How to Build Up Your Marriage And Home One Powerful Word at a Time

Are you ready to build up your marriage and home by speaking a powerful word of affirmation?  

You wouldn’t think a word could make such a difference.

But it does.

On some days, all the difference in the world.

The difference between tears or a smile.

Between slumped shoulders or a hug.

Between healing or hurt.

Between building up or tearing down.

Funny, how only a few words can turn around an entire day. Even turn around an entire heart.

I know. Because I’ve seen it happen right before my eyes.

I’ve heard my husband say to our youngest son, “I like the way God made you!” and watch that boy stand that much taller.

Then not too long ago, I told that same Man, “You are such a good daddy to our boys!”  Something I figured he knew.

But he almost seemed surprised to hear it. Like it was a new revelation.

I guess it’s one of those things I’ve thought for a long time, but never got around to saying. Until last week.

And you could tell it meant the world for him to hear it.

Coming from me. Maybe especially coming from me.

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One powerful word at a time

But then it was my turn to be on the receiving end.

And that really did it.

It was a weekday and I was dashing between the laundry room and the kitchen. Chopping vegetables, then sorting dirty clothes. Slicing sausage, then changing out loads of laundry. Stirring the soup, then folding clean clothes.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

He was working on his computer downstairs but watched me from his chair.

Even in my hurry, I could feel his eyes on me.

Then I heard him say it.

He simply said, “You are amazing.”

Followed by, “Do you know how amazing you are?”

And I answered him honestly, “No, Honey. I don’t feel very amazing at all.”

“But you are.” Then he went on to list out a bunch of things that he appreciated about me and, quite frankly, several things I had no idea he’d even noticed.

And I smiled.

Then hugged.

And stood that much taller.

So yeah, our words matter. Because a kind and loving word can make all the difference in the world.

At least they do in our little world around here.

So we’re working on building up our home, one word at a time. 

And I hope you are too.

From our home to yours,

Lisa Jacobson

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