25 Love-Is-In-the-Air Spring Date Ideas

25 Love-Is-in-the-Air Spring Date Ideas

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I can’t tell you how ready I am for a new season.

Because I don’t know how it is with you,  but he and I are just coming out of a very difficult one.

And, not to complain, but I’m really ready for something different.

Something a little sweeter and lighter and warmer.

Maybe even a lot so.

Because between caring for his parents and the emergency surgery for our special needs girl, it’s been a tough season for us both. Family illness, financial pressures, and too many sleepless nights.

And although we’ve held on tight to each other through it all, we’re tired and worn out and could use some time together with just the two of us.

Something fresh and romantic.

Something spring-like.

Something for him and me. Together.

Spring Date Ideas - Bonta

Something Sweet

So just the other evening, he grabbed me – in spite of my protests (it’s late, we’re tired, costs money, etc.) – and we dropped off the kids with friends. He then surprised me by walking into the new ice cream shop that had recently opened in town.

No, not ice cream. Make that gelato.

Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato. 

Well, whatever you call it, it was absolutely heavenly.

Everything about it. The sea salt, dark chocolate gelato (yes, seriously) and vanilla bourbon pecan (yikes).

Two scoops. Two spoons. Two lovers.

I fell in love on the spot.

And I won’t say with which – him or the gelato. Quite possibly both.

Just trust me, it was a very sweet evening!

So how about you? Ready to switch up seasons and do something new? 

Tulips - Spring Date Ideas

Here are 25 Spring Date Ideas for the Two of You

1. Stroll through a garden nursery

Maybe it’s just our thing, but we love walking up and down the aisles and seeing the small bursts of life coming up. Then we might pick out a few plants that will survive the cold spring here in the Pacific Northwest.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Picnic

2. Plan for a picnic

Our close friends recently put together a special lunch, headed over to the outside mall and enjoyed a small picnic on the grass right in the middle of everything. Good for them!

Spring Date Ideas - Plant a Garden

3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow a little each day

There’s something about watching new growth to remind us that new things take time.

Spring Date Ideas - Hike

4. Head out for a hike

Don’t even wait for it to warm up! Just grab your jacket and explore outside together.

5. Curl up and talk about how you want to grow old together

I watched the cutest old couple the other day and came home and told him I wanted to grow up and be just like them someday. He made a smart remark back, but don’t worry – I forgave him.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Kayak

6. Adventure out on kayaks

The water is so quiet and the scenery so stunning.

7. Explore an old bookstore together

You never know what treasures will turn up.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Drive

8. Go for a drive and look for signs of spring

Or go park somewhere and simply make-out like a couple of newlyweds.

Spring Date Ideas - Bird Watching

9. Find a good spot for bird watching

This is a great time to follow the spring migration. Besides, what’s more romantic for two love birds?

Spring Date Ideas - Doughnuts

10. Get up ridiculously early and go get donuts

I’m afraid I have a weakness for fresh-made donuts. Makes me swoon.

Spring Date Ideas - Plant Herbs

11. Start a herb garden

Even if you don’t have a green thumb (I sure don’t!), you can grow a herb garden. And then you can add your fresh herbs to your cooking and salads all spring and summer.

Spring Date Ideas - Love Notes12. Write love notes and then exchange them with one another

Spend all week thinking of what to write and then share them on your date night together. {My favorite fountain pen is available HERE}

13. Go on a Spring Cleaning spree together

I know. You’re thinking this doesn’t sound very romantic? But there can be something very satisfying – and even bonding – that comes from completing a project together.

25 Spring Date Ideas - bike

14. Bring out your bicycles and get out for a ride

Our own bicycles are fairly trashed (thanks to the kids!) but we’ve rented bikes and made the most of the bike trails that run all over our area.


15. Treat yourselves to something sweet

Like these White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Blondies from catzinthekitchen {Printable recipe here}!

25 Spring Date Ideas - Dress Up Fancy

16. Dress-up fancy

Just for the fun of it. Sometimes I can talk him into this and it turns a simple date into something special.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Fun food

17. Taste a new cuisine you’ve always wanted to try

Our kids aren’t always as game as we are to try something spicy or unusual, so this is a good chance for us to enjoy a gourmet adventure together.

100 Ways to Love One Another

18. Think up new ways to love each other

Or if you want some ideas, you can find lots of ways – 100 of them! – suggested in our books. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson and 100 Ways to Love Your Wife by Matthew L Jacobson available HERE.

25 Date Ideas - Boat Ride

19. Rent or borrow a boat for the afternoon

Rowboat, power boat, or canoe – as long as it’s out on the water and just the two of you.

Spring Date Ideas - Dream Together

20. Sit down and dream up all the things you’d like to do together in the coming months

This is probably more my thing than his, but I love imagining all the places we could go, things we could do, and even projects we could complete.

Spring Date Ideas - Ice Cream

21. Try a new flavor of ice cream (or gelato)

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of mint-chip, but they’ve come out with so many new and interesting flavors lately that I feel compelled to at least try a few of them. I mean, it’s the only right and fair thing to do. 😉

Spring Date Ideas - Rain

22. Kiss in the rain

Do I really need to explain?

Spring Date Ideas - Tulips

23. Gather a bouquet or visit a tulip farm

Because spring means tulips around here.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Blossoms

24. Go out for a long walk and breathe in the blossoms

Because blossoms are beautiful and romantic and shouldn’t be missed.

25 Spring Date Ideas - Sunset25. Hold hands and watch the sun go down

This is my favorite date idea, whatever the season.

Happy Spring, my friends!

*What are some of your favorite date ideas for spring? Please share! 

In His grace,

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