My Husband is My Real Hero (and I hope he knows it)

My Husband is My Real Hero

The Lone Ranger lives on.

No, really he does.

I know this because most every weekday our little boys run next door and watch him save the Western Frontier over at Grandpa’s house. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and the whole house shakes as they come pounding down the stairs and go flying out the front door.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

Three boys. Three slams. Without fail.

And even though this event takes place nearly each day, it’s still a special occasion. The Lone Ranger. Grandpa. And Fruit Snacks. Our boys’ world filled with goodness and heroes. Just the way it should be.

But boys aren’t the only ones with heroes.

Girls can have them too.

It’s a fact. Because this girl is married to one.

Oh, I’m not saying that he can leap buildings in a single bound or save the big city from an alien invasion.

He’s more of an everyday hero. An ordinary, hard-working, honest sort of guy. Taking care of his wife and looking after his children. Standing up for what’s right and watching out for those who are in need. Following God.

If you ask me, those are the best kind of heroes.

And probably the kind  of guy you married too. Simply doing what must be done. No one would ever guess that he’s actually a superhero in disguise.

Even he might not guess it – but it’s evident to you. So it might be about time to reveal his secret identity. He’s your hero.

You might as well let him know….

You need him.
Like I need mine. Not too long ago I was looking for a rescue. It’s not that I couldn’t handle the situation on my own; it’s that I didn’t want to. Some bad guy went on the internet and started flinging insults. Against me. Personally.

So I brought my laptop over to my husband and showed him what he’d written. In his opinion, the whole thing was rather ridiculous (not me, the guy’s accusations), but he went out there and defended my honor. I loved what he said and how he said it. But mostly I loved the way he protected me from this big Internet bully.

My hero. Girly sigh.

You lean on him.
And why not? It might sound out-of-step with today’s independent woman, but – as capable as we are – I’m thankful to have a man I can rely on. He’s the first one I’ll call if there’s an emergency or disaster. He’s slain mice in the pantry. Mopped up overflowing toilets. Calmed down an out-of-control neighbor. And he’s held me in his arms while I sobbed my heart out over a deep and devastating loss.

A true hero. Quietly loving me.

And you’d be lost without him.
Maybe this feels a bit over the top? It’s not. My oldest daughter would likely have died if it wasn’t for him. When she suddenly stopped breathing miles and miles away from any medical help, his quick thinking and fast action kept her going until LifeFlight could arrive. I could see it in the headlines:

DAD KEEPS DAUGHTER BREATHING. While Mom Watches and Weeps.

He never made it into the papers that day. But he should have.

A great hero. On the front page of my heart.

So in this day when the world is desperate for goodness and heroes, make sure your husband knows he’s just the kind of guy for the job. Doing what he’s doing. Honest. Hard-working. Looking after his wife and family. Standing up and watching out. Following God.

An everyday hero.

The kind you and I need. And certainly the kind this world could use right now.

He’s a real hero.

In His grace,
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In His grace,

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Many blessings on you and the one you love!

In His grace,
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What Kind of Wife Does He Need Me To Be?

31 Days2

{Welcome to Day 2 of the 31 Days to a Better Marriage series where 30 (yes, 30!) bloggers are encouraging and inspiring us in our marriages. You can follow the entire series over at}

The letter said, He’s tall, dark, and, believe me, handsome

Yes, I was intrigued. What single, twenty-six year old wouldn’t be? Certainly one who’d been a bridesmaid a record-breaking 12 times.

The beginning stages of despair that I’d ever meet “the man of my dreams” had set in long before this letter arrived. And, as I had well over a decade to develop this dream man, my list for him was really quite impressive.

Impossible, some said.

Yet, when he walked inside to join us for the dinner party, I knew immediately, There HIs. Exactly as I’d imagined he would be. What a picture he made with his dark wavy hair, blue eyes, tall and strong, wearing black Levi’s and cowboy boots. Wowza. Girly sigh.

I watched as he strode purposefully across the room to introduce himself to me.

To me…?

left the party that night knowing I’d met the man I was destined to marry.

After a completely inexcusable eternity of three days, Mr. Right came to the same conclusion and a few short months later we were happily married.

So dreams really do come true. 

What Kind of Wife Does He Need Me to Be?

The one hitch in the dream? Like most starry-eyed single women, I’d spent a great deal of time envisioning what kind of husband I wanted him to be – things he would have to do and be to “measure up” to my standards. Somewhere in all that focus on what he needed to be, very little time had been devoted to the consideration of what kind of wife Dream Guy would want me to be.

But when a woman suddenly wakes up a few months into this marriage deal, she starts asking herself some hard questions. Or, at least I did.

  • What does this man need from me?
  • How can I love him in a meaningful way?
  • What can I do to make this marriage the best it can possibly be?

Maybe you’re asking yourself those same things. Maybe you’ve been married a few months, a few years, or even longer. Or, maybe over 20 years like me.

Maybe you’ve been wondering…


You can read the rest of this post and the rest of the series over at

In His grace,

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