Creative Ways to Have One-on-One Time With Your Kids

Do you struggle with getting that one-on-one time with your children? Here are some great, intentional ways to do just that!

As a mom I want each of my children to feel that they are important to me. I want to spend time getting to know them and listening to anything they want to share with me. The problem is that as a single mom, my time is very limited. I want to have one on one time with each of my children but I struggle to actually get it done.

This year I decided that I wanted to make one on one time with my children top priority. I knew that I needed to get creative in order to make it happen.  I don’t have the option of leaving one son at home with dad while I have a date with the other.  I have come up with a few things that are working well for this season of our lives.

3 Creative Ways to Have One on One Time with Your Children

After reading this post about how one family handles one on one time with their children I was really inspired to start thinking outside of the box.  I needed to find ways to get that individual time with each of my boys when I didn’t have a sitter for the other one.  Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Meal Prep/Chore Times:  Part of everyday living revolves around chores and meals. The kiddos have to eat right? I will take some time here to chat with my boys. We don’t get into deep conversations usually but it’s a good time for me to check in with them to see what’s on their mind and if they have something they’d like to spend more time talking about later.
  2. Monthly Dates on Birthday Date:  I can’t take credit for this one but here’s how it works: Once a month on the birth date of my boys they get to stay up 30 minutes later to have time with mommy. My son who was born on the 10th gets his time on the 10th of each month, etc.
  3. Extra Activities/Appointments: This doesn’t happen a lot but if one son has to be somewhere for Rangers or something, I take advantage of that time to hang out with his brother.

What Do We Do for One on One Time?

I’m always curious to know what parents do during their one on one time with their kids. I knew that I wanted to spend time with my boys individually but I wanted to be very intentional about that time as well.  I have a few objectives for our one on one time. I want to have some fun, hear what’s on their heart, and I also want to take some time to encourage them spiritually.

  1. Spiritual Check-In: I like to start off our time with prayer and a little check-in with my boys about their faith. Sometimes we talk about what they have been reading during their devotions. Sometimes I also talk with them about any character or heart issues that I’ve noticed.
  2. Fun: My main goal is to have some fun with just that one child during this time. You will find us playing one of our favorite board games, working on a puzzle, or working on a craft project.
  3. Talking: I don’t do a lot of talking during our time together. I give my boys space to share whatever is on their heart or mind. This is great because I get to hear all the silly and wacky ideas one son has and I get to listen to the big thoughts and questions my other son has been struggling with.

I am really loving having one on one time with each of my children. It is helping our relationship and I am getting to know more about who they are and what they love (and don’t love).  It is also helping us all to heal together from the pain of abuse, abandonment, and divorce. I have learned so much about how my boys feel about what’s been going on just by taking the time to listen.

How do you handle one on one time with your children?



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