place I was familiar with and easy to find.  His administrative assistant – my friend –  had arranged for it all.

All I had to do was show up.

I took great care in preparing myself for this lunch. I’d like to say that this meant devoting myself to prayer, and maybe even fasting, but mostly what this meant is that I spent more time on my hair and make-up than usual.  Agonized over my outfit . Painted my nails. That kind of stuff.

I arrived on time (a miracle in itself) and waited outside his door for his assistant to notify him I’d arrived.


And waited.

Finally, Linda emerged from his office with this somewhat ashen look on her face. As if something terribly wrong had occurred. A natural disaster or some sort of tragedy.  Possibly a death in the family.

But before I got the chance to ask her what was up, he came out the door.


Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

He strode directly toward me, introduced himself, and shook my hand.

Shook my hand, people!

What in the world…?  I thought this was supposed to be a date, not a business meeting.

A handsome man in a dark suit.

But all I could see were his blue eyes. Why hadn’t she thought to mention those blue eyes??

Then….(you’re with me on this, aren’t you?) he glanced at his watch and mumbled something about how busy he was, how he had to rush to a meeting, how nice it had been to meet me, etc. etc.

And he was gone.

I stood there in my freshly-pressed blouse, carefully curled hair, manicured nails and lipstick to match and watched the back of his suit walk away.

It took a few sobering seconds for me to figure it out what had just happened . . .

Stood up.

That’s what had happened. I’d just been stood up by Mr. Blue Eyes himself.

And can you guess my response?

Cry? Scream? Laugh?

Nope. I got mad.

Icy. Cold. Anger.

Who did he think he was anyway? Did he actually think this was my idea?? That I was chasing him? That I was desperate?

I don’t think so, Buddy.

Rude, arrogant man.

And I decided right there that he really wasn’t quite so handsome after all.

No, definitely not my type.

Except for those eyes . . . .

An Uncommon Love - The Blue-Eyed Man in the Suit

The Matthew L. Jacobson Fan Club

I was ready to go home now.

I had somehow lost my appetite in that recent exchange and wanted nothing more than to go home, slip off my heels, and put my hair up in a ponytail, and be done with men.

Probably for the rest of my life.

But Linda wouldn’t have it (oh, my faithful friend!). She quickly organized a Plan B which apparently included lunch with her and the next best thing – the sister of Matthew L Jacobson.

I’ll never forget that lunch

It will go down in history as the most tortuous event in my lunching life.  You see, what I didn’t know then was that these two ladies were Matthew’s biggest fans. They spent the entire time going on . . . and on . . . and on about how great this guy was and how “lucky” the girl would be that caught him.

Absolutely nauseating.

I couldn’t wait for the whole ordeal to be over.  Oh, I smiled and nodded at all the appropriate moments, but if they only knew what I was really thinking . . . .

I was no fan of Matthew L. Jacobson.

More like his sworn enemy.

So I found myself back home in my comfy sweats at the end of that humiliating, ridiculous day. And when my girlfriend called later to find out how my lunch date went?  My answer was in no way unclear.

“If he was the last man on earth, I wouldn’t go out with him.”

And that was the end of that.

To be continued next week . . . .

An Uncommon Love - A True Life Love Story by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

*Yes, you’re right, there must be more to the story.  Next week Matthew will pick up and tell it from his side. (But just don’t let him persuade you that he wasn’t rude, even if he’s convinced that he had a reasonable explanation ;)

An Uncommon Love - A Romantic GIveaway for Two

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In His grace,
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An Uncommon Love: How We Met and Decided to Marry In 6 Days

An Uncommon Love - How We Met and Decided to Marry in Six Days

His suggestion came as quite a surprise.

But I didn’t really know what to expect.

We were back east visiting our son who was attending a college there.

It was his first year and our first visit.

Our first son.

A number of firsts.

I’m not saying I was nervous – just that I didn’t know what it would be like.  Wasn’t sure what he would think of us now  . . . or what his friends would make of us.  Wasn’t sure how it would all go.

He’d already been at the college for a couple of months, but for me it felt as though the first day of school.

So that’s why his proposed idea came as something of a surprise.

How about if you and dad tell how the two of you met? You know, shared your love story with my friends?

Our son went on to explain that he’d sent out an email to a bunch of his friends around campus inviting them to join us at the lunch table in the cafeteria.

He was gathering his group together because he hoped his parents would tell how they first met.

“Really…? Do you really think they’ll want to hear it?”

Oh, yeah, Mom.  Everyone loves a good love story. 

And I suppose they do.

But I never imagined sharing ours with our college-aged son and his buddies.

That was a surprise.

Our Love Story - How We Met and Decided to Marry in Six Days

*Our son (far right) and some of his friends from college

An Uncommon Love: How We Met and Decided to Marry in Six Days

Matthew and I have shared our story many times over the years. 

Late into the evening with old friends. Over a cup of coffee with new friends.  At a Valentine’s Banquet. With singles who needed encouragement. With couples who could use a good laugh. And with our son’s college friends across the country.

We always tell our story together—him and me.

I think it’s mostly because he doesn’t really tell it right. He gets people to take his side in the story, but that’s just not fair. So I have to get my word in there too (and I’m already counting on you to take my part in this, okay?). I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression!

Maybe it’s not all that unusual of a story.

Single girl meets single guy.

Starts with a letter.

Ends with a kiss.

Just another love story.

Except maybe for the part where we decided to marry six days after we met.

And that we’ve been loving each other ever since.

Maybe that’s not quite so typical.


An Uncommon Love - A True Life Love Story by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

NEW Series beginning next week: An Uncommon Love

An Uncommon Love.

Yeah, that’s what he called it. And I always liked the way that sounded.  So that’s what I’ve called it too.

And that’s the story we’re going to be sharing over the next few weeks.  Him and me.

About how we knew we wanted to get married only six days after our first date.

And how before that, I declared that I wouldn’t go out with him “If he was the last man on earth”. Yet somehow ended up in his arms in the end.

It’s a  story about an ordinary guy and an ordinary girl.  A story about falling in love.

About insecurities, miscommunications, self-doubts, wonder and a kiss.

Two people looking for love and waiting on God.

In true life.

An Uncommon Love - Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

An Uncommon Love: A True-Life Love Story by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson.

Starting next week, we’ll both be telling our story. But he said I could go first . . .

Chapter One: If He Was the Last Man On Earth

Doesn’t sound like it has a very promising beginning, does it? Don’t worry. It gets better.

I’ll tell you all about it . . .!

*Please share this with any friends or family who might enjoy this story too!

**And now for fun –  how did you and your husband meet? Where were you when you first saw each other? Do tell….!

In His grace,
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How My Husband Became My Best Friend

How My Husband Became My Best Friend

He often introduces me as his girlfriend.

Ever-so-slightly embarrassing.

He’ll say it to the barista at Starbucks, or the cashier in the check-out line of the grocery store. Even to the new couple we met at the homeschool picnic.

After 22 years, you’d think I’d get used to it, but it still makes me blush.

And smile.

I always hasten to add that I also happen to be his wife –an important fact to establish when you have 8 children together.

And I’ll flash my wedding ring to prove it if necessary.

I think he gets some kind of odd gratification out of my embarrassment.

Then pretends to protest, “What . . . you are my girlfriend, aren’t you?”

Yes, well . . .

It’s true: I am a girl. And I am his friend.  A close friend.

The best of friends, really.

So I guess that does make me his girl-friend.

And like most good friendships, ours has grown over time. We’ve had to invest in our friendship and look after it.

So many times people think it’s because we somehow just “click”. But while there might be some “clicking” between us, it’s more than that. Far more than that.

It wasn’t as though we instantly became best friends. It’s been a long, purposeful process.

Here is how we became the best of friends….

How My Husband and I Became Best Friends

How Your Husband Can Become Your Best Friend

By spending time together.  I know. You’re going to tell me how busy you are. I understand busy. And yet I figure I manage to get a shower (usually) and several meals a day. That’s because it’s a priority with me. I need these things.

I also need time with my husband, so I can make that happen too.

By being nice to him.  You know how you’re super sweet to your girlfriends?  Smile and cheer them on? Do nice things for them? Yeah, well, it’s kinda the same here. This friendship is no different.

Play nice.

By being interested in his stuff. So I have one friend who is really into gardening. And another who is into goats. I am not particularly keen on either of those things – but since it’s my friends we’re talking about here, I’ve decided to be interested. For their sakes.

Same with my husband.

By having fun together.  Friendships are never all business, are they? Of course not! It’s not like you sit down with your girlfriend and constantly go over the budget, or decide who is going to drive which child where.  No, you sip coffee, go fun places and laugh at each other’s stories!

Hello . . . ?

By praying for him. If you’re a friend of mine, than you already know that I pray for you.  I can’t always get away from the kids, or write long emails, but you can count on my praying for you. It’s one of my “love gifts” to my friends.

And I pray for my husband and he knows it.

Just this past week-end Matthew was out-of-town on a business trip and called to ask me to pray for him about a particular issue.  I started praying as soon as I hung up the phone.

Because that’s what friends do.

{You might also be interested in joining the 31 Days of Prayer for Our Marriages by Time-Warp Wife. Her Prayer Challenge is starting up this week on October 1st!}

So if you ever run into my husband and he introduces me as his girlfriend, just smile and go along with it, will you?

Maybe even tell him that you feel like you already know him . . . . since Lisa talks so much about her boyfriend. ;)

Embracing friendship.

*How do you and your husband invest in your friendship? Or what are some of the things that get in the way? I love hearing from you, friends!

In His grace,

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100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson and 100 Ways to Love Your Wife by Matthew L Jacobson

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Embracing Unity: How Two People Can Think and Act as One

Embracing Unity - How Two People Can Think and Act As One

I think it’s pretty sweet.

What? What’s sweet?

Oh, you know the way you always check in with your husband before committing to do anything. 

“Sweet.” Hmm . . . .

Not necessarily the word I would have used.

But, yeah, I guess I do “always check in” with him.

And he with me.

Because we’ve made it our practice to think and act as one.

Some people think this is sweet, like my friend.

For other people?  It makes them shudder. Like we’re somehow just too “into” each other.

Do I ever feel stifled? Hindered? Slowed down by this whole “oneness” thing?

Admittedly, it was a new way for me to look at life – this life we’re now sharing together – but the Bible states we are no longer two people like we were before.

We are now one flesh.

So what exactly does that mean?

Surely, not simply that we sleep together.

Not that it isn’t important – because it is – but it’s got to mean more than that. One flesh is mentioned in such a way as not merely to be a matter of going to bed with him.

The two shall become one.

No longer he and me . . . because now it’s WE.

And you know what we have found? It takes a little – okay a lot of – practice and intentionality. We have to purpose to think and act as one. 

So They Are No Longer Two But One Flesh

How Do Two People Think and Act as One?

We don’t lead private lives. There’s no such thing as “his” life and “mine”. We belong to each other and so there are no secrets or hidden things. For instance, I have free access to his computer and he to mine. We have a basic knowledge where the other person is at all times. We share with each other what we’ve been thinking about, who we’ve been talking to, and what is on our heart.

Unity means being completely open with one another.

We don’t make independent decisions. We make all major decisions together and run most minor decisions by the other person. And, yes, I do believe in submitting to my husband because that’s what God says in His Word (Eph.5:22). But at the same time, I’m blessed to be married to a man who values my opinion and cares deeply about my concerns. We aim to be of one mind on most everything.

Unity means making your decisions together.

We stand together as one. As my husband reminds me, “You and I are on the inside. Everyone else is looking in from the outside.” What this means is that we are protective of our unity and don’t allow anyone – not family or friends – to try and divide us. Staying unified can be challenging enough without the added stress of others pulling us apart.

Unity means being fiercely loyal to each other.

We speak as one. You wouldn’t have to know us long before you picked up that we often say “we” and “our” rather than “I” and “my”. This is not merely one of our quirks, but language we consciously use to inform others – as well to remind ourselves – that we are in this together. It’s not about what I want or what he wants, but what WE want and what WE are thinking.

Unity means communicating your togetherness.

So that’s the real reason why I “always check in with him” and why I plan to do keep doing so. And maybe it is sorta sweet. But it’s more than that too. It’s oneness and it’s biblical marriage.

No longer two.

But one

Challenge: What are some ways that you and your husband maintain your unity? Or, what are some challenges you face in living as “one”?

In His grace,

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Embrace Your Marriage - A Virtual Marriage Retreat

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100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson and 100 Ways to Love Your Wife by Matthew L Jacobson

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