9 Books on Prayer to Get You Through Any Situation

Sometimes, we need just a bit of direction in our prayer life. Here are some great books to get you started on your journey!

Knowing how to talk to God can be difficult, especially when it’s a complicated or emotional situation you want to pray about. There are many different ways to pray and many ways to lift each situation in your life up to the Lord. This month, we’ve collected 9 of our favorite books on prayer to get you thinking about how to pray more often, more honestly, and more aligned with Scripture. 

Prayer Books for Women:

Praying Women by Sheila Walsh

Praying Mom by Brooke McGlothlin

These two books address how to pray through the issues you might face as a mother and woman. In Praying Women, Sheila Walsh equips you with techniques to pray with joy instead of worry and teaches you how to use prayer as a weapon against the challenges you are facing. In Praying Mom, Brooke McGlothlin provides prayers you can pray for your children and encouragement to rest in the knowledge that your prayers really do matter.

Books of Quick Prayers for When You’re Short on Time:

100 Days of Prayer for a Grateful Heart by Carolyn Larsen

Praying through Hard Times by Linda Evans Shepherd

Quick prayers are just as valuable as longer, more in-depth prayers, though we don’t always see them that way! 100 Days of Prayer for a Grateful Heart is a collection of prayers to help you focus on the good in life and thank God for each blessing He’s given you. The second book of quick prayers we recommend is Praying through Hard Times, which empowers you to give your worries over to God. In it Linda Evans Shepherd vulnerably leads us through her own experiences with tragedy to show you how God never leaves you behind.

Prayer Books to Help You Pray for Your Loved Ones:

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children by Jodie Berndt

Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage by Jodie Berndt

We love books that point us to specific scriptural passages to inspire our prayers, which is why we love Praying the Scriptures for Your Children and Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage! If you haven’t read either of these books by our very own Jodie Berndt, we highly recommend you get yourself a copy and begin reading right away!

Prayer Books to Draw You Closer to God:

Words with God by Addison D. Bevere

Sheltering Mercy by Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt

Endless Grace by Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt

Do you ever find yourself praying only to realize it’s just your wish list of things you want God to do in your life? Addison Bevere’s book Words with God is written to help you slow down and get grounded so you can get to a place where your prayers become conversational and relational again rather than transactional.

The second and third prayer books under this category are a pair (with beautiful covers!), with each covering parts of the Psalms to guide you in devotion, prayer, and mediation as you rediscover how much the Psalms can give you the language you need to speak to God.

We love any book that gives us the chance to learn something new about prayer, but the books on our list this month have a special place in our hearts. Which of these have you read already and which are you planning to read? Let us know on our new Instagram @Club31Women.

Happy reading!

Team Club31Women

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